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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea
Chapter 163 A Prince Doesn’t Always Get The Girl

A 'tsk' of annoyance escaped my lips. "To put it succinctly, you were exiled by the queen. However, due to your inability to endure the harsh conditions of the Moonlight ice, you managed to return to her kingdom, posing as a brothel owner. That's how our paths crossed and you saw the chance to offer yourself to me, in exchange for a chance to flee from this land".

She stared at me dumbly.

I stared back at her. "Now, you fear that I might betray your secret to Queen Mavena since I am still, technically, a pirate. Am I mistaken?".

She shook her head. Her lips parted in plea "Please….".

I immediately interrupted her. "I understand your situation".

Claire's face lit up.

"And I am going to help you since you went through this much….."

Her tears dried up as a smile of appreciation graced her lips.

"Why are you happy?" I couldn't help but ask as my lips curved into a frown.

"Because of you…."

"Yes, I know what I said, but shouldn't you be worried about your new position as my personal slave" I responded.

Claire's face fell like god-forsaken Hera discovering another one of Zeus's illegitimate children.

"Oh! It seems you forgot" I chortled.


"Sssshhh" I placed a finger on her lips and shushed her dramatically. I cupped her chin and dragged her out of the quicksand until her knees and legs were on top. Then, I immediately returned the quicksand to its solid state.

I saw her emotionally tormented expression and I shook my head helplessly, "It would have been better if you had taken my offer previously and became my woman, however…. I don't just need a woman anymore, but a slave".

She trembled. "Pl…." Her voice turned almost inaudible as her face turned dull.

Come on! Don't give me that face.

Don't you know that this is the part where you start to act bossy and suddenly become disgusted by my very being so that I can watch and enjoy your character development into my loyal slave, as I punish you with a more intense determination?

I rose a brow at her sudden behaviour.

She remained silent, gazing at me with a dull expression and half-lidded moist eyes.

Well, at least, I managed to tame a queen into a sex slave with nothing but an emotional sledgehammer. a BDSM session and my skill -decades of refined skills. All without some kind of hypnotic, god-forsaken heavenly aphrodisiac skill capable of subjugating even mother nature and making her horny.

Wait! If mother nature is horny, does it mean that a flood is just her cumming and the tremors and earthquakes a---

I instantly shook my head and throw away such a stupid thought.

Some hentai artists might have already thought of such a thing, so why bother?

I cleared my throat and refocused my thoughts, directing my gaze back to Claire. Her expression remained the same, dull and irresponsive as a dead rat.

I said, "Get dressed, I have figured out another way to get you to sign a slave contract without needing one" My thought wandered back to Nina who I presumed was supposed to be awake by now.

"Put on your clothes so that we can leave" I added.

I wondered how effective her Trickster abilities would be if she creates and enforces a contract as a third party.

I turned my head to the side to glance at Claire before I drew my attention towards the sleeping Vanessa.

If it all works out well, then I should be able to replace my crew's slave contracts with it.

Yes, even though they are my crew, from my perspective, I would rather have them follow my commands obediently, than risk sailing the seas with individuals who could potentially betray me at any moment.

"I am done" Claire said, almost lifelessly.

Honestly, at this point, I didn't know if she was just acting. But truthfully, I didn't care either. But before we go….

"You still haven't shown me your true self" I was still curious to know what she looked like.

She gazed at me for a moment, then let out a sigh. "There's no point in hiding it any longer" She said, her voice now more subdued. Despite the mildness of her tone, I could sense that her words were genuine.

Was this the way she acted when she wasn't playing as Madam Claire?

I didn't have the time to think about my answers as I watched Claire use her teeth to prick her thumb hard enough for it to draw blood before she rubbed it around her wrist, and out of thin air, a small gold bracelet with two small ruby jewel at both sides of it appeared around her wrist.

The blood-stained bracelet radiated a dim, bright light, and I marvelled as her body started to ripple like waves as if there was a glitch in reality. Then, a strange and unfamiliar woman materialized in her place.

I could already guess that this was Edna. And damn, she was beautiful!

Before me stood a green-haired woman, appearing to be in her forties, clad in an opulent purple silk gown. The gown was embellished with an abundance of jewels, from the hem to the sides, that were too numerous to count. But one thing was certain, she exuded an air of regal majesty.

I turned my gaze towards her assets.

Although her breast was not as large as Vanessa's own or her previous self, they were still firm with a moderate size, while her buttocks….

As though she knew what it was looking at, Edna exhaled tiredly and turned around to show me the view of her silk gown tapped in between her round asscheeks.

I nodded in agreement with my assessment. Besides her distinctive hair colour, which I had not encountered on anyone else except for now, all other features were well-proportioned

At least, when my crewmen return, I can leave this kingdom happily knowing that I have managed to secure two visually tantalizing milfs.

I swivelled my head towards the two workers who were concealed in a corner and instructed, "Cover Vanessa with the sheets and accompany us upstairs while carrying her".

Even if they both still looked scared, they still rushed towards Vanessa to do what I had ordered. Seeing everything was now in order, with my clothes and zipper all zipped up, I walked back to the room's entrance, with the four women following behind me.

After a minute or two, we reached the door and made our out. As expected our eyes were met with the busy filled room of the brothel that ran on autopilot.

As we proceeded to make our way up the stairs, Edna's dress and appearance made both men and women turn their heads twice, but they were either too afraid to approach us, drunk, or too engaged in their debatable acts of debauchery to do so. After we reach the top floor -the VIP floor, I walked towards it and pulled the handle open.


An awkward 30 seconds long silence.

"Where have you been?"

Honestly speaking, I have already prepared an answer to that question. But you see, the person asking me the question wasn't Nina, but….

"Why do I even try to act surprised?" Annabelle added. She shook her head tiredly after noticing the woman behind me.

Regardless, I ignored her question and posed a very important one.

"Where is Nina?" I asked. I scanned all over the room with my eyes, yet I couldn't see her. I wanted to examine the whole building with my magical energy, but since I haven't yet learnt to properly execute something like that, I instantly remembered what happened previously and ceased my actions.

Annabelle walked up to me with a frown on her face and stretched her hand forward with her palm open. I gazed at it and saw a piece of paper in the centre of her palm.

A sense of apprehension slammed into my gut.

"What is that?" I asked.

"Why don't you read it and find out" Annabelle grasped my palm open with her other hand, and placed the paper in my hand. "But I am not sure that you would like it, Captain" A sad smile appeared on her lips.

I felt every second ticked by until tens of seconds passed and I still stared at the piece of paper.

Wait a minute….

I stared at my hands.

Why was my hand quivering?

For goodness sake, control yourself, Wyatt! 𝚒n𝐧𝑟ea𝚍. 𝒄𝑜𝚖

With a deep breath, amid the thick, heavy silence, I unruffled the paper and read its contents.

'Dear Beloved…. Prince.… Captain'

The content was cancelled with a straight line and settled for --

'Dear Husband,

Sorry, I still don't know how I should address you. Yes, even after you have assured me of our love, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I am still sceptical about somethings.'

Again, the contents were cancelled by a huge 'x' at the centre of the sentence.

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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea Chapter 163 A Prince Doesn’t Always Get The Girl