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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea
Chapter 192 What A Prince Is Made Of...


I released my magical energy into the air and let it flow around the ship like a raging stream. Little by little, I scanned the ship as my magical energy washed over the rooms and bodies in it. The rest of my crew felt a shiver and a sudden feeling of suffocation wash over them before it instantly disappeared. I noticed Mad John racing down the halls to quickly arrive at Annabelle's room, where she was lying on her bed reading a bo --

She sensed me.

But I didn't care to bother and continued my search until I arrived at a room with a familiar woman sitting seated on a chair, while another lay on a bed. Outside the door, there were two more familiar women who were standing near it.

Oh no!

My brain immediately caught up as the presence of Edna and Vanessa in the same room spelt only one thing to me...

"Goddamnit!" I cursed. I moved my body out of the room before consciously igniting a burst of flame under my legs to hasten my movement forward.

Sparks flew around in the air. Fire ignited, taking shape and form around my legs as I thrust my body forward.


Unable to control the force of the propulsion that ignited from my legs, my body twisted to the side, and I slammed into a side of the wooden corridors.

Fortunately for me, it was the wall that took the damage. So quickly, I rearranged myself and took off into the air with a fiery 'blast'. The flames from my legs scorched and darkened the wooden floor underneath my feet without mercy. My body propelled forward, but this time I carefully bent and twisted around the narrowed corridor until--

In front of my vision were two women in their mid-20s, dressed in much more decent attire than the last provocative dress I had seen them in. They stood guard over the room, but I didn't bother to look at them twice as I appeared in front of them. I gazed as their eyes widened over the lifelike image of a familiar face and name that was probably etched forever in their minds.

"Get out of my way" Measured and stern, my orders were clear. From the scared yet resolute expression on their faces, I quickly made it known to them that I didn't come here to waste my time.

Nevertheless, blasting them out of the way would have been easier, but cleaning up the blood, internal organs, and roasted flesh would have been a problem.

Regardless, they nodded their heads and moved out of the way.

I walked forward and opened the door, not forgetting to close it behind me with a 'bang' as I strolled into the room.

"The first thing that caught my eyes the moment my vision adjusted to its darkness was Vanessa peacefully sleeping on the bed, with Edna running her hand through Vanessa's hair as she sat extremely close to her.

​ My mana unconsciously filled the room, plunging the already dark and gloomy atmosphere into a suffocating domain of eerie silence.

Slow but steady, my legs moved forward. The wooden floor creaked with force as my footsteps were imprinted on it.

Yeah, I did all this consciously while trying to control my emotions and magical energy because, at this moment, I was like a fuse.

A dangerous nuclear fuse that could go off at any moment.

Yet, she continued with her actions. Her body looked relaxed yet stiff. Her hand still skillfully combed through the hair of the sleepy Vanessa, showing that she didn't give two fucks about my entrance.

Of course, I wasn't blaming her reaction, but still ---

I stopped in front of her and latched my hand around her chin. The force behind my grip would have crushed her jaws if it weren't restrained to the point where I could only firmly hold it and turn her face towards my direction.

Our eyes met. Fear, uncertainty, confusion, and apprehension clouded her eyes. All of them hid behind a thin veil that disappeared within a flash the moment her gaze met mine, yet only her face displayed an expression of indifference.

My throat burned the words "Why?".

Her facial expression finally changed, along with her eyebrows that knitted together.

I clicked my tongue. She genuinely didn't understand what I was saying!

As I turned my head towards the peacefully sleeping Vanessa, her serene figure burned itself into my mind's eye. Without breaking eye contact, I twisted Edna's face towards Vanessa's direction and asked the question:

"Why did you kill her?" My voice came out hoarse.

Dazed. Confusion. Thoughtfulness. And then, beyond all doubt, a crazed smile spread across her face, her lips curving maniacally as she stared at me with a haunted expression.

For the first time, she opened her lips and uttered. "Why? So you're allowed to kill whoever you want, and I'm not?"

Truth be told, no man born of a woman's womb could escape the sudden pressure that descended over the darkness, suffocating and inescapable

The moment the pressure hit her, she flinched and her previously relaxed body now stiffened defensively.

I spoke. "I asked you a question" I repeated sternly. "Why did you kill her?"

She battled hard, trying to free her head from my grip, but all her attempts ended in failure, and so she settled on locking her gaze fiercely on me.

"I don't believe I owe you an explanation..." She answered defiantly. "...And even if I did, formulating a lie would be a waste on a man like you".

Brave! Truly brave!

At least now, I can very much see why she was called a queen.

However, I responded "True…". I nodded my head. "You don't owe me an explanation, but you seem to have forgotten one thing…" My grasp tightened around her chin, forcing her to wince in discomfort.

"This is my ship, and no one, not even a fly nor a single soul, is allowed to take a life without my permission".

She frowned. Her crazed smile turned into a frown as she took her time to process her thoughts and come up with a response.

"You are a fool if you think that you can murder my husband in front of me and expect me to laugh it off the next day" She responded. Her voice had a hateful quality to it, like each word that came out of her mouth was punctuated with some degree of hateful emotions. "Besides…" She cast a side glance at the sleeping Vanessa before focusing her gaze back on me. "… I didn't know that you and she had some kind of connection".

"We don't" I shook my head and unleashed her.

Immediately, she stood up and ran close to the wooden wall, massaging her jaw as she stared at me with a fearful expression.

Facade. She had only been putting on a bold facade!

I sighed, a thick wave of air escaping my lips as I spoke. "I am the one you have a problem with, though. So I wonder what killing h--".

She interrupted me. "She's not dead". Pin-drop silence.

My expression scrunched up with doubt. Immediately, I walked towards the sleeping Vanessa and placed my hand on her chest.

Her heart was still beating!

The temperature in the room dropped a little.

Maybe I should have checked her body directly when I entered the room, especially since I knew I still couldn't properly see my surroundings with my magical energy.

"See! I am not as heartless as you are" She suddenly added.

I nodded in response. "You're not".

As strange as the conversation was, I didn't know what to say next, especially since this wasn't the kind of atmosphere I had planned for.

And so, since my plan had become useless, we just stood there in the darkness, silently gazing at each other, as my mind raced, searching for a way to salvage everything.

But, it seems that I didn't need to.

"Are you satisfied now?" She questioned. "You finally have the woman you fucked and can punish yourself without her pesky husband in the way" She raised her hand and pointed a finger at Vanessa. "You even got the seductive brothel owner whose charm could not be withstood even by a woman like me as a bonus, together with two other younger women in your age bracket whom I am sure would just be used as an output for your pleasure" She paused, and repeated her question "Are you satisfied now?".

Her lips then sealed close waiting for my response. Her gaze was steely. Unsurprisingly, I could tell that her expression wasn't a facade.

Truthfully, this was not the first question that I had expected from her. I expected something much more --

More --

I sighed inwardly. I don't know, maybe a reason as to why I killed her husband… Something like that… or something related to that… the same way he and Ag'na had asked me… and not something like this!

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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea Chapter 192 What A Prince Is Made Of...