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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea
Chapter 205 Meeting The Miracle Queen

"Huh!" The leader said in confusion. "You don't mean that we sh --"

"Yes, I meant every word I said" I nodded my head in affirmation. "And you guys should get up to it if you want me to meet your queen. My patience is ticking".

The leader gritted his teeth in frustration. It wasn't as though they could arrest the man in front of them. If they could, they would have already confined him and dragged him off to the top of the mountain. However, due to the vastness of strength of both parties, he exhaled in defeat and turned to look at his subordinates behind him to relay his command. "Contact the group we sent for reinforcements and relay this message to them".

The leader's gaze turned serious. "Tell then that King Bor's home was destroyed and the ascendant responsible for it says, in his own words, 'I will not meet the queen unless she comes down from the mountain to meet me herself'... And as for the rest of you" He shifted his gaze to look at the other spies who were dressed in different uniforms. "I believe I don't have to tell you what to do next".

The surrounding spies nodded as the leader said "If you understand, then move out".

Prince Wyatt watched as some of them sank into their shadows, while others jumped up high in the air and ran towards different directions, proving that not all of them were assassins.

Regardless of everything that has happened and everything that he has heard, he couldn't help but contemplate the nature of the Miracle Queen.

'What kind of person am I going to meet?' Prince Wyatt thought.


Surrounded by a multitude of guards, Prince Wyatt basked in the blue radiance of his 'Full Heal' technique, while Bones and Beric stood steadfastly by his side, watching as the guards formed a circle around them and cleared a path ahead.

The trio watched in silence as tens of guards saluted in perfect unison, their attention commanded by the arrival of a regal figure on the scene.

Prince Wyatt wondered "Is that the Miracle Queen, Queen Mavena?" Despite himself, he couldn't help but confess internally that she didn't look half bad. Her black lustrous hair flowed comfortably in the wind, and her bright golden irises shone from afar as she scrutinized him from head to toe.

As the queen's gaze fell upon Nina, sleeping in Prince Wyatt's arm with her torn clothes, he saw a frown form on her face. He could even sense how many times her mana had washed over them, scanning their bodies and belongings before the search was blocked by Bones, whose mana flared up at the sudden intrusion.

Fortunately, whatever possessions he had were stored in his 'Temporary Storage Space,' so the only information that the queen could gather was that the man in front of her possessed nothing except his strength - a simplistic yet disastrous fact for a queen whose kingdom was currently in shambles in a dog-eat-dog world.

Queen Mavena peered down at the pirate, seated on the snow with a beaten woman in his arms, and asked. "So you are the man who has caused such a mess in one of my cities?" She knew he was a pirate due to the clothing choices of the two men in front of her, and they gave her the same feeling as the last pirate she had encountered - calm yet untamed like the ocean.

As she exhaled, Queen Mavena continued "But I don't understand why you didn't come to meet me in my castle and instead chose this place to discuss, and also..." Her gaze locked onto Prince Wyatt's, and she asked, "Aren't you the person that Knight Boris spoke about? The man whose associate summoned a spirit in my city and used it to destroy a part of it?".

Prince Wyatt smiled, revealing his clear rows of teeth. Swift, calm, and precise - those were the first things that he could conclude about the queen after meeting her.

Without skipping a beat, he replied, "If you're referring to Annabelle, then yes, she was responsible for that. We've already paid for the damages to King Ameal, who claimed to be in charge of the city. As for why we didn't choose to come to meet you on your mountain, it was simply because I didn't feel like it".

Suddenly, another voice interrupted their conversation and repeated, "Because you didn't feel like it".

Prince Wyatt turned his head towards the old man and simply replied "Yes".


Queen Mavena quickly calmed down her butler and chief head of servants, Gideon. If they were here to fight, she wouldn't have even bothered coming down from her comfortable mountain without first giving a 'kill on sight' order.

But because this situation directly correlated to the fate of her kingdom, she didn't think twice and hurried down from her mountain after hearing the arrogant message.

She spoke with firmness and seriousness, adding. 'We did not come here to engage in conflict, but rather to engage in dialogue. So, please, control your anger".

Despite the man's evident lack of respect and crude demeanour, they knew that they could not allow their emotions to get the better of them. His untamed, uncaring, and intelligence-lacking nature was apparent from the outset.

After Queen Mavena had successfully calmed down her butler, she turned her attention to the Pirate before her, her voice steady and her eyes unwavering. "What is it that you wish to discuss with us? And what, may I ask, was the motivation behind your attack on King Bor's residence?".

Prince Wyatt's gaze glanced at the side, to the old man. Then, back to Queen Mavena. "Firstly" He began, "I have decided to stay behind and inform you of Captain Crimson Eye's plan to invade the Vrymath Kingdom, along with the Black Eye crew".

As the queen's face creased into a deep frown at the mention of this, Prince Wyatt continued undeterred. "Secondly, the King of the Eser Kingdom has finally passed. Do with this information as you please, but I'm sure you understand the gravity of what I am telling you".

The atmosphere grew thick with an eerie silence that lingered for several seconds.

Prince Wyatt furrowed his brow as he sensed a dense magical energy permeating the air around them.

"And how did you come by this information?" Queen Mavena's teeth gritted silently as she spoke, her tone laced with suspicion and curiosity.

How did he get such an important piece of information from?

Is he among the Black eye crew?

How did he know that King Kanit was still alive? And most of all, what does he mean that King Kanit is dead?

At this moment, the fact that a stranger had dropped such a bomb in the middle of their conversation made her overwhelmingly irritated and afraid.

Suddenly, Prince Wyatt interjected, not minding her question, his tone laced with an air of finality, "Lastly... I took matters into my own hands and dealt with King Bor. I burnt his home to the ground and ended his life because he dared to lay a hand on my woman". As he spoke, he scooped up Nina in a princess-style carrier, casting a sharp glance towards Beric. "We're done here. Let's leave".

Beric said nothing. He recognized that this was not the kind of conversation where he could easily interject. Instead, he simply nodded his head, his shoulders weighed down by the presence of Bones, and followed dutifully behind his captain.

"Move" Prince Wyatt commanded the guards, his magical energy pulsating and emanating from him like a mountain of force.

And unsurprisingly, they obeyed.

The guards parted, creating a clear path for Prince Wyatt and his crew to exit the enclosure with ease.

Meanwhile, Gideon observed the scene with a hateful expression etched onto his face. As the queen's butler, he was displeased with the attitude displayed towards his queen.

"Where do you think you're going?" Gideon's booming voice cut through the air, causing everyone within earshot to turn their attention towards him.


In the blink of an eye, he vanished from his previous location and appeared in front of the gang of pirates. His unwavering gaze fixated on the leader donning a brown overall coat. "My queen is not finished with you yet, so it would be in your best interest to wait and hear what she has to say before you leave".

Prince Wyatt grinned. "Or?" He quipped.

The butler's response was quick and stern. "Or, I will personally drag you up the mountain myself and make you pay for the mess you have caused" Gideon's expression remained firm, his senses alert and ready for any sudden attacks.

Prince Wyatt's grin grew." You know, it's such a shame that you're not my butler" he lamented, shaking his head in mock disappointment. He couldn't help but imagine how wonderful it would be to have the old man working alongside Mad John.

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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea Chapter 205 Meeting The Miracle Queen