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Chapter 2047: Chapter 2047 a farce at the marriage registry office


“Yes, yes, yes. This woman is shameless to the extreme and a jinx, ” another girl added She spouted white spittle. “Not only did she cheat on her husband before marriage, but she also killed her own mother on the day of the marriage and later angered her father to death. “

“That’s right, that’s right. This woman is naturally not a good person. ” Another person continued, “this woman’s methods are very clever. She was clearly abandoned by young master Qiu, and then she actually thought of a way to marry young master Qiu. However, this woman doesn’t know how to be content. I heard that after marrying young master Qiu, she was also indecent and messed around with other men. Moreover, she was jealous and even blinded young master Qiu’s secretary’s eyes. “

“Have you guys said enough? ” Dongfang Yunheng’s face was cold and dark He looked at the few women in front of him and said coldly, “go back and tell your master not to play such low-tech tricks. How can he stir up trouble just by looking for a few extras “Be careful, I’ll get my lawyer to come over and sue you for defamation. “

The few young girls who were foaming at the mouth just now could not help but look at each other when Dongfang Yunheng shouted Then, as they retreated out of the hall, they said stubbornly, “what master, what extras? We just don’t like how the mistress in this society is so rampant. “

“That’s right. We used to like Dongfang Yunheng so much, but who knew that he was just a man who was attracted to the mistress and abandoned the woman he loved. He really disappointed us! “

“since you’re disappointed, why did you come here? ” Dongfang Yunheng’s voice was as cold as ice He said disdainfully to the girls, “I didn’t ask you to like me. Besides, it’s not a glorious thing to have people like you who have no brains or qualities like me. It’s just a shame. You should go and like someone else, don’t come and like me. “

“PFFT... ” The man who had just gotten angry with his girlfriend could not help but laugh He gave Dongfang Yunheng a thumbs up and said, “as expected of young Master Dongfang. You can tell at a glance that someone is deliberately causing trouble. In the past, I thought that you only got that position because of the protection of your family background. Now, you have convinced me. “

Dongfang Yunheng glanced at the man and did not say anything else. As for the other girls who had come to register their marriage, after witnessing the scene just now, they looked at Fang Xiao in a different way.

Fang Xiao also did not expect to encounter such a farce when she came to register her marriage with Dongfang Yunheng. It was obvious that the girls just now were targeting her, and from the looks of it, they wanted to directly push her down.

They probably knew that she was pregnant, so they wanted to take the opportunity to push her down and cause her to miscarry, so as to ruin her marriage with Dongfang Yunheng.

WHO found the person And who wanted to ruin her marriage with Dongfang Yunheng And who wanted to cause the child in her belly to miscarry?

Actually, there was no need to ponder over this question. After all, there was a woman who was unwilling to give up. She must have hoped that the person who married Dongfang Yunheng today would be her and not Fang Xiao, right?

Unfortunately, the farce was always a farce. Moreover, it was so obvious. Not to mention the wise Dongfang Yunheng, even the Clumsy Dongfang Yunheng could see through it.

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