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Chapter 2050: Chapter 2050 I’m honored to be your maid of honor


Because of playing basketball, Fang Chen had grown quite a bit recently. He was now 182 years old, and his basketball skills were becoming more and more exquisite. The coach said that he would not be distracted when playing basketball and could concentrate fully.

Fang Xiao was very pleased with her brother’s progress. She had been worried about how her brother would live his life. Seeing that he was doing well now, she secretly breathed a sigh of relief. At least, her brother was no longer a burden to her.

Fang Xiao was the bride. After boarding the cruise, she was immediately invited into the dressing room to change her makeup and clothes. Fang Chen was brought to Zheng Pianran’s side by Dongfang Yunheng and asked Zheng Pianran to look after her for a while.

Fang Xiao was stunned when she entered the dressing room and saw Gu Chenchen. This was because Dongfang Yunheng had not told her that Gu Chenchen would attend their wedding, much less told her that Gu Chenchen wanted to be her bridesmaid.

This was something that she had never dreamed of. However, the truth was right in front of her eyes. If she wanted to reject it, she did not even need a bridesmaid, or even a stranger as her bridesmaid.

However, before she could speak, Gu Chenchen spoke first With an incomparably sincere smile on her face, she said softly, “Miss Fang, I feel very honored to be your bridesmaid. To be able to see Yun Heng and the woman he loves walk into the hall of marriage hand in hand, I feel very gratified. In this life, seeing his happiness is my only wish. “

Hearing Gu Chenchen’s words, Fang Xiao only then remembered that Gu Chenchen was a patient with uterine cancer. It was said that she only had half a year to a year’s time. And for such a person to ask to be a bridesmaid, it was likely that Dongfang Yunheng wouldn’t be able to refuse, and she —

She couldn’t possibly refuse in front of so many people, right There were two make-up artists, two stylists, and two costume artists. No matter what, she had to leave a little face for Gu Chenchen, right?

When she thought of this, she did not flare up in the end. Instead, she nodded lightly In an extremely calm voice, she said, “thank you. I’m naturally very happy that you can think things through and become my bridesmaid. I’ve accepted your blessing and Yun Heng. I also hope that you can find your own happiness as soon as possible. “

Fang Xiao’s words were extremely calm. The makeup artist, stylist, and costume artist naturally knew Gu Chenchen, so they naturally did not say much. They just looked at the two of them, thinking that there would not be a good show to watch today, right?

First was makeup. Fang Xiao actually did not want to put on makeup, but the makeup artist said that the bride would not be able to show the effect of the wedding dress if she did not put on makeup. One had to know that her wedding dress was specially tailored for her by Dongfang Yunheng, a famous French designer There was only one in the world, and only she had the opportunity to show it.

Fang Xiao lowered her head. She really did not want to wear makeup because she did not want to take off her glasses in front of these people. She also did not want these people to see the blind eyes of her dead fish bead.

“Can I wear glasses to put on makeup? ” Fang Xiao hesitated for a moment before asking the makeup artist beside her.

The two makeup artists looked at each other. They had obviously not thought of this question.. One of the makeup artists hesitated for a moment before explaining to Fang Xiao, “young Madam Dong Fang, we were just about to suggest to you that if you wear a wedding dress, it is best not to wear glasses. If you are really short-sighted, we suggest that you wear contact lenses so that you can better display your beauty. “

“There’s no need. I like wearing these glasses. ” Fang Xiao directly rejected the makeup artist’s suggestion Then, she said indifferently, “I’ve also seen many brides wearing glasses, so I don’t need to wear makeup when my glasses cover Dongfang. I don’t need to use any eye shadow, eyeliner, eyelashes. Because these are covered by the glasses, you can’t see anything. You can only draw where you can see. “

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