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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea
Chapter 197 Sacrificial Frozen Cocoon (2)

Hmmm! I would have said that none of it made sense if it were not for the fact that she had been locked in her castle since the event of the Moonlight ice. It might not even be a coincidence anymore if the reason behind her confinement was due to her watching over and taking care of a deadly beast that was secretly locked within her castle.

Yeah! I mentally nodded my head. That makes a lot more sense now!

Still, before he continued, there was one thing that I wanted to know first. 'Hey, I am curious about something' I asked.

[ And what are you curious about?] He inquired.

'How did you know that I altered the past?' I questioned.

Despite sensing that something was amiss after being unexpectedly trapped in Bones' consciousness, it seemed implausible for him to recall any memories from the pre-altered past without some unforeseen limitations of my 'Edit History' ability yet to be uncovered.

Or could it simply be an adverse side effect of utilizing such an ability?

Ag'na let out a theatrical snort, his voice laced with authority. [ As a revered beast with authority over mind, ice, and snow, I must admit your ability to tamper with the past is remarkable. However, do you think for a moment that I wouldn't be cognizant if someone were to manipulate my memories?]

An exasperated growl rumbled through his jaws as he added [ Even that woman attempted to infiltrate my mind countless times to tame me and uncover the secrets of my 'Sacrificial Frozen Cocoon,' yet she was futile in her endeavours after knowing her rightful place.]

I halted in my tracks, my curiosity piqued. 'The Miracle Queen attempted to tamper with your memories?' I repeated.

[ Yes...] Ag'na replied, his voice laced with disdain. [ She even resorted to using a soul imprint and attacks on me to weaken me, which would have undoubtedly succeeded if it were any other weaker beasts. However, as I previously stated, she failed miserably.]

Ag'na's words left me with much to ponder as I resumed walking, trailing behind the others. What if I had not altered the past?

Would Queen Mavena have ultimately succeeded in her endeavours, or would she have faced continual defeat?

The thought weighed heavily on my mind, but in truth, despite my curiosity, I found myself not particularly caring about the outcome.

My only concern now was to uncover whether Ag'na's knowledge of the altered past stemmed from my weakness when I used 'Edit History' or from Ag'na's enhanced mental control as a formidable beast.

Ag'na's voice cut through the silence, beckoning me to attention. [ Have I satisfied your curiosity?] He asked.

With a subtle nod, I replied 'Yes'.

[Alright....] Ag'na began, his words measured and deliberate. [ Listen closely, these are the limitations of my 'Sacrificial Frozen Cocoon'...] He paused briefly, before continuing. [ Firstly, though those of a rank lower than myself may temporarily negate its effect. But, only those above the rank of a revered beast or my inheritor possess the ability to fully counter the technique. And that includes you.]

This time, my thoughts came to an abrupt halt. 'Me?' I questioned, surprised.

Ag'na's response was unwavering. [ Yes, you. Have you not already noticed? As my inheritor's master, you possess the ability to completely negate its effects.]

I was left dumbfounded by Ag'na's revelation. Suddenly, the events from the brothel began to make sense - how I managed to protect myself and the others from his main body's attack.

Despite the weight of his words, Ag'na continued as though the revelation was insignificant. [ Secondly, this technique comes at the cost of my life....] He explained. [ It helps me locate a worthy successor, trapping me within its range. For the moment I step outside of it, I die.]

So the technique was a fail-safe that allowed him to find a worthy successor and pass on his legacy, in case he was not ready to die.

As I thought about it from his perspective, I realized how brilliant the idea was. After all, who would want to leave this world without making an impact?

And for an accomplished beast like Ag'na, passing on his genes was the perfect way to do so.

A defeated sigh escaped me as I wore Ag'na's shoes. I guess he had every right to be angry that a common rat won the lottery and possessed his genes, becoming his inheritor.

Nevertheless... 'But if it comes at the cost of your life, how are you still alive?' I asked, curious about the contradiction.

[ I live off the vitality of those encased within my cocoon.] Ag'na explained. [ Their vitality is what I use to lengthen my lifespan, helping me survive past the point of irreversible injury that would have led to my death..... Although I could completely describe the details and structures of the technique, but now that I have an inheritor, there are only two important things that you need to know..]

'What are they?' I asked, eager to know.

Ag'na's response was grim. [Firstly I will soon die as the main purpose of the technique has been fulfilled. Secondly, the moment you step foot into the range of the 'Sacrificial Frozen Cocoon', my main body will be able to track you and come for your head and that of your beast. So be ready.]

My lips formed a deep frown at his words.

[ I forgot to add one more thing.] Ag'na continued. [ The moment I die, nature will revert back to its original course and bring back life to the region. However, only the mutated beasts will be able to recover, while all those who have been frozen, both man and beast, will wither away to their deaths because they have already served their purpose.]

My mind raced rapidly to process his words the moment he was done speaking. Although the information was much, it took me only a few seconds to fully understand everything that he had said.

I let out an exaggerated exhale through my mouth, feeling relieved. 'At least I know everything there is to know about the 'Moonlight's Ice', or should I say, the 'Sacrificial Frozen Cocoon',' I thought to myself.

Well, whichever way, we need to be and out, as quickly as we can.

[ Now, that I have revealed to you the secret to my technique, I hope that it was more than enough.]

'Yeah, it was'

[ Okay --]

'Hold on, one more thing' I quickly added.


Knowing that he was listening but was too annoyed to utter a word, I continued 'Will Bones be able to cast the 'Sacrificial Frozen Cocoon' as well?'

The beast hummed an unfamiliar tone within my mind, and while I didn't understand how he was capable of doing so, given the nature of our conversation, it wasn't difficult for me to let it slide.

[ He has potential..] Ag'na remarked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice, [...but unless he wants to die without realizing it, then he might as well use it.]

'Alright... Alright... I understand' I replied, my mind already wandering with plans and revisions. I only snapped back to reality when I realized that Ag'na had severed our connection.

Exhaustion washed over me as I contemplated the multitude of tasks ahead. So many plans to make, so many things to consider and revise... My shoulders sagged under the weight of it all.

At least, this wasn't something that I couldn't control---

"Captain...we have arrived" Annabelle's voice echoed through the stillness, prompting me to lift my head and take in the sight of the wooden bridge ahead.

A curt nod was my only response as I cast a scrutinizing gaze over my two crewmen before focusing on Beric. If it had been just Annabelle and me, we could have reached the Vrymath kingdom in a matter of minutes. However, with the three of us, we needed to devise a way to traverse the distance swiftly without rousing any unwanted attention.

Fortunately, it didn't take me long to conceive a solution, and a smile of satisfaction crept across my features as I directed my full attention to Bones.

Sensing my intense focus, Bones slowly turned his head in my direction, his eyes meeting mine in a wordless exchange.

With a single thought, I communicated my idea to him. 'Can you create a sleigh?'.

His tiny head twisted in confusion. 'What is a sleigh, master?' He asked, his voice laced with curiosity.

What is a sleigh?

My grin widened as I repeated the question, eager to enlighten him. 'Don't worry, I'll help you out' I reassured him. 'But for now, let's focus on this'. The image of a sleek, wooden sledge resurfaced in my mind, and I knelt down on one knee, channelling my magical energy through my fingers to sketch a rough outline of how the sleigh should look.

To ensure he would understand, I kept it simple and drew an image of a cart without wheels, then added in the runners.

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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea Chapter 197 Sacrificial Frozen Cocoon (2)