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Chapter 2053: Chapter 2053 finally became husband and wife


“Dongfang Yunheng, are you willing to take Fang Xiao as your wife? No matter if it’s birth, old age, illness, death, or natural disasters, are you willing to accompany her forever? “

“I’m willing! ” Dongfang Yunheng replied without hesitation.

“Now, in the name of the sacred Lord, I declare that Dongfang Yunheng and Fang Xiao are husband and wife. From now on... “


Fang Xiao only remembered that she didn’t prepare a ring for Dongfang Yunheng when she heard the host say that they were going to exchange rings, and Dongfang Yunheng didn’t seem to have prepared a ring for her either.

That was because, in the week that they were waiting to get married, Dongfang Yunheng had never mentioned that he was going to buy a ring.

However, what surprised her was that Dongfang Yunheng actually took out two rings. These two rings were obviously not new to him. They were silver rings that the two of them had bought many years ago in New Jersey.

At that time, they didn’t have any money. Dongfang Yunheng was working, and she didn’t have any extra money besides the living expenses from her family. In order to let Dongfang Yunheng live a better life, she also helped Dongfang Yunheng to work after class.

And this pair of silver rings was bought by the two of them on Valentine’s Day. At that time, Dongfang Yunheng said that Valentine’s Day had to have a set of Valentine’s items, and the set of Valentine’s items was usually based on rings.

Gold rings were very expensive, and diamond-encrusted rings were even more expensive. And the money that the two of them worked for was of course not enough. In the end, they bought a pair of silver rings. It wasn’t expensive at that time, but it was a couple’s ring. The dark flower on it was clover.

After they separated, Fang Xiao didn’t take the ring with her when she left. And in the past two years, she didn’t ask Dongfang Yunheng, and Dongfang Yunheng never mentioned it. She thought that he had thrown it away long ago.

However, she had not expected that he had kept it all along. She had not expected that he would actually take it out on their wedding day, and even use it to make their wedding rings.

“Brother, why are you making wedding rings out of Silver Rings? ” Mu Yao’s eyes widened when she saw Dongfang Yunheng take out two rings from his trouser pocket She could not help but shout in a low voice, “how can you treat sister-in-law like this? Isn’t this too cheap? “

Dongfang Yunheng smiled and did not answer Mu Yao’s question. Instead, he directly took Fang Xiao’s hand and put the lady’s ring on her ring finger.

The ring was bought a few years ago. At that time, Fang Xiao was still wearing it a little loose and might even drop it if she was not careful. But now, it was just right. It was a little tight, but no matter how hard she tried, it could not fall off.

After Dongfang Yunheng put it on her, Fang Xiao took the man’s silver ring and put it on Dongfang Yunheng’s ring finger. She did not think that the silver ring was cheap. In fact, she even felt that it was incomparably precious It was much more precious than any expensive ring in the world!

The wedding was grand and the guests were enthusiastic. However, as the bride, Fang Xiao was indeed exhausted.

Especially at the banquet, she wore high heels and went with Dongfang Yunheng to toast the guests. There were more than forty tables, and even at the end, she could barely stand up, let alone drink.

Indeed, she did not drink, but she drank a lot of fruit juice. Because she was pregnant, in the end, she used grape juice to pretend to be wine and muddled through with Dongfang Yunheng.

She was the bride, so of course she could muddle through, but Dongfang Yunheng was the groom, so there were many times when he could not muddle through, so he could not help but have a few drinks with the guests.

On the wedding night, Fang Xiao was so tired that she almost collapsed. Therefore, after she was helped into her new room, she did not even bother to take a shower. She did not even bother to change out of her gown and just collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

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