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Fantasy: God-level Store Manager
Chapter 23: Shiraoi Shinten

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"Thank you seniors for showing mercy!"

Seeing Yinyue disappear in midair, Old Bai wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and solemnly arched his hand in the direction of Luochuan.

Luo Chuan nodded faintly at him.

Although he didn't even go out of the shop in the previous battle, he still sensed that the old man had opened up the great defense formation.

From this point of view, the identity of this old man is definitely not low in Jiuyao City, and it is most likely related to the royal family.

And his own shop opened in Jiuyao City, it should be softer to the royal family.

Then Luo Chuan stopped paying attention to Mr. Bai, and lay on the couch at the door again.

Oh, by the way, the previous Chu Yunfei had already turned into a fan when the previous Silver Moon fell. After all, those terrifying energy fluctuations were not something he could resist at a small Divine Soul Realm.

Luo Chuan's attitude caused Bai Lao to fall into entanglement.

After thinking again and again, Mr. Bai gritted his teeth and came to Luochuan's store.

Seeing these powerful men opened a shop in the sparsely-traveled alley of Jiuyao City, apart from being flattered, Mr. Bai had a deep sense of fear in his heart.

With this kind of existence as a boss, if the dudes of those officials in the city come here to make trouble...

Hiss, dare not think about it anymore!

But having said that, this strong man opened the shop in Jiuyao City, but the royal family didn't get any news, which is really strange.

"Origin Mall...Origin...It's so bold!"

Seeing the plaque at the entrance of the store, Bai Lao looked at Luo Chuan in his eyes full of admiration.

This is the benefit of strength.

If an ordinary person opened a shop and called this name, that would only be a big tone!


Mr. Bai said respectfully towards Luochuan.

Luo Chuan on the rocking chair waved his hand and said faintly: "I am not a senior. My name is Luo Chuan. Just call me the boss."

"Yes, yes!" Mr. Bai quickly responded.

He also knows that most of these hidden powerhouses have weird temperaments, and bosses like Luochuan are just rare.

"I am a royal consecration and my name is Bai Hong. I wonder what the boss needs to do?"

Old Bai considered it for a moment, and said cautiously.


Luo Chuan looked at Bai Lao with some curiosity.

Well, when asked about the eighth-rank realm, the strength is still pretty good...

Now the masters of the realm of Asking Dao can only be regarded as passable in Luo Chuan's eyes. I don't know how it would feel to be known by the old man.

"No." Luo Chuan waved his hand and said casually.

After all, Luo Chuan ignored this person, but was confronting the system in his mind.

Luo Chuan: "System, what if I ask this person to help me advertise in Jiuyao City?"

System: "No! Host, you have to believe in yourself, and you will be able to complete the task with your own strength!"


Seeing that Luo Chuan didn't care about him anymore, Mr. Bai cast his eyes to the store.

Mr. Bai was very curious about the shops opened by such strong men.

After seeing the all-colored glaze in the store, Bai Lao's eyes suddenly felt shocked.

But after thinking of Luochuan's strength, he was relieved.

For this kind of existence, some colored glaze is nothing more than nothing.

After thinking about it, Mr. Bai cautiously asked Luo Chuan, "Boss, can I come in and have a look?"

Luo Chuan, who was talking to the system in his mind, recovered at this moment and nodded: "The visitor is a guest."

And Luo Chuan also wanted to understand at this time.

Although he cannot take the initiative to let Mr. Bai advertise his shop, he will naturally advertise to them after he knows the effect of the products in the shop!

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Fantasy: God-level Store Manager Chapter 23: Shiraoi Shinten