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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea
Chapter 204 An Audience With The Prince

And so, as the spies attacked, Bones began turning them into frozen sculptures without hesitation, while also protecting me from arrows that were shot at us from unknown locations.


Captain, where are you?

Didn't you say we were supposed to be subtle?

Then why is the building you entered going down in flames, while I watch from behind as your tamed beast creates a ruckus in the kingdom by freezing and exploding everything?




More and more arrows were fired as they went back into hiding to avoid being attacked by Bones. After the deaths of their comrades, it took them a while to understand that the rat in front of them wasn't an ordinary opponent.

I turned my head to the side, sensing the sudden increase in temperature that seemed as though the building was about to turn into a hurricane of flames. "Captain" I mistakenly muttered. My head snapped to the rat. "We need to go over to the other side and see if the Captain is alright, Bone… I mean, sir Bones". The fact that the rat was stronger than me and was also the Captain's tamed beast meant that I had to address it with all the respect it deserved.

The rodent bobbed its head, with a little 'snarl' escaping his lips before he jumped into the air, and before I knew it, I was also dragged high up into the air.


My question was not answered.

I sighed and tensed my legs and waist for another sky-high jump. At this point, my balls might fall off because my lower body couldn't contain its weight.

In less than a minute, we arrived at the building. The area around it was hot… Too hot that I feared what the inside might feel like.

Huh! Why I am falling?

I looked up only to see sir Bones falling with an icy platform underneath his feet.

He dropped me this time without warning.

Knowing that complaining without action would be the end of me if I didn't take action immediately, I spread my already tensed-up legs a little and allowed the soft cushion of the snow to do the rest for me.


"Haaaa….. My back! I am definitely reporting this to the captain" I exclaimed.

I eyed the rat before I noticed a figure coming out of the smoking building.


My eyes zoomed in on the figure to get a proper look at his appearance. "CAPTAIN!" I yelled. "It's the Captain" I spoke with relief in my voice. But my eyes squinted harder, trying to find out who was in his hands.

Was it possible that the person he was looking for was finally within his grasp?

As I watched the Captain approach us, I couldn't help but wonder who he could be carrying in his arms. But the way he cradled the figure, with such tender care, I knew it had to be a woman. I let out a resigned sigh... Of course, I should have known by now that it had to be a woman.

Suddenly, a loud voice boomed through the air, interrupting my thoughts. "STOOPP!".

I released another tired sigh knowing who it was this time around. Even after they watched their colleagues being butchered to death, they were still so persistent.

But to my surprise, the Captain halted his footsteps. It seemed as though even he was taken aback by the suddenness of the command. And then, as if on cue, the voice continued. "BY ORDER OF THE QUEEN, YOU ARE ALL UNDER ARREST....".

Wait, there was something weird!

I scrutinized the Captain's facial expression, and my heart skipped a beat. The jovial twinkle in his eyes had vanished, replaced by a fiery anger I had never seen before. I had witnessed his moods ranging from fury to happiness, but this was a different level of rage altogether.

My gaze drifted towards the woman in his arms, and I couldn't help but notice the bruises on her arm and back. Another wave of fear washed over me.

Once more, I gulped.

Somebody is going to die!

Suddenly, the already chilly air around us seemed to drop several degrees lower. Two giant icicles materialized around Bones, and I braced myself for what was about to happen. But just as he was about to launch them forwar--

"Stop!" The Captain's calm yet firm words resonated across the area, effectively halting Bones' actions. "Don't attack" He commanded.

Bones obeyed, dissolving his attacks and adopting a non-lethal posture. Despite this, his eyes remained fixed firmly on the spies.

The Captain shifted his gaze away from Bones, directing it towards the group of spies before him. After a few seconds, he turned back to look at me.

Then, he turned his attention back to the spies, and asked in a commanding tone "What do you want?".


'Assassins clothed in black and grey with a scarf over their face on one side, and several in grey and green on the other' Prince Wyatt thought. Just by looking at them, he could tell that some of them truly belonged to the Queen.

And, the fact that there were several others putting on what looked like light armour showed that the Queen was also snooping around the area, looking for the right time to time their attacks without damaging her kingdom in the process.

"Hahahaha…." Prince Wyatt laughed. If he had been here a minute or an hour later, he might have failed to save Nina, considering the kind of appearance she had taken on.

Not only that….

Prince Wyatt looked up and saw the sun rays of the rising sun. It seemed that they might not make it back to the carriage on time.

Whichever way ---


'Huh! Why does it feel like they are begging?' Prince Wyatt thought. He looked at Bones one more time before he watched the apprehension on the spies' faces and smiled in understanding. 'Well, since I am here, I think it's time I met the famous Miracle Queen before I leave this region'.

Prince Wyatt opened his mouth and finally addressed the spies. "Do you all belong to the queen or the several other fallen kingdoms?" He asked.

The spies looked at each other and weighed their reply before their leader, who was at the forefront, responded. "Some of us belong to the queen, while the rest belong to some of the fallen kingdoms".

Before Prince Wyatt could respond and pose another question, they quickly added "We mistakenly attacked some of your comrades because we thought that they were random ascendants who wanted to take advantage of the chaos. However, we have paid for it heavily with the lives of some of our companions".

Prince Wyatt nodded. It was obvious that they were trained soldiers for them to be able to control their emotions and composure to such an extent in the midst of an enemy. "Alright, so you want me to follow you to meet your queen, and possibly several other fallen kingdom royalties" He mused.

"Yes, since it will be beneficial for the bot---"

"I am sorry, but I won't be doing that".

Hearing his captain's reply, Beric chose to rest by laying back first on the snow, knowing that they won't be leaving here soon.

Meanwhile, the spies looked at Prince Wyatt, wondering if they had just misheard him. Although they might have attacked first, they immediately corrected their mistake after knowing the kind of person they were dealing with. Not that the kingdom couldn't handle the man in front of them, but doing so would come at a price that they weren't ready to pay, especially with the mutated rat that currently lay on the snow as though it were a soft cushion.

"If possible, may I ask why?".

Prince Wyatt gazed at their leader. "Because neither do I want to, nor feel like climbing all the way to the top of the Miracle Mountain to go meet your queen" He responded.

Prince Wyatt then sat down on the snow and laid Nina's body comfortably on his lap with her head still resting on his shoulders. Within a single breath, he muttered "Full heal".

A hue of blue light immediately covered Nina, easing the pain that coursed through her body.

"The-n…." The leader stammered. They had already sent for reinforcements in case things didn't go as planned. But they hoped that things would go as planned, and so he strengthened his composure and said "In that case, we will prepare a carriage to help you up the mountain".

Prince Wyatt showed a wry smile.

"These spies don't seem to get it!" He thought.

In response, he shook his head and said, "You don't understand… The queen is the one who wants an audience with me, not the other way around. So why should I stress myself to go meet her?" The blue hue around him increased. "To put it simply, if the queen wants to speak to me, let her hurry down here before my patience runs out".

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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea Chapter 204 An Audience With The Prince