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Gideon noticed his Queen's amused tone and replied, "Are you making jest of me, my Queen?".

"No" She replied, her head shaking as she forced herself to stifle the mirth bubbling within her. "It is not my intention to mock you, Gideon. Rather, my suggestion is that we withdraw to rest and prepare, rather than wade into this troublesome emotional conflict". She swept her hands down the silken folds of her gown, momentarily lost in thought as she averted her gaze from the fray. "After all..." She continued. "... I trust in the wisdom and sanity of Knight Boris and Grand Duke Liam and I am sure that they will eventually regain their composure, once exhaustion has claimed them".

She walked towards the edge of the building's roof with Gideon silently following behind her. She uttered, "So in the meantime, we will be taking our leave".


The abandoned building beneath her feet cracked and trembled as she took off into the air with a burst of shock waves that announced her ascent.

Gideon sighed deeply, his expression betraying his understanding. "Of course, my Queen" He said softly.

With a fluid motion, he launched himself into the air, his feet barely making a sound as they left the concrete room.


Coast Of The Cryptic Sea

I left my body to fall to the depths of the ocean, my eyes wide with wonder as I observed the breathtaking beauty of the sea from below. It was as if I was looking at an upside-down world, a reflection of a portal that resembled the moon, etching itself like an ethereal rabbit hole that took Alice to Wonderland.

Rabbit hole, I thought. I find myself pausing to contemplate if the author's use of the phrase is merely a literary device employed to suggest that 12-year-old Alice was, in fact, a troubled and unstable drug addict on an acid-induced journey to the fringes of insanity. but presented in a much softer, gentler, and child-friendly manner that was suitable for a bedtime story.

Imagination took the reins, shaping my thoughts and presenting a vivid picture that resembled that of a dazed third-grader, seeking to escape the confines of an educational prison hall and find solace within the confines of their own thoughts.


Water, salty, water filled my nostrils and mouth as I attempted to perform feats that would earn a nod of approval from Aquaman.

The invincibility that had coated my body in a thin, blue magical hue shattered the moment water dredged into my lungs, a reminder that while I could now defy nature and wield it like a weapon - bending it to my will - a bitch that I could now drive a 15-inch cock up her pussy and she would moan in accord. But when put at her mercy, I would be cast aside to death like a helpless boy toy who couldn't withstand the weight of his mistress as she trounced him beneath her crushing weight.

Fuck it!

Like Homer Simpson returning home after 8 bottles of duff beer during a bad day, it only took me several moments later to realize that my brain was slowly being deprived of oxygen, and that I was drowning.

"Boom!" My magical energy burst out of my body and encased me in a transparent spherical dome that kept the water around me out and allowed my body to get some breathing space.

'Toothless' I internally yelled out for her presence.

"WHOOSH!" And she arrived behind me, pulling me upwards until we reached the other side of the ocean, with me resting back first and breathing loudly on her furry back.

My throat gagged as water rose from my belly and escaped out from my mouth. "Cough! Cough!!" I gasped out the salty remains until my lungs felt free and strangely dehydrated.

Slowly, I opened my eyes to get a closer look at the moon... My eyes quickly squinted in discomfort. Blinding lights... My vision felt like I was looking at torn curtains that hung over the moon, obstructing my vision and preventing me from properly admiring its brilliance.

"Hey, Toothless" I muttered under my hurried breath.

"Growl!" Came her reply.

I responded. "The next time that I want to apply for a position at the Justice League, remind me to change my application form to the Human Torch instead of Aquaman".


I snorted at her remark. "Of course, you won't get it" I shook my head and turned around on her back, bending down on all fours before I commanded. "Take me back to the ship".

Although I had initially wanted to rest a little longer before heading back to the ship and dealing with whatever mess or problems were waiting for me, I figured three hours of spending my free time in the ocean were already enough if I didn't want Mad John to start anxiously scouring the ocean for my body.

A low 'gruff' escaped her jaws as she dove headfirst into the water, her muscular fins propelling her forward at a breakneck speed that would make even the most seasoned of swimmers envious. As she sliced through the water with effortless grace, the ripples that followed in her wake seemed to dance in a hypnotic rhythm, beckoning all who dared to follow her into the depths of the ocean.


In mere minutes, I tried to gain control of my body as we arrived in front of our ship.


A sudden familiar voice screamed into my ears "CAPTAIN HANG ON!".

I snapped my head upwards and watched as Mad John dropped a rope towards the sea for me to climb aboard.

Humph! It seems that I guessed correctly, and he was truly waiting for my return.

"But I guess he forgot that I didn't need a rope to get over a 20-foot wall. Nonetheless, was it bad that I grabbed the rough edges of the rope and pulled myself up?

Nah, probably not!

After playing god all day, I was beginning to find the mundane things that I once considered tiresome to be something that helped me relax my body and mind.

Mad John grasped my outstretched hand and pulled me into the ship.

"Welcome back, Captain" He saluted with a rigid expression on his face that I found strangely amusing. Then, he looked around as though he was searching for something before his gaze landed back on me with a confused expression.

"Ummmm…" He cleared his throat and continued. "Forgive me for not knowing your plans, Captain, but I thought that you would bring back the pirates you pursued as prisoners so that they could help out around the ship until we are ready to hire a new crew or..." I could see his words almost stumble the moment he reached that part, but quickly he recomposed himself. "Or purchase new sea slaves".

A sense of forgetfulness pervaded my body as I thought about how to tell Mad John that I had made them ride the sea from within it and watched as they each slowly died from exhaustion or succumbed to the lack of magical energy needed for them to keep on fighting for their lives while being chased by thousands of comets that fell from the sky and struck the sea mercilessly.

I guess that was what gave me the idea to find out how long I can stay survive underwater by relying on my body only without any need for magical energy.

As for the results, you can guess how they turned out.

"They are dead," I responded, finding no other manner in which I could softly relay my words.

Mad John's eyes widened before he closed them and nodded his head in understanding. "All of them?" He asked.

"Yes" I repeated. "All of them".

Abruptly, he sighed. A burst of air exhaled from his lips in an exaggerated manner as he gazed at me and responded, "I don't think it's good that you keep killing your enemies like this".

My brow rose. Was Mad John feeling sympathetic?

As though he noticed the expression on my face, he quickly added. "I am not saying that killing all your enemies and making sure that no more sword is waiting to attack you from behind is bad. What I meant is, how about we capture those who we are sure will never get the chance to come back for revenge and sell them as slaves for the money?".

My mind replayed his last words. "For the money?" I asked.

"Yes" He nodded with a knowing glint in his eyes.

I hummed thoughtfully as I responded. "Well, I think it's best we leave them all dead." I added. "Besides, did you forget that your Captain is rich beyond normal wealth?".

You can't tell me that in a world where I can bend reality to my will and command the forces of nature at my bidding, there wouldn't be someone out there with a hidden bloodline or some sort of heaven-defying abilities. Besides, I certainly don't want anyone using me as some sort of stepping stone in their character development.

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