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Though the mental connection wasn't too high that I could see through its thoughts in one glance nor was it too low for me to be unable to tell what it was thinking.

And that was something which I was happy for. Because I didn't want to find out what would happen if it got horny.

Just thinking about that made me want to throw up whatever was in my mouth.

I certainly don't want to know or feel something like that.

'Roll to the side' I thought as I tested the mental connection between us.

I watched as the rat rolled over on its back before landing on its four feet without hesitation.

Loyal indeed.

Still, I wonder what it would do if I asked it to jump into the ocean.

Would it?

Or would it not?

The book said that the tamed beast was extremely loyal, but still, even though I believed it, I can't help but run my own experiment just to confirm.

Maybe not!

Turning my head away from the window behind me, I chose not to go that far. There was still a lot of time in my hands, so there was no need for me to test whether the book was right or wrong and risk losing my first tamed pet.

Strange! Somehow I felt this little creature growing on me.

I didn't know if it was because of the mental connection that we both shared, or the fact that he could obey every single order I gave without hesitation.

Nevertheless, even though my current companion was just a rat. It was a breath of fresh air knowing that I wasn't alone in this new world.

"Are you hungry?" I asked as I somehow felt that its attention was drawn towards the food on my table.

And surprisingly it nodded.

It seems that the creatures here might be more intelligent than the ones back on earth.

Gesturing for it to follow me, I watched as the rat jumped off my desk and landed on the chair beside it before it landed on the ground, tailing behind me.

Since it understands what I was saying, I might as well give it a name.

Can't let my first tamed pet remain nameless, can l?


Never mind, I will think about it later. I seriously don't know how much my stomach can stay hungry before it caves in on itself.

Removing the plates that covered the food, I wasted no time devouring the food with my eyes as its aroma drowned me in my saliva.

2 Bread and 3 rows of sauced fish!

I know that I was on a pirate ship so this combination shouldn't be strange. But you have to be kidding by telling me that the former Prince Wyatt eats this daily.

Or was it just a once-in-a-while course?

Regardless, I can't deny that it smells good, but still, I will have to find time to make my way to the kitchen later and see the amount and the type of food that is reserved on the ship.

But till then, the hunger in my stomach couldn't wait to be satiated. So without further ado, I dived in.

The fish was okay, and when combined with the bread, it made some weird but satisfying combinations.

"Squeak!!" "Squak!!!"

A strange little noise attracted my attention, causing me to look down below.

Would you look at that, the little guy said his first words.

Cutting the other half of my fish, I placed it on a plate and kept it on the floor.

And in an instant, the little guy rushed in on the fish in delight and appreciation.

Its emotion was conveyed to me, allowing me to know how it truly felt at the moment.

"You are welcome, just be a good pet and we won't have any problems" I said before going back to enjoying my meal.


"Haaah!!! That was strangely satisfying" I said to myself as I looked down to see if someone else besides me enjoyed their meal.

And he did.

The little guy was lying on his back with a full rounded pot belly.

But I can't blame the little guy since I found it a little comical that he had gobbled up a whole fish after I decided to give him another one.

Picking him up and placing him on the dinner table, I began thinking of the name I should give him.

Is he or a she?

Hmm!! I better check.

After my curiosity peaked, I did my little investigation and found out that it was a he.

"Cough!!" "Cough!!!"

That might have been a little weird even for me.

Anyway, I wonder what I should name this guy.

Bolt? Nah, he is not a dog.

Bullet? Hmm!! Not that either.

Ratatouille? That might be a little discriminating not that the little guy would know what it means though.

And I am pretty sure that he doesn't know how to cook either.

I never knew thinking of a name could be so hard.


I got it.

Looking at the little guy as he stared at me curiously, I said "I will be calling you Bones from now on so you better get used to it".

His head tilted up and down, nodding as though he understood me. And through the connection we had, I felt like he did.

Alright, let's test it.

"Bones, bring me that plate" I said, pointing to the plate I had kept on the other side of the table.

I watched as Bones rolled over flat on his belly and walked with some difficulty over to the direction of the plate.

Although it was amusing and entertaining as I watched him push the immovable plate with everything he had, I still had to stop him as I didn't want my first tamed pet dying on me due to dyspepsia.

"Let's go to sleep"

Bones understood my words and hopped on the side of my belt, clinging onto my pockets as I stood up.

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