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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea
Chapter 166 I Am My Master’s Strength


He has been feeding me some minuscule amount of magical energy which had helped greatly in my ascension, but this…. This is too much.

'Bones?' I called out to him through our connection. Even though he was unconscious, I had some hope that he could still hear me.

I called out again. 'Bones?'.

The mana was rapidly filling up every fibre of my being, forcibly overflowing my magical reserves, and wreaking havoc on my most sensitive nerves and organs.

The feeling of having my body torn apart by mana was much more terrifying than I could have ever imagined. I tried to block it off, but, it still stubbornly broke through and poured in.

I couldn't hold it in anymore.

"BONES, STOP IT" I commanded.

And, it ceased.

The sudden influx of magical energy that rampaged through my body stopped. It was as though the dam had been shut and tightly sealed closed.

I breathed out tirelessly. "Haaaa... Haaaaa...". It was as though my body had just been squeezed like a wet piece of cloth and then immediately shoved into an oven.

I raised my head and looked around only to find them staring at me with nervous and suspicious gazes.

Hahh! I didn't think that they would care. But, considering that we are been chased by a beast that size…..

I turned my head and saw that the magical beast was catching up on us.

Yeah, anyone been chased by a beast that size would probably want some company. Taking in a deep breath, I exhaled and focussed my attention on the connections between me and Bones.

With Annabelle directing her spirits to take us to safety, and Edna and the rest of the girls too frightened to say or do anything, I needed to know what was going on before I became frozen sushi.

'Hey Bones, can you hear me?'

I received no reply. In doubt, I used my magical energy to scan the "Temporary Space Storage" to understand the state of his being


I didn't need to look behind me to know that the fierce mutated beast had already caught up to us and was attacking us from the rear.

Damn it!

My magical energy touched Bones, and I could feel that his body was in a much more devastating state than before. His magical energy was rampaging with an icy chill as it clashed against mine. His body was constantly inflating and deflating as though it would 'pop' at any moment.

Fuck! No wonder I felt a sudden rush of magical energy rushing into my body. It seems that as a rat, his body couldn't handle the constant upgrade it was getting and decided to expel the excess mana from his body.

And what better way to do that, than to feed that mana to his master!


If this was how it was going to be, maybe I should never have used the 'History Edit' on him and let him remain as the team's mascot. 'No,' I immediately shook my head. That would have been a much worse fate for the little guy, as he would have had to watch Toothless and the rest of my soon-to-be-tamed beasts grow stronger and be left behind.

Yes, it was all or nothing.

"BAMM!!" The sheer collision rattled our balance and almost made me collapse sideways on Mother Andiara's palm.

I quickly stabilized my body as I honed in on Bones and our connection.

Focus, Wyatt... Focus!

I could lose my life and Bones' life at the same time. One of us would have to fucking make it out of this alive.

"BAMM!!" Another one.

I opened my right eye and peeked sideways as I looked below. My eye snapped back shut as my iris was locked with his.

The scaly, reptilian monstrosity was now neck in neck with us.

"STALL IT, KEIA!" I could hear Annabelle screaming at her other spirit to hold it off while we got away. But, I had little hope that the spirit could do much.

"BOOOM!!" "BAMM!!" Upon hearing the collision, I snapped my head back only to be met with a view of the beast ripping away Keia's arm before lunging at her neck and ripping her head out and throwing it away like sub- fucking -zero.

I paused.

Of course, isn't it reassuring that they are both beings of ice and snow?

No way... No way am I going through that fatality. Almost instantly, I shook my head and dispel such nonsense thoughts.

Yes, I was desperately trying to focus, but the anxiety and dreadful sounds of the beast weren't the most comfortable environment for rearranging my thoughts.

Again, I took a deep breath.

I tensed my body and rapidly controlled my magical energy to fill every fibre of my being while I expelled some outside by activating my 'Full heal' technique.

Even if I die, I just hope that this works.

I opened the dam that block the mana, and yet, nothing happened. Knowing the reason, I opened my mouth once again and yelled. "BONES, RELEASE IT INTO ME!"


I didn't need to be told twice when I felt a sudden outpour of mana forcefully squeezing into my body that my command was answered.

My body was squeezed, hammered, pummeled, and ravaged by the magical energy as it wreaked havoc throughout every fibre of my being. I was already lying on the surface of the spirit's palm, collapsed, and my body was probably as tense as a rock if the sensation I felt in my body was accurate.



I could hear the simultaneous screams of both Edna and Annabelle, yet, in my twisted, blurry vision I could only see Edna kneeling in front of me

I closed my eyes as 'Full heal' shone brighter than ever, catching me off guard as it continuously healed my body again and again, even through my intense exhaustion. I felt like an overworked machine just waiting for the perfect moment to break down.

Death. Yeah, that seems like the right word.

As my head spun and became dizzying I decided to focus my thoughts on something, so I don't immediately become unconscious and see how far I could hold on. I did the most reasonable thing and sang the most catchy song I could think of.

'I can show you the world

Shining, shimmering, splendid

Oh! Tell me, Prince Wyatt, now when did you last let your heart decide?'

Which ended up with me singing to myself in the third person. At least, I can peacefully give up my ghost which would probably not be held for any copyright infringement.

Though, I couldn't help but think about Nina one last time as my mind stood on its last leg.

Where the hell is a genie when you need one?

Regardless, I was beginning to hear voices in my head.

'Master!' I could hear a squeaky voice echoing into my thoughts.

"Bones? Is that you?' I wanted to check if he was physically alright. But, I couldn't.

At this point, the damage has already been done, and the only thing that I could only do was to quickly seal off the mana rapidly pouring into my body.

'MASTER' The voice got louder. 'MASTER, LET ME OUT!'.

'Ahem' I cleared my imaginary throat. 'Unfortunately, I can't do that, we are being attacked by --".

Bones hastily responded with 'Ag'na'. However, I was unable to comprehend his words as my mind was already to tired process anything.

Bones repeated. 'Ag'na… It's Ag'na…. Master let me out please!'.

Despite finding it odd that he was no longer stammering as he spoke, I was too drained to care and firmly replied with a resounding "NO!"

But he didn't stop 'MASTER!'.

He continued to beg. 'MASTER!'.

And against. 'MASTER PLEAS--!!'.

Amid, Bones' constant pleas, I could still hear the faint ferocious growls of the behemoth and the stampede caused by its chase.

'MASTER!! --'

I quickly interrupted him. 'Okay... Okay. I will let you out'. If I was going to give up my ghost and be ravaged by a lifeless mutated beast, it won't be bad to at least give Bones a try and see what he was capable of now, considering that he has been rapidly growing stronger for the past few days.

And so --

'Are you ready?'

Before my mind went blank --


I am not yet dead, you idiot. Leave that speech for your fight, if not you are just going to make me lose hope... Regardless, I didn't say that.

I responded in agreement 'Alright'. And I used my remaining mental strength to open the portal to the 'Temporary storage space'.

Unfortunately, the mental strain split my headache in half and multiplied it. My brain caught up with the state of my body.

And, I went to sleep.




Bones stared at his master worriedly, before he snapped his head to the side and looked at other humans who also worriedly and suspiciously stared at him. But, he paid them no heed.

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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea Chapter 166 I Am My Master’s Strength