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Chapter 2043: Chapter 2043, you dare not try


Beside the flower garden was a large four-story-tall villa. It occupied an area of four to five hundred square meters, and it was obvious that the building was made of high-grade stone. It looked magnificent.

Fang Xiao was puzzled when the car door was pulled open from the outside. Then, a clear voice came, “sister-in-law, what are you waiting for? Our whole family is waiting for you to eat. “

Fang Xiao’s face turned slightly red. She looked out of the car door and realized that it was Dongfang Yunheng’s sister, Dongfang Mu Yao. This girl had an unfathomable smile on her face.

Fang Xiao’s face became more and more embarrassed. Recalling the past few times she had interacted with Mu Yao, she felt that this girl was very sly. Her words were both true and false. She couldn’t believe it completely, but she couldn’t not believe it either.

“Mu Yao, get out of the way. ” Yun Heng stretched out his hand to pull his sister away. Then, he bent down and extended his hand to Fang Xiao. “come down. Can you walk? Do you want me to carry you inside? “


Fang Xiao’s face was so embarrassed that it was as red as the roots of her neck. She quickly got out of the car. The moment she stood up and looked up, she happened to see Mu Yao’s evil smile in her eyes. She immediately wished she could find a hole to hide in.

“Hurry up. Don’t you see mom coming out to welcome you? ” Dongfang Yunheng helped her close the car door. He reached out to hold her hand and whispered in her ear, “remember to call me mom later. “

Fang Xiao’s face became even more embarrassed. She looked up at the magnificent villa. As expected, Mrs. Dongfang was already walking toward them. It was obvious that Dongfang Yunheng had already informed his family to bring her back.

“Um... do we... do your parents agree? ” Fang Xiao was a little nervous, so she began to speak incoherently.

“You’re pregnant with the Dongfang family’s children. How can they not agree? ” Dongfang Yunheng deliberately teased her. “Aren’t you holding the emperor’s son in your hand to command the feudal vassals? “


“Then I can not have this child. ” Fang Xiao thought for a moment and said, “if you accept it so reluctantly, I think... “

“Do you dare not have it? ” Dongfang Yunheng’s face immediately darkened. His thin lips moved to her ear and said, “Fang Xiao, if you dare not give me this child, I will sleep you to death. Do you want to try? ”


She had seen shameless people before, but she had never seen such shameless people!

Fang Xiao did not expect her marriage with Dongfang Yunheng to come so quickly. She also thought that it might be difficult for the Dongfang couple to accept her. It was impossible for them to agree to her marriage with Dongfang Yunheng just because she was pregnant.

However, it was indeed the case. Not only did Dongfang Mo and Xi Muru not object to their marriage, they even urged the two of them to get married quickly and actively prepare for the wedding.

Xi Muru said that women needed to have a good figure to look good in a wedding dress. Only when they did not have children could they find the feeling of a bride. If they really waited until the child was older and their figure was out of shape, they would not look like a pregnant bride in a wedding dress At that time, they would not be able to find the feeling of being a bride.

When Xi Muru said this, Dongfang Muyao laughed at the side and even joked with her mother, asking if she had the feeling of being a bride when she married her father back then?

Xi Muru’s face was red as she chased after Mu Yao and beat her up. She scolded angrily, “little Mu Yao, don’t be so rude anymore. I will definitely marry you into the village as the wife of the village in the future, so that you won’t have to wander around in front of me all day. “

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