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Bone's small body collided with the body of the fallen king. Fallen king Kanit was caught off guard and barely registered the attack before being sent hurtling backwards like a cannonball.

Annabelle, who had been distracted by the phenomenon in the sky, shook off her daze and turned to me. "A Rank 3 beast tamer should be able to transform their terrain, considering that Mage Rank ascendants possess the largest mana reserves". She said "However, it is an extremely difficult ability to master, as it requires imposing one's will on the world and creating an imaginary terrain that gradually becomes real as the ascendants grow stronger".

She paused for a moment before continuing. "And by the time a beast tamer reaches Rank 4, they should be able to utilize this ability to the fullest. And by Rank 5 and Rank 6, they should be able to terraform the landscape with ease, bending it to their will".

Annabelle quickly added "At least that's what I managed to pick up before I left the Mage tower".

I nodded, understanding the importance of this information, and asked again, "So the requirements are a powerful will, a potent mana reserve, and enough imagination to create or transform the terrain".

Annabelle nodded in agreement. "Yes, those are the basics. However, since I'm not a beast tamer, there might be other important factors that I'm not aware of. But as a powerful beast tamer, surely you must have experienced it firsthand since all path skills are ingrained in us once we pick our Rank and select our paths" She mused.

Suddenly, her eyes widened with shock and excitement, and she stared at me strangely. "Captain, are you?" she asked, leaving the question hanging in the air.

Without responding to her inquiries, I walked forward, stopping only when I reached the edge of the ship. I watched in amazement as the fallen king Kanit, who had previously drowned in the sea, rose from the water and stood firmly on the rippling waters of the ocean.

The battle was about to resume, as Bones continued to channel his power, slowly turning the previously calm sea into a freezing badland. His abilities caused a blizzard to form in the middle of the ocean, with powerful winds whipping up snow and ice into a frenzy.

A sigh of worry escaped my lips. I need to intervene and help Bones end this fight quickly.

I snapped my fingers, and with a sudden burst of energy, a whirlpool emerged out of nowhere, bending the fabric of space and reality outside the ship. I watched as the vortex grew larger and larger, until it manifested into the form of a 337 ft man-eating Tiger whale.

Toothless, emerged from the depths of the whirlpool with a mighty "SPLASH!" as she dived into the ocean. A low 'Growl' escaped her large jaws as she tilted her body to the side and stared at me.

I snorted at her remark. 'Don't worry, I will send you back to your paradise after we are done' I sent those thoughts to her.

And also, while I'm at it, I should try to see if I can enter the 'Temporary storage space' again. Now that I have enough magical energy and a few other minor buffs, I might be able to succeed.

But for now, I needed to focus on the situation at hand. I jumped off the ship and landed on top of Toothless, commanding her to stop a few meters away from the intense battle.

Another low 'Growl' entered my ears.

"Yeah, that's Bones" A thought invaded my mind, causing me to snort at her statement. "Believe it or not, but I think that Bones can beat you in a one-on-one match or can easily turn you into a frozen icicle if he wishes to". I said as I cleared my mind.

"GROWL!!" Her roar resounded across the air around us.

"Quiet down, I need to concentrate for a minute" I said firmly, taking a deep breath in before slowly exhaling. With a determined expression, I stretched my hands out to the sides and released every ounce of magical energy I had within me. I tapped into my beast tamer's paths and accessed my abilities.

Suddenly, a rhythmic beat drummed inside my body, echoing through my flesh and bones. At first, it felt strange, but as I focused, I began to distinguish between my beast tamer path and my sorcerer path. Each had a unique energy and feeling that I couldn't quite explain or put into words. But it was clear that they were separate and distinct from each other.

Hmm!! I wonder if I could mix these two energies or make them interact with one another.

Sure, I wanted to entertain such a thought, but since Annabelle has not mentioned it in her lectures, and neither do I know the consequences and problematic prospects in trying it, I choose to put it to the back of my mind and continue with my next course of action.

The air around me grew denser as my magical energy filled the atmosphere with each passing second.

Almost there... Ah! I can feel it!

Suddenly, my mind was flooded with various unknown information that I had never read, seen, or heard before. It felt unnatural, almost supernatural.

Yeah, 'supernatural' was the word.

"This is it" I murmured in amazement as I could feel every one of my path's skills suddenly being ingrained into my body as though they were second nature.

I slowed down the flow of my energy and let my imagination run wild. My mind was currently processing the kind of terrain that I wanted to create. My thoughts filled in the gaps and further ensured that there weren't any loopholes in my creation.

Honestly, I would have promptly lost myself in satisfying the hunger of my imagination, but due to the dire situation at hand, I finally settled on the most favourable terrain that I could conjure up.

With a snap of my fingers, my magical energy pervading the air suddenly halted and froze the atmosphere around me. And then, I spoke.

"Let there be light".

A surge of magical energy rippled across the air, stretching to its limits and beyond. The dense foreign energy crashed into the ongoing battle between Bones and the fallen King, bringing it to a sudden halt and forcing both parties to shift their focus.

As the unfamiliar energy pulsated through the air, Ag'na's voice resounded in my mind, his tone serious and questioning. "What is your master trying to do, rat?" He muttered to Bones, clearly unsettled by the strange wave of mana.


The explosion reverberated across the vast expanse of the ocean, as though the gods themselves were calling out to one another. The waves of my magical energy were like tendrils of raw power, stretching as far as the eye could see, until they suddenly collapsed back into my body with a deafening --


But it wasn't over yet.

As if in response to my call, another explosion ripped through the air, a brilliant flash of light that left everyone, myself included, momentarily blinded. Yet, even as my vision struggled to adjust, I could see that verily...

There was light!


"Where am I?" Kanit surveyed the ice-concrete terrain around him. He felt a sudden influx of mana, saw the bright light, and noticed the sudden change in his surroundings. Kanit gritted his teeth in frustration as he muttered, "Terrain creation".

Terrain creation was one of the few otherworldly abilities that Mage-rank Ascendants had the chance of possessing, depending on their chosen paths. It was also one of the heaven-defying abilities that further cemented the bridge between Ascendant ranks and paths.

But fortunately for him, as the former king of the Eser Kingdom, he had come across various high-ranking beast tamers and witnessed the extent of their 'Terrain creation'. So without a doubt, he knew how to break free from it.

However, in order to do so, he first needs to find the one responsible for its creation.

With a powerful roar, fallen king Kanit screamed "PRINCE WYATT, SHOW YOURSELF! STOP THIS RUBBISH AT ONCE!" His voice echoed with his magical energy, carrying it to every corner around him.

Regardless, there was no response. No sound, not even a gust of wind. Kanit turned his head up to look at the foggy curtain that covered the sky above.

He was trapped, quite literally sealed in a cage.

The Fallen King exhaled a thick, chilly fog, causing him to frown in displeasure. "Ice! Ice! Why does it have to be ice?" He muttered to himself, still processing the whirlpool of emotions inside him.

If the banished Prince wanted to put him through a nightmare that he had chosen to forget, then Kanit would happily erase the Prince's existence to ensure his peace of mind remained unbroken.

With a deep exhale, the Fallen King said "Very well." His magical energy flared as he raised both hands, the giant above him following in tandem.

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