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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea
Chapter 174 Ag’na Meets The Prince (2)

With the ferocious soul of one of the deadliest beasts I have ever encountered, locking his gaze unto mine, as he towered above me in a display of dominance that seemed to convey some sort of primal hierarchy, he spoke "I stand as the pinnacle of my species, towering above all who came before me. None have ever ascended to my level of power, and none shall surpass me".

"Human!" His voice boomed. " I am Ag'na - the ancient magical beast of mind, ice, and snow. The revered beast. The sleepy behemoth" His words echoed with a confidence that was both impressive and intimidating.

Although, I would have to admit that his introduction was kind of imposing. And how he had done it was more than enough to imbue whatever kind of fear or hierarchy that he had in me, but, that would have only worked for any normal netizen in this world who suddenly woke up and found out their tamed beast is being followed by the soul of some kind of revered beast. 𝐢𝘯𝑛𝑟𝘦𝙖𝘥. ᴄ𝚘m

I, however, wasn't buying whatever he was selling.

I responded, "That was nice, how long did it take you to come up with a speech like that?". And most of all, I sure as hell wasn't going to feel threatened by a soul.

At this point, his body barely touched mine but, there was no feel to it, no warmth, except for the fact that my room was occupied by a behemoth, who stared down at me with the intention of tearing my body apart.

With his jaws still closed tight, he let displayed his full immaterial razor sharp teeth and growled in frustration. "Are you doubting what I can do to you?".

"No, I am not, because I know that you can do nothing".

Faster than my eyes could see, quicker than my mind could process, he widened his jaws and snapped down at my neck.

Nevertheless, his action was like Jasper trying to deflower a virgin, but could only withdraw his ectoplasm manhood in defeat, frustration and shame.

And no greater imagination expressed it more than the beast in front of me.

Ag'na removed his head that had phased right now mine, and gazed at me once more, fully realizing that there is nothing he could do except scare and intimidate me.

Ag'na's words reverberated in my ear "Human! You are lucky" He said. His ethereal breath enveloped me, like a delicate wisp of smoke, leaving an otherworldly sensation upon my skin.

"Lucky…" I laughed. "If I had survived only on luck, do you think that I would come this far as an ascendant?". Of course, they were days of misfortune and fortune, but I had to, directly and indirectly, dirty my hand in other to get some of the things that I wanted for myself.

Regardless, now that he has introduced himself, it would be common etiquette for me to do the same. So ---

The chair I was seated on was blown backwards due to the eruption of my magical energy. I ignited my body in flames and released a burst of fiery energy under my feet, using it to levitate myself off the ground. With a wave of pure magical pressure that made the wooden walls around me crack and bend in submission, I gazed at Ag'na, locking eyes with him.

"I am merely a Prince without a throne. Authority with no form or balance. Power without head, and might without tail".

As my words resounded through the air, I floated effortlessly in mid-air, my gaze locked onto Ag'na. With each passing moment, his form dwindled, becoming smaller and smaller until he was but a mere speck before me.

"But since you are so insistent on knowing who I truly am, listen well" I continued, a sly smirk playing at my lips. "I am the destiny changer. Soul, transcended. Strength, unopposed. Time bends at my will, and the very fabric of reality moans in submission to the echoes of my command. There is none other than me, none before me, and there will be none after me".

My voice echoed like demonic drumbeats as I concentrated all of my magical energy and shouldered it upon his soul. Yet, I was far from finished.

With one final flex of my power, I declared.

"I am Wyatt.. Prince Wyatt".

At this point, Ag'na had already returned to his much smaller pokemon form and stared at me with apprehension in his eyes.

Nonetheless, to my surprise, his voice still sounded immediately after I was done.

"You rewrote the past and changed history all because of a common….. " I flexed my powers again. He paused. He thought twice before he continued with his next words. "Bones, of all things, was the reason you chose to alter history. Why did you do such a thing, and how was it even possible?"

"Oh! You don't believe that I am capable of doing something like that?".

"No, it's not that I don't believe " He shook his head. His gaze shifted towards Bones before he focussed them back on me "But, I find it very hard to believe that you are able to do such a thing without divine help….. A mortal much less a human shouldn't be able to do something like that without any outside interference".

True. He was right. But, I choose to disagree. 'Whether I rewrote the past with outside intervention or through the aid of a divine entity" I mused. "Does it truly matter, apart from the fact that I accomplished it?".

He gazed at me, bewildered.

I let out a deep sigh and descended to the ground, slowly extinguishing my flames. "If I did have the assistance of a divine being" I continued. "Then perhaps you should be frightened because you have just threatened a man with a god on his side. However, regardless of whether I had any help or not, shouldn't it terrify you that I possess the ability to rewrite history to my liking, just as I have?".

Although some of my words may not have made sense to an average human being, they held great significance for magical beasts, and that also included the one standing before me. In his eyes, results were paramount, no matter the means used to achieve them.

For the first time since I had awoken, I watched with fascination as a range of emotions played across Ag'n's face. And I knew that it was because he was struggling to conclude the power and potential danger I possessed --


It only took a second for the doors to my room to explode into splinters of wood and for a muscular figure to crash into me, with his arms tightly wrapped around my body.

"Captain!" The familiar voice pierced my ears, and I looked down to see the manly figure of Mad John.

If he had asked for a hug, I would have given it to him. But being pinned to the ground like this, in the arms of a man, I wasn't pleased.

"GET THE HELL OFF OF ME!" I shouted.

Mad John immediately noticed his mistake and released his grip around me before he stood up and stretched an arm towards me.

"Here captain" He expressed.

I shook my head, tiredly held his hand and dragged myself up.

I groaned. "Don't try that again". I knew that there was no bad intention in his actions, so I didn't take it against him.

A sigh of relief escaped mad John's lips. "It's good that you are fine, Captain. I almost thought that you were under attack" He surveyed the room with his eyes, and lingered his attention upon Bones for a second before he focussed his attention back on me".

Hmm!! Of course, he couldn't see Ag'na's sealed aged soul.

He continued "When Annabelle had brought up back and you were unconscious, I thought that something terrible had happened, and so, I braved myself for the worst".

Hah! I didn't know that he missed me that much.

With a frown suddenly appearing on his lips, he added. "But, as I was about to set sail from the moment you arrived, I couldn't find the rest of the crew members with you..".

My stomach churned in remembrance as I swallowed his words.

"When I asked Annabelle, she said that you would explain what had happened" Mad John continued, gazing at me with narrowed eyes. "Captain, what happened to the rest of the crew?".

Brief silence.

They are all dead. That was what I wanted to say. But, I couldn't. I needed to phrase my words well. I breathed in and out slowly, rearranging my thoughts. But, no matter what, or how much I thought about it, I couldn't find a better way, to announce the death of his fellow crewmen.

My gaze shifted towards the door, where Annabelle stood, clad in an ever-alluring robe, waiting for my answer.

A 'tsk' sounded in my mind.

Another 'tsk' escaped my lips.


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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea Chapter 174 Ag’na Meets The Prince (2)