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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea
Chapter 206 Meeting The Miracle Queen (2)

Having a mr Alfred on a pirate ship sounds pleasing to the ears, no matter hard one thinks about it.

As Gideon processed the statement, confusion morphed into his expression, and he struggled to find the right words to reply with. However, he couldn't help but feel insulted that a pirate would want to possess him, the queen's royal butler, for their own satisfaction.

"It would be wise for you to choose your words carefully and refrain from uttering such inconceivable statements again" Gideon expressed, his tone measured and calm, so as not to anger the queen. He wasn't furious, but he was dissatisfied with the pirate's behavior.

Prince Wyatt's grin somehow grew even wider, and he asked "Why? Are you offended by my statement because you are the queen's lapdog, or because you doubt my ability to afford you at the right price?".

Gideon turned his head to the left and spat on the snow, then shifted his gaze forward, fixing his eyes on the scallywag, or rather, the thief.

"Firstly, I don't need your dirty wealth, so you can keep your treasures, because none of them would be affordable to me" He spoke, his voice firm. "Secondly, whether I am the queen's lapdog or not is none of your business. Your only business is to wait and listen to what my queen has to say" His aura thickened, making his posture even more imposing.

Prince Wyatt looked at the butler and released a tired, exaggerated sigh. He shook his head and replied, "I see." Then, he straightened his smile and locked his gaze with the butler. "It seems I made a mistake by failing to ask who you are?".

With his unwavering gaze, Gideon responded "I am Gideon, the head butler of the Miracle Queen, Queen Mavena, and the head servant of the Vrymath Royal Castle".

As Beric attentively listened to the conversation, he couldn't help but think that Gideon's title was impressive, at least for a normal person. He gave his captain a sidelong glance, wondering if he was intentionally trying to stir up trouble before he left. But then, he dismissed the thought - it wasn't his problem as long as he could escape unscathed.

Luckily, his captain had given him his tamed beast, which could aid his escape while he watched from afar as his captain dealt with whatever madness he wanted to get into.

"I see... 'the queen's royal butler,' what a grand title" Prince Wyatt mused. "However, would you like to know mine?" He repeated, his tone light and playful. "Go ahead and ask, so that I can introduce myself".

Gideon's tongue twisted into a knot as he swallowed back the harsh words that were about to erupt out of his mouth. Instead, he cleared his throat and mustered the strength to ask "Who are you?".

Prince Wyatt figuratively pointed at himself and replied, "Me? I am a pirate, captain of my own crew...." He paused. "...Well, a rogue pirate to be precise".

"I knew it!" Gideon spat out with a mix of anger and disgust. "A rogue pirate?" His expression had morphed into something even more horrid. "You are even a much lower scallywag among the scall---".

Suddenly, Prince Wyatt released his magical energy, going toe to toe with Gideon's own. "I am not yet done talking" He said, his voice firm and resolute.

Gideon stayed silent.

Prince Wyatt cleared his throat and continued, "But you can also call me by my other title...".

Gideon's eyes narrowed in suspicion "Which is?".

"Prince Wyatt of the Endossa Empire…." Prince Wyatt suddenly paused before he corrected. "The first prince of the Endossa empire".

Pin-drop silence.

Although the exchange of words was between Gideon and Prince Wyatt, everyone else in the surroundings could hear them, including Queen Mavena. She was lost in her thoughts, rearranging her words as she looked for what to say. Everyone was dumbfounded by what they had just heard.


What kind of prince becomes a pirate?

The pirate prince?..... Does the pirate prince even sound logical?

Those were the questions everyone within earshot asked and answered within their own inner thoughts.

Suddenly, within the stillness, a robust round of laughter broke free, shattering the silence like a hammer on glass.

"Hahahahahaha!" Gideon's laughter echoed through the air. "A prince... hahahahha! Not only that, but a first prince..." Gradually, he calmed down and stared at the so-called prince with a beaten woman in his arms. "Whichever way, whether you are lying or not, you have three seconds to enter that carriage and follow us back to the castle" He said, pointing at the carriage that was prepared for this purpose and parked by the side.

Prince Wyatt's gaze hummed with power, and he replied. "I will wait until you are done counting".

Gideon gritted his teeth in anger and began the countdown. "One..."



"GIDEONNNN!!" A familiar voice penetrated his ears as he reached the last countdown. He looked forward and saw his queen walking towards him with an angry expression on her face.

"What do you think you are doing?" She said sternly. "Didn't I tell you that we are not here to fight?" Her tone was sharp, and her eyes blazed with an intensity that made even Gideon take a step back.

Gideon, feeling guilty, immediately bowed his head in shame. "I am sorry for the unsightly display, Your Highness".

Queen Mavena nodded her head. "I understand" She said to him, before she immediately turns towards the pirate and asked "Are you really a prince?".

Prince Wyatt replied "I am holding a woman in my arms whom I rescued from a tyrant and burnt his home to the ground... What do you think?".

The Queen sighed in defeat. "That sounds more like a knight in shining armor than a prince" She explained.

"You are right…" Prince Wyatt paused. "So how do you propose I prove myself?".

"Which kingdom do you hail from?"

"The Endossa Empire"

"Endossa... Endo..." Queen Mavena's voice trailed off as she remembered which empire was the Endossa Empire. "One of the greatest human empires, the Endossa Empire".

Prince Wyatt nodded. "Yes".

"..... So, you are the first prince of the Endossa Empire?" Asked the Queen.

Prince Wyatt corrected her "I was the first prince of the Endossa Empire...".


Queen Mavena shook her head in frustration, unable to comprehend the situation. "I don't understand" She uttered, wondering if the man before her was planning to play tricks on her.

Prince Wyatt exhaled tiredly and explained, "You see, I was the first Prince of the Endossa Empire..." He cleared his throat and continued. "However, now I am banished, so that makes me the banished first prince of the Endossa Empire until I am reinstated back on my throne".



"My queen, may I be permitted to end this scallywag's deception? I have reason to believe he is lying" Gideon declared, performing a 360-degree bow that was accompanied by a dense magical energy emanating from his body.

"Silence!" The queen's order stunned Gideon as he sensed the seriousness in her voice.

'Don't tell me that she is taking him seriously?' Gideon thought to himself as he straightened his back and saw the calculative gaze of his queen. "She is" He muttered under his breath.

"So, to clarify, you are both the banished first prince of the Endossa Empire and a rogue pirate. Am I correct?" Queen Mavena inquired.

He simply replied "Yes".

A pregnant silence fell over the room, broken only by queen Mavena's voice.

"Very well, but I sense there is more to your revelation than meets the eye. You must have an ulterior motive for sharing this information" Queen Mavena observed. "Perhaps you are also being threatened by Captain Crimson Eye".

Prince Wyatt wanted to reply with a firm "no," but the main reason he had wanted to leave early was to avoid encountering the troublesome pirate.

Of course, he was well aware that he was now miles stronger than Captain Crimson Eye since their last encounter. However, if possible, he wanted to make it through the treacherous waters of the Cryptic sea without even catching sight of the pirate's ship or engaging in a battle against several fleets with his relatively small crew

Even if he succeeded, the chances were that he would either be the only survivor along with his beasts or only be able to save a small percentage of the crew.

"I see..." The queen took his silence as his response. Unexpectedly, a smile appeared on her face as she spoke. "Banished first prince of Endossa, what do you think about forming an alliance with me, Queen Mavena of the Vrymath Kingdom?" With the same composed expression, she stretched her right hand forward.

Perplexed, Prince Wyatt arched a brow in confusion and internally exclaimed 'Huh!' as he gazed at the proclaimed miracle queen, never expecting her to offer him an alliance so readily, despite his intentional actions of hastening the battle between Captain Crimson Eye and her.

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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea Chapter 206 Meeting The Miracle Queen (2)