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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea
Chapter 178 Against The Renowned King (2)

With a thunderous "BBOOOM!!", Kanit unleashed his magical energy once again, causing the sea beneath them to repel away in massive waves, while the air trembled in submission to his immense power. As he exerted his might, streaks of sparkling white current raced around his hair, illuminating his entire being with an electrifying aura.

He drew one last breath and uttered.

"Dynamic Re-emergence".

He disappeared from his spot.


The icicles rained down mercilessly.


I gazed down at the gaping hole of my ship and shook my head in disappointment.

"And this was just repaired" I muttered under my breath.

I looked to the side just to see Annabelle focusing her gaze intently on the ongoing battle.

'Is creating icicles the only thing that you have learnt from me' I could hear Ag'na screaming inwardly in Bones' head. 'Come on! Create hailstorms that can freeze anything it touches. Freeze the air around you and turn your enemies to ice'.

Yeah, although I was concerned about Bones facing someone as strong as fallen King Kanit, I wasn't that worried because Bones wasn't fighting alone.

His predecessor or mentor guided him through the process and helped him attack fallen king Kanit in such a way that he began to find it hard to retaliate.

Nonetheless, there was something else that caught my attention.

'If only I had my main body, this human would have cowered down in fear after his last devastating defeat' Ag'na spoke again.

Now, I was curious. Has fallen king Kanit faced Ag'na before or was he some kind of victim of circumstance like I was?

Also, he was fast. Too damn fast. To any average eye, it would just look as though he was teleporting at an incredibly fast pace. But when I pushed my magical energy to the limit and used it to amplify my eye, I could track his speed and watch as his afterimages glitched for a moment before vanishing.

'Be careful, rat. This human hasn't gone all out yet,' Ag'na said with a hint of concern in his voice. 'I guess that he is worried about mistakenly injuring his spouse who is still down below, which might also be the reason why he brought us out here'.

Bones created a box of ice and encased himself in it, protecting himself from the fallen King's destructive punch.


The box of ice was destroyed and in it….. Bones was gone.

I blinked. An incredulous expression painted my face without my knowledge.

But it seems that I wasn't the only one surprised as the fallen king responded with an even more intense expression.

'Hahahahaha!! I knew that you would get it' Ag'na roared with laughter.

I sighed. When am I going to get my own op grandpa?

Annabelle suddenly called out to me "Captain!".

I tilted my head at her.

She divided her attention, focusing one part on me while the other keenly observed the ongoing battle.

She questioned, "Aren't you going to help your beast?' Although it might look like he is giving King Kanit a hard time, I am sure that you and I can tell that the king has yet to go all out," She mused. "However, if this goes on, I don't think that the enchantments on the ship are going to last".


Bones appeared out of nowhere and crashed an enormous icicle onto the fallen king's back, which sent him tumbling forward in a blur. With a 'bang', he crashed onto the ship and skewered into whosoever's room that was.

I frowned, 'Yeah, you're right.' But what I wanted to say was, 'Does that look like a battle I could just walk into?' However, a beast tamer can't tame a beast that is much stronger than himself, so I kept my mouth sealed to avoid unnecessary questions.

What to do?

As I watched Bones struggling in the fierce battle, my mind raced for answers on the best way for me to intervene and help him out. Suddenly, a very interesting idea flashed through my thoughts.

"Divine Re-emergence!" Another voice echoed sharply into my ears, and in a split second, a powerful shockwave rippled through the air.

I snapped my head to the side just in time to witness King Kanit erupt with another flare of magical energy that shot up into the sky, scattering the clouds and causing the ship to reel back and forth as minor waves began to form. Then, his vigorous magical energy began to take shape, forming a faceless muscular humanoid giant with an upper body but no legs.

In its right hand was an 8-meter-long great sword, and in its left hand was a 10-meter-long spear, each pulsing with the same powerful energy that animated the giant's form.

I heard Ag'na's worried voice in my mind, shouting, 'Be careful, Rat! That human is finally going all out!'.

I could feel and understand his concern all too well. In front of Bones stood the fallen king, his magical energy pulsing like a heartbeat. Above his head, strands of magical energy detached themselves like strings, connecting him to a three-foot-tall faceless giant.

'Push him into the sea' I commanded without hesitation. I knew that one attack from the three-foot-tall faceless giant could decimate or divide our ship in half.

Bones didn't waste any time. He ran forward, disappearing into the thick fog around him that grew denser by the second. As he charged towards the fallen king, the fog began to take the shape of a sharp icicle, tearing through the wind as it honed in on its target.

Fallen King Kanit saw the attack and raised his right arm in response. The three-foot-tall faceless giant that had been connected to him followed suit, stretching out its right hand in an attempt to dissect Bones and stop him in his tracks.

Bones and the giant charged towards each other, both parties determined to unleash their attacks and neutralize the other's opponent. The tension in the air was thick as they collided, magical energy crackling around them.


Their attacks connected.

However, the impact was not equal.


Whereas King Kanit was forcefully dragged backwards and fell into the sea, Bones was flung backwards like a broken puppet. He hurtled through the air until his momentum was stopped by the wooden wall, which cracked upon impact.

My teeth gnashed together in frustration as I immediately revised my plan.

"Captain?" Annabelle uttered in concern.

"Don't worry, he can still fight," I responded. If I hadn't heard Ag'na, for the first time, giving Bones some words of encouragement, I would have run over there to check on his condition.

And knowing that my actions would have distracted him, the conviction to remain in my spot was strengthened.

"Bamm!" The sound reverberated throughout the ship, sending quivers down my body as I watched in amazement and surprise.

The fallen king strode towards our ship with an otherworldly gait, his feet stepping on the surface of the water as though it were solid ground. Each step caused ripples that grew into waves, which soon became small tidal waves in the distance. His arms dangled like those of a wooden puppet, but his astral being breathed life into his motionless form, animating it like a marionette pulled by invisible strings.

"Hey, Annabelle?" I called out.

"Yes, Captain," Annabelle responded, her voice distant as her eyes trailed the bodies of both fighters, man and beast. From the emotions that flared from her eyes, I understood that she had doubted both of their capabilities from the beginning.

"What you said about beast tamers having the power to change their terrain to however they wish, what do you mean?" I asked.


The sound of the growl was deafening, piercing through the air like a sharpened blade. In response, a white, dense fog shot into the sky, swiftly surrounding the area. The fog was so thick that it blocked the sun's rays, turning the sky dark and ominous, as if a storm was about to unleash its fury.

Ag'na's voice echoed in my mind, urging Bones to take action. "What are you waiting for? Now that the human has stopped holding back, you can at least try to injure him if you stop holding back".

My frown deepened. It seems that Bones is truly in need of some help.

Nevertheless --

'Master, I want to go all out?' His squeaking voice sounded in my mind without a tinge of emotion in it. Before, I only viewed Bones as our team's mascot with Toothless being our forefront attacker. But now --

"Go ahead. Give him everything you have to offer and make him forever regret trying to claim your master's possession" I responded, with a smile proudly drawn across my face.

But, it wasn't that bad seeing him fighting with such potency, and pulling away his former skin of being a common rat.

Another low resounding 'GROWL' boomed across the sky. The temperature dropped below negative, and Bones…. Bones appeared once more, his movement faster than sound.

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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea Chapter 178 Against The Renowned King (2)