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Chapter 2048: Chapter 2048 would be husband and wife from now on

Author: Joe Mai MACHINE TRANSLATION 𝚒𝒏𝓃𝓻e𝑎𝙙. 𝙘o𝑚

Fortunately, the farce ended, and the marriage registration office returned to its usual calm. The two of them continued to line up in the same order, holding their documents, the forms they had just filled out, and the photos they had taken. They slowly moved towards the window.

Everything went very smoothly, and no one caused any more trouble. By the time they reached the window, it was already past eleven o’clock, and there were only three couples left in the marriage registration office.

“The man is getting married for the first time, and the woman is getting divorced once. Does the man know? ” The staff asked Dongfang Yunheng in a formal manner.

“Yes, ” Dongfang Yunheng answered naturally, and then added, “I don’t care how many times she has been married. I just want to marry her. “

The staff member nodded, and then asked Fang Xiao, “Fang Xiao, are you willing to apply for a marriage certificate with Mr. Dongfang Yunheng? Are you willing to marry Mr. Dongfang Yunheng? “

Fang Xiao hesitated for a moment, and then raised her head slightly to look at Dongfang Yunheng beside her. Then she gritted her teeth and nodded, “yes, I am willing to apply for a marriage certificate with him, and I am also willing to marry him. “

“Okay, then I’ll have to trouble you to sign here and press your fingerprint. ” The staff took out the marriage certificate and pointed at the positions of the man and the woman.

Dongfang Yunheng took the pen and signed his name in a lively manner. Then, he pressed his index finger without hesitation. Then, he handed the marriage certificate to Fang Xiao.

Fang Xiao was actually a little conflicted, but things had already come to this point. She couldn’t possibly back out, right In the end, she gritted her teeth and used her trembling hands to sign her name and press her fingerprint.

After the marriage contract was signed, there was a marriage certificate, a bright red marriage certificate. Each person had a copy of the marriage certificate. They clearly signed each other’s names and stamped each other’s fingerprints, as if they were handing over their own hearts.

“From now on, the two of you are husband and wife. ” The staff member handed the two marriage certificates stamped with a steel seal to them and reminded them with a smile, “remember to be humble and tolerant between husband and wife. You must know how to get along with each other in harmony. You must know that you have walked hand in hand for a hundred years. We only want to see you here once. In the future, don’t come to this place. “

“thank you! ” Dongfang Yunheng took the marriage certificate Then, he looked at the aunty inside and said, “thank you for your kind words, Aunty. We will only come to this place once in our lives, and we will never come again. Since we are holding hands, we will naturally walk until our hair turns white. “

Fang Xiao and Dongfang Yunheng were on a cruise in the evening. Although the wedding was to be held at noon tomorrow, many relatives and friends had already come today, so the two of them had to come up to invite guests.

Fang Xiao did not know any relatives or friends of the Dongfang family, so all she could do was stand by Dongfang Yunheng’s side. When Dongfang Yunheng introduced her to him, she nodded her head, looking like a little bird that was cuddly with others.

There were many guests, including Leng Rong and his wife whom she had met before. There were also Dongfang Yunheng’s sister and brother-in-law, Zheng Zihao, Zheng Zihao’s brother, Zheng Pianran, and so on.

Of course, most of them were people she had never met before. Some of them were people she had never even heard of. They came from all over the world and spoke a variety of languages.

“Is our wedding going to be so grand? ” When Fang Xiao’s legs were numb from standing, she could not help but ask Dongfang Yunheng, who was beside her, “aren’t we supposed to get married quietly? “

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