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Chapter 11: Chapter 11 we are twins too


Mother Wang nagged and nagged a lot. In short, she wanted Mu ru to marry the chicken, follow the chicken, marry the dog, marry the dog, and even carry a pole.

Mu Ru nodded and said softly that she understood.

Although that Dongfang Mo was no longer a man, after all, after she married him, she would have her own home?

She had always longed for a home of her own. Now, she finally had one, didn’t she?

She originally thought that marrying Dongfang Mo should be a very simple and low-key matter. After all, Dongfang Mo was a man who was no longer a man. He probably did not want to be in public, so.. She guessed that the Dongfang Family should have sent a car over to pick her up.

However, who knew that the Dongfang family would take this wedding very seriously. Not only did they send a brand-name wedding dress, but they also held a grand wedding ceremony.

She put on the wedding dress and gown that should have been Xi Muxue’s and sat in the luxurious wedding car that the Dongfang family had driven to welcome her. Then, at the wedding venue, she was surprised to realize that the groom, Dongfang Mo, was not a person who was beyond recognition Instead, he was a handsome prince.

Of course, not only was she stunned, even her parents, Xi Yuancheng and Du Xinyue, were stunned as well. They kept rubbing their eyes, wishing they could rub their eyeballs out.

Throughout the entire wedding, she was confused and at the same time, happy and worried. She thought that the husband she married was not as ugly as the devil, and at the same time, she was worried that he would find out that she was a fake.

Her worry was not unnecessary. She had thought that Dongfang Mo would only find out after tonight, but she did not expect that, just as it was just the beginning, he would actually… …

“As expected. ”

With a cold snort from Dongfang Mo, the Mu Ru in her memories was pulled back, and she could only look at him innocently.

Dongfang Mo looked at Mu ru with a mocking gaze, and then said mockingly,

“Ugly Xi Muru, I forgot to tell you. I’m not Dongfang Mo, I’m his younger brother, Dongfang Yu. Let’s… ” 𝒾𝐧𝚗𝙧𝙚𝐚d. 𝗰o𝓶

Dongfang Yu paused at this point, and then a low, mocking voice rang out

“They’re also twin brothers! ”

“What? ”

Mu Ru could not help but take three steps back. Her eyes widened as she stared at the groom, Dongfang Mo. No, it was her brother-in-law, Dongfang Yu. She was a little suspicious of her own eyes.

“Are you very surprised? ”

Dongfang Yu’s face was no longer filled with anger. Instead, it was a smug expression. Then, he raised Mu Ru’s Chin and smacked his lips

“initially, my brother thought that he was marrying Xi Muxue. He thought that Xi Muxue was so beautiful, as beautiful as a fairy. As for him, I’m sure you’ve heard of him. He’s a person who was burned beyond recognition by the fire. How could he personally attend the wedding with the woman he loves? So, he asked me, as his younger brother, to hold the wedding in place of the groom. However, the person you’re getting married to is still my brother, Dongfang Mo. ”

After Dongfang Yu said that, he completely ignored mu Ru’s pale face. Then, he turned around elegantly and said coldly as he walked towards the door,

“I’ll go get my brother right away. As for how he’s going to punish you, an imposter, I don’t know. You’d better pray for yourself. ”

After he said this, he ignored Xi Muru in the room and quickly walked out of the door. He slammed the door and quickly ran upstairs.

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