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Yet, even though I wasn't prepared for this, making something on the spot, was not that far from my expertise.

With an exaggerated sigh, I reintroduced myself. "As you already know, I am Prince--".

The hair on the side of my neck stood up as my magical spider senses tingled.

In a swift motion, my legs propelled me five feet in the air, and as I turned to look back at my previous location--


The ground where I once stood was destroyed.

The destruction was evident as I saw him standing there with his several-meter-long great sword that seemed to have increased in size through unknown means. He was holding it with such strength, as if trying to pull out Excalibur from the earth, while the dust settled around us.

My expression shifted to one of displeasure as I landed a few meters away from him, fixing my gaze on the armoured knight who had attacked me unexpectedly.

To my confusion, he pulled his sword out of the ground with one final pull and pointed its tip directly at me. "You?" He said menacingly. "Are you the one responsible for the destruction of my city?".

My confusion was cleared up. So that was it. I instantly remembered that he was also a fallen leader, which meant that when the city was being turned into a frozen cemetery by Ag'na, his people too were among the few souls whose bodies were forcefully sealed in a casket….

I let out a tired sigh and massaged my temples, feeling the onset of a headache.

"So, it's true" Knight Boris said, decrypting my silence as a confirmation. "You are the one responsible for the death of my people" He glared at me with enough hatred in his eyes to rival Kratos in a staring competition. I, on the other hand, was in no mood to participate.


The battle between Bones and Ag'na's main body continued to rage behind me, but Knight Boris remained focused on me. He held his sword with both hands and dragged it across the snow. "You?" His eyes remained locked on my body. "I will kill yo--".


A surge of unchained power coursed through the battlefield, causing silence to reign over the atmosphere momentarily until the sounds of feral beasts fighting for their lives overshadowed it once more.

My attention shifted to the source of the voice.

Queen Mavena!

She walked forward with her magical energy violently rampaging around her, hands stretched towards us. My instincts kicked in as I raised my head, only to witness a grey-coloured pentagram filled with various runes and interchanging hieroglyphics hovering over Knight Boris's head.

My instincts died down as I realized that I wasn't the one being targeted.

The Miracle Queen stopped in the midst of us, her face scrunched into an indifferent expression. Her gaze moved from my figure to his before locking onto the black-armoured knight. "You!" She hissed.

"Bang!" The knight suddenly collapsed on his knees, his legs sinking into the ground as though the runes that Queen Mavena had created above him were exerting some kind of pressure that made it harder for him to stand on his own two feet.

"I understand your anger and the need for revenge" The Miracle Queen spoke firmly. "However, if you cannot control yourself, I will do that for you".

My attention shifted to Knight Boris, and I watched as his magical energy burst out of his body as he slowly and steadily got to his feet.

"Not happening" Queen Maven spat out in defiance. Another grey-coloured pentagram appeared above his head and collapsed on the first one, growing larger and more intense.

"Bang!" His efforts proved futile as the earth around him collapsed, giving way to another wave of invisible pressure that forced his sword to fall out of his grasp.

"BORIS!" The old man shouted as he walked over, his eyes solely fixed on the raging knight.

While I stood there an--

Bones' voice sounded in my head. "...Ha...Master, what is the plan?" He asked.

Fuck it!

To hell with this drama!

While they settled their differences and tried to calm each other down, I turned and walked into the battlefield.

"STOP! Where are you goin--?" Queen Mavena's voice sounded behind me, but I cut her off. 𝒊𝓷𝐧𝗿𝚎𝘢𝒅. Com

"What does it look like I'm doing?" I didn't bother looking back as I responded.

The beast weaved around me, repelled by magical energy. Because I wasn't their enemy, they avoided me like an obstacle.

At this point, it seemed that leading the behemoth here was a waste of time. However, we were at least far away from the ship and not cornered by a herd of raging icy behemoths while Captain Crimson Eye's fleet blocked us at the other end.

"Prince Wyatt!"

Yeah, I could still hear her voice, but at the end of the day, the situation proved that I was the only one who could help myself.

Ag'na's main body entered my sight as I watched him utterly decimate the ever-pouring wave of mutated magical beasts.

Okay, it was clear that I couldn't deal any real damage to him because I didn't have the right set of skills. That left me with my terrain creation.

I couldn't use 'The End of Days' because there was a high chance that he could break out of it. So that left me with 'Matryoshka Execution Terrian'.

But using the 'Matryoshka Execution Terrain' also meant that there wouldn't be a wave of mutated beasts to help us, which ultimately left everything in mine and Bones' hands.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!

I cursed out. "Damn it!".

I released my magical energy and scanned for Bones' magical signature within the area.

There he was!

I sprinted towards him, simultaneously sending a telepathic message: 'Come back, I'm right behind you'.


My body ignited in flames as I charged through one of the ice-living sculptures, causing it to burst into a shower of shattered ice.

My vision turned red as the flames grew more intense.


I turned and saw the feral figure of Bones at my side. With a sigh, I quelled the flames around me and bent down to pick him up.


Another beastly roar echoed in my ears, but this time it wasn't an ice-living sculpture — it was Ag'na's main body.

"Human, I heard you had a plan" The other Ag'na asked, materializing beside me as he stared at the approaching figure of his main body. "Whatever it is, I hope it's enough to destroy my main body once and for all".

The plan I had was to tire him out with my terrain creation, using my immense magical energy. Then, I would let Bones strike the final blow, as he had done before in their previous battle, by targetting hi--

My mind felt exhausted.

As he had done before, by targetting his ass.

I didn't know that he would take those words I said seriously.

"Watch out!" Ag'na's scream pulled me out of my thoughts, and I saw a cloud of whitish fog heading our way. It was the kind of ability Bones used to freeze anything he wanted into solid crystallized ice. While it would've meant certain death for anyone else, it was useless against me because Bones was my beast.

As the fog passed by my body, I took a deep breath and couldn't help but sing: 'The cold never bothered me anyway'.

As my mind cleared and my attention was drawn away from the chaos of battle, I snapped my fingers and activated the 'Matryoshka Execution Terrain'.

"Let there be light" I uttered, and a brilliant glow radiated from me, enveloping the entire area in a thick, foggy veil.


"Did he just?" Prince Murdock exclaimed loudly as he observed the fog that was slowly spreading across the battlefield.

"Terrian creation" Grand Duke Liam remarked. "As expected, it seems that the banished prince turned pirate is as complicated as he seems" He paused and then muttered. "But to be able to create a terrain creation even if one is capable of it at such a young age is...." His lips trailed off as his mind searched for a suitable word.

"Ridiculous..." Prince Murdock interjected.

Grand Duke Liam nodded. "Exactly, it's completely ridiculous" He then shifted his gaze and locked eyes with the imprisoned armoured knight, who stared back at him.

Grand Duke Liam smiled. "Although I trust your strength, are you sure you want to fight against a man like him?".

Knight Boris stared back at him. His lips were silent, but his eyes... Oh! His eyes were screaming.

Grand Duke Liam shook his head disappointingly. "What a shame..." He turned to look at Queen Mavena and continued. "Since Knight Boris won't be joining the battle, it's best that we aid in the fight and put an end to Ag'na once and for all".

Seeing that no one else voiced any disagreement, Queen Mavena nodded her head in agreement.

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