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Fantasy: God-level Store Manager
Chapter 3: First customer

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Time passed quietly, and in a blink of an eye, five days had passed.

At the entrance of the store, Luo Chuan, lying on a rocking chair, seemed comfortable, but he couldn't help sighing while looking at the crowds on the streets outside the alley.

Five days! For five full days, he didn't even sell a bottle of Coke!

But there is no other way. The shop is open in this remote alley and it is not surprising that there are no customers.

It was already evening. Looking at the sunset in the distant sky, Luo Chuan had a look of helplessness in his eyes.

It seems that there are no more guests today.

But just as he got up to close the door, a soft sound came from the alley.

"Tsk tusk tusk, open the shop in such a small alley, boss, you are really interesting!"

A teenager in a black brocade came to the store and commented.

Looking at the young man, Luo Chuan's heart was overjoyed. It seemed that business was finally coming.

"As the saying goes, the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley. As long as the things are good enough, business will naturally not be bad." Luo Chuan glanced at the young man, his expression unchanged, and replied lightly.

Hearing the words, the young man couldn't help but stunned, savouring what Luochuan said casually.

"The smell of wine is not afraid of the deep alley... good! Good! I didn't expect that boss, you are actually a man of good temperament! You friend, I'm sure to leave the song!

Bu Lige's eyes gradually lit up, savoring Luo Chuan's words carefully, and laughing.

If ordinary people hear this name, they will definitely be shocked, because Bu is the surname of Nanhou in the Sky Star Empire, and there is no one with the surname Bu in the entire Jiuyao City.

Because of this, the identity of this boy named Bu Lige is naturally ready to come out, the only young master in the Zhennan Hou Mansion!

Of course, as Luochuan, who has traveled to this world for just over a month, he naturally doesn't know anything about it.

"If that's the case, why not come in and have a look?" Luo Chuan said casually.

"This is natural." Bu Lige nodded and said with a smile, "Boss, you are very interesting, and the things you want to sell are not bad!"

While talking, Bu Lige has entered the shop.

Looking at the decoration of the store, Bu Lige's eyes suddenly showed a strong sense of surprise.

As the son of Zhennanhou, Bu Lige is naturally knowledgeable, but this is the first time I have seen a local tyrant like this shop.

Such pure colored glaze can enter the auction hall. In this shop, it is only used as a counter and a shelf. Is the world too crazy or I am not awake?

You must know that in terms of the productivity of the Sky Star Empire, colored glaze is quite a valuable item, a luxury that those royal nobles and even cultivators can afford.

"What is the origin of this boss?" Bu Lige's eyes fell on Luo Chuan, and a deep doubt arose in his heart.

"The things in the store are on the shelves over there, go and see for yourself." Luo Chuan pointed to the glass shelves next to him and said.

Only then did Bu Lige come back to his senses, and walked to the shelf where the cola that Luo Chuan pointed to were.

"one two Three……"

Luo Chuan counted the time silently in his heart.

A few seconds later, Bu Lige's exclamation sounded as Luo Chuan expected.

"What, what?!"

After seeing the introduction about Coke on the shelf, Bu Lige's eyes widened suddenly, with a devilish expression on his face.

"Directly recover from non-fatal injuries, boss, are you kidding me?!" Bu Lige couldn't help but exclaimed.

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Fantasy: God-level Store Manager Chapter 3: First customer