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With a peal of dry laughter, the fallen king Kanit responded to the voice's statement, "Then you are nothing but a lustful fool".

The voice barked, "I don't need your observations, I know what I am!". The sky thundered and stirred up life within the desert, causing a cataclysmic sandstorm to sweep across the barren landscape.

Yet, despite the tumultuous storm brewing around him, Kanit remained calm and composed. He interjected "And y--".

"I WASN'T DONE TALKING!" The banished prince bellowed.

Kanit sealed his lips shut.

Soon after, the voice spoke with a tone of malice and dark intent, promising destruction and chaos on a scale that made Kanit shudder. "Not only you, but in my lifetime, I shall render innumerable women into widows and children into orphans" The voice had declared, its words echoing through the empty expanse of the desert. "Fathers will shelter their daughters and wives, and brothers will protect their sisters and mothers" The voice chuckled with a sense of satisfaction. "And subsequently, they will rise up, an assemblage of dust in revolt against a scorching gale. One by one, their sepulchres will fill with the embers of those they cherish, and the world will quiver in terror at the mere utterance of my appellation..."

The voice softened to a whisper as it declared.

"I am Captain Wyatt".

Kanit's eyes widened in surprise and disbelief. He briefly closed them, as if to process the revelation, before opening them again with a melancholic glint passing through them.

"The world is a vast and wondrous place, full of endless opportunities and paths to follow" Kanit began, his voice heavy with sadness. "Yet, amidst all of the possibilities, you have chosen to embrace such a pitiful and despicable path. As a prince, even if banished, how could you fall so far as to become a rogue pirate, willing choosing to inflict pain and suffering upon others?".

"Do I need a reason?" His words reverberated through the air like a clap of thunder, as if a man was pounding his chest with raw emotion. "Some men do good for the sake of goodness, while others revel in the depravity of evil. Tyrants take pleasure in beheading anyone who dares to question their rule, they plunder the masses and subject them to a life worse than that of livestock, all because they can. A prostitute may end the life in her womb just to avoid inconvenience, and men led by their carnal desires will return to her bed, spilling their life-giving elixir in a slaughterhouse where life emerges only to meet death before it can even begin".

"All these people...all these stories...even though they are fully cognizant of their emotions and actions, they choose to carry out such acts simply because they can" He continued, letting out a deep sigh before his lips curled into a short chuckle. "Fallen King Kanit, do you truly believe that I require a justification for my actions when I am fully aware of who I am, and what I am capable of?".

Kanit didn't understand. He was left perplexed by the banished prince's ideology. Despite his best efforts, comprehension eluded him like a fleeting phantom, slipping through his grasp and leaving him grasping at nothing but the empty air.

However, amidst the chaos of his confusion, there was one thing that he could pick up from his words.

And, because of that ---

"Divine Re-emergence" Kanit focused his energy and stirred up his magical energy once again. A three-foot-tall astral giant materialized before him, created through Kanit's careful observation of spirits, summoners and runes. It towered over him, a fierce and awe-inspiring embodiment of his strength and willpower.

He looked up to the skies and roared, "Then, for every lover forced to relinquish their heart to you. For every father, brother or sibling turned to ash for standing against you. For every defiled soul at your mercy... I swear upon the gods, Captain Wyatt, I will end you". Despite the strain of his prolonged battle and his magical energy stretched to the limit, Kanit chose to press on, for he knew that if this madman was left unchecked, countless lives, including his own, would suffer at his merciless hands.

"Final Re-emergence: Divine Body Ascension".

The astral body above him fused with his own, wrapping around him like a protective shield, as his magical energy flared and affected the terrain around him. Then, he charged towards the clouds.

The world doesn't need another madman or tyrant.


Bones stared at me worriedly as I spoke with my heart boiling with irritation and annoyance. Of course, I know what I am!

I know the kind of man I was!

Ever since the first day, I transmigrated into this world, I already knew what kind of person I wanted to be.

And do I care if anybody says otherwise? No!

Do I feel guilty for doing such a thing? No!

Do I need some kind of background verification to make my actions seem more reasonable? Maybe!


Arghh! Stop asking yourself stupid questions or else, you are just going to prove him right.

Nonetheless, before my inner thoughts could speak again, Ag'na appeared in front of me. His ghostly body floated around the pitch-dark atmosphere surrounding my body before his eyes settled upon me.

He muttered something under his breath.

My brows rose. "What?".

I certainly wasn't in the mood for another disturbance.

"Nothing," he shook his head, sounding surprisingly less vigorous than his former self. "I was just curious about this terrain that you created and wanted to carefully observe it…" Ag'na shifted his attention to the wide glass-like screen in front of him, which showed a detailed image of Fallen King Kanit being transported into a lava-filled terrain where the heat itself was capable of bending steel. He continued. "What do you call it again… Mysiro… Mishyki…?"

My lips twitched. "It's called the Matryoshka Execution Terrain" I responded.

"Oh!" He nodded his head in understanding. "You know, I have fought a lot of Ascendants, including beast tamers specifically who wanted to tame me, thinking that they were strong enough to get me under their control".

I nodded, considering that Ag'na was a magical beast and the proclaimed strongest of his species. It was understandable why any beast tamer would want to have a behemoth of that size and strength as their tamed beast.

Without waiting for a response, he continued. "And among all of them, only a few were capable of casting a proper 'Terrain creation' - a proper one that is neither as simplistic nor as dangerously frightening as yours".

"Are you indirectly trying to praise me?" I asked, while trying to hide my incredulity and maintain a stoic expression.

He snorted, albeit dramatically. "Don't get over your head, I am just trying to say that I am impressed" He said as he turned to the wide display screen that now showed fallen king Kanit in a world with several stars that brightened up the night sky, and the ever-raining mountain-sized comets that fell from the sky with no land to stop their descent.

Once again, this time, however, both of my eyebrows rose.

Was the pokemon a tsundere?

Hmmm! Well, that actually makes sense if he were to be compared with the other OP-sealed grandpas.

"Still, I am curious as to how you are able to possess such potent and excess magical energy to make such a thing possible" He said.

Ag'na turned to me, seeking answers. But, truthfully, I didn't know how to respond to that question. The last time I stopped to ponder on such a thing was when I remembered that I had only ever felt weakened or unconscious due to the influx of magical energy in me, and not because I lacked any of it.

And even though it felt as though my body was constantly adjusting to the immense magical energy in me, thanks to my last eventful conversation with Annabelle, it didn't escape my understanding that maybe it had something to do with me possessing two paths that were within the Mage ranks.

Seriously, I couldn't even imagine what would happen when I chose my lesser path.

"So you also have no knowledge about it" Ag'na said, taking my silence as an answer. "Hmmm! Strange. Strange indeed…."

I mused for a moment before asking, "Is that all?"

Ag'na shook his head, his eyes glistening with curiosity. "One more thing" He said. "I am curious about your actions. Considering your strength and youth, you could easily gain the favour of any woman you desire and amass any kind of riches or wealth. Your life is an open door, waiting for you to take whatever you want, however, you want it. And yet, you choose to go through such a difficult task to possess another man's spouse... his wife".

The words smoothly rolled off his ethereal jaws as he continued, "And please, don't give me that nonsense excuse of doing it because you can and want to".

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