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He gazed in wonder as King Ameal stood steadfast, his mind calling forth lightning to form a cage around him. King Bor deemed it a flawless blend of defence and offence.

Regardless, unrestrained by the display of might and power before him, his footsteps quickened into a full-out sprint.

His blood-shaped weapons followed, obedient to his command as he declared, "Royal Blood Technique: Blood Decree: Salvation Hail!".

With unforeseen velocity, the blood-carved weapons shot forward, wreaking havoc and shredding the air with their twists and turns, until--


The explosion echoed through the battlefield as shockwaves flew in every direction. The blood dissipated, the lightning cage disappeared, and the two fallen kings collided.


Fist met fist, power met might, blood met lightning and thunder. While death loomed in the background, eagerly awaiting the lives of those unfortunate souls unable to evade its grasp.

As the blood of the dead mortals rose towards the sky once more, King Bor muttered while King Ameal simultaneously opened his mouth to speak.

"..... Salvation Hail."

"... Royal Lance."

They clashed anew, with King Bor beckoning a stream of blood to form a long sword as he struck at the lightning-clad King Ameal.

Along the way, an unsatisfied emotion arose from the pit of King Bor's stomach. Because, even as he fought, he struggled to understand why everything felt so unnatural, even his instincts seemed to be at odds. and --


Something was amiss. The overwhelming stench of blood that once permeated the walls of the Vrymath Kingdom no longer held its familiar scent. A nagging sense of uneasiness pervaded the air.

The blood just didn't smell right!


Three hours before dawn...

"Ah! That was nice" I muttered in satisfaction as I rested on a comfortable grey bedsheet laid against the concrete ground while staring at the two identical-looking women. One was bounded in chains, with square waist beads around her waist that dragged and rubbed her panties into her pussy by vibrating every two minutes.

While the other squatted on the ground with her legs spread open, and a slim heavy rod placed on top of her shoulders with her two arms tied to it and holding it up.

To put it simply, they were currently in the most sexually gratifying position I have ever seen.

Of course, it was all my handwork, and since I liked to impress myself, I think that I might have overdone it as I examined Vanessa's painful and teary expression from this angle.


Maybe I should move a little to the opposite angle.


"Hold up" I ordered.

The two naked-clad workers gazed at me and withdrew their hands that were pressed against my chest and around my penis with fear on their faces.

I paid no heed to their expressions and stood up to move a little to the left with the sheets. I didn't stop until I reached the angle where I could see the angle of her curved backside and a side of her face that displayed her painful and intoxicated expression.

Yeah! This was much better. At least, I could not only see her painful expression, but I could also tell she was enjoying it.


Don't tell me that you thought I was the kind of man that loves seeing a woman's tears.

I just didn't have a handkerchief on me, and using her boobs to wipe her tears sounds a little cruel.

Yes, I could actually do that. That was how huge they were. Those enormous melons that looked like a lactating cow cougar's nsfw breasts, together with her nipples that I had pegged were the main attractions.

Seriously, whenever I wondered what gods would fuck if or when they got horny, she just wanders into my mind with a swaying ass that dictated the direction the winds would blow next.

I snapped my head towards my previous position and narrowed my gaze at the two absent-minded workers. "Do I need to tell you that you need to come over here and continue from where you stopped, or …..".

I didn't even get to finish my sentence before they rushed toward me, one crawled while the ran and crawled. They dusted their hands on their…. skin and continued to massage away the non-existent ache from my body.

Meanwhile, I stared at Venessa who stuck her salivating tongue out of her mouth to breathe properly as the mask I placed over her head, blocked and dragged her nostril upwards.

"Ahh~~" "Uh~~~"

Although the sight of her struggling to break free only for the weights to vibrate and push her panties deep into her pussy while the ropes around her breasts got tighter by the minute was visually pleasing, I turned my head to gaze at Claire who was now sweating excessively and was a mess.

Our eyes met, and I held her tired and intense intoxicated gaze. I asked. "Are you going to talk or not?".

Sweats leaked out from every part of her body as she trembled with the rod above her. Thankfully, I wasn't into armpit fetish or whatever they called it, else, the sight of her sweating sticky armpits with her pussy wide open would have made my penis rock hard.

Just to make sure, I wasn't into that I raised my head a little and looked down.


You know what? Forget what I said earlier. Fetish or not, a man should not be judged by his fetish as long he manages to get his cock loaded and ready to do the business.

But, that excludes choosing to dine on the pleasures which even immorality considers immoral, then I have no problems showing them that the 'FBI' is never too far away. Regardless, any man's cock would rise in attendance at the visual delicacy in front of me.

I rose a single eyebrow at her silence. "Honestly, your stubbornness surprises me. But that just makes me more curious about what you are hiding".

Stretching my right hand forward, I held and roughly played with the modest breast of one of the workers.

"Lf... Haaa ... If ylo….. don't want….. to taallk, I….I will" I snapped my head towards the source of the voice, and focused my gaze on Vanessa.

Her tongue still lay outside her mouth like a lapping dog as she greedily suck in air, filling her lungs to their maximum capacity before she exhaled and repeated the whole process.

I closed my eyes and shook my head pitifully as an exaggerated sigh escaped my lips. Maybe I was too hard on her.

I withdrew my hands away from the worker's breast, stood up and walked towards Vanessa.

I halted my steps in front of her and unpegged the pegs on both her nipples before I imbued my hands with my magical energy and swiftly destroyed the other equipment which I had no idea how to undo as they were made and originated from this world.

"Thud" Vanessa fell to the ground. Without hesitation, she forcibly removed the mask that held her nostrils up and stopped her breathing, before she turned around and laid her back on the ground weakly.

Her eyes were closed, and her chest heaved up and down dramatically. Seeing the ropes still tied around her magnificent breast, I untied it and threw the ropes to the side, ending my pious act with a slight tug on her nipples.

"~~~Ahhh~~" Vanessa weakly opened her eyes and stared at me with a watery gaze. "….Please... enough of the torment".

I nodded and pulled up back my hands. "Talk" The command was simple.

She hastily nodded her head and opened her mouth. Her lips quivered as she spoke with some difficulty. "She… Claire is royalty. She is a queen".

My body and mind froze.

Whatever lustful thoughts or desires I had at that moment disappeared into nothingness as I mechanically turned my head at the mentioned woman, who currently had her eyes wide open in shock.

Was she scared or shocked at the fact that her secret identity has been revealed or scared of the fact that I might something bad to her now that I have discovered her little secret?

Yeah, probably, because she definitely looked scared.

I spoke up. "Continue". My eyes never left hers as I stared at her dilated pupils and openly read her emotions without a motor response translator.

I could hear Vanessa gulping down whatever fluid was in her mouth as the sound gently trickled into my ears.

She continued. "Unlike the others, I was lucky enough to escape from the Slowwoth kingdom before it was consumed by the Moonlight's ice and was able to easily settle down here because I had already started creating a branch for my brothel in the Vrymath Kingdom".

I nodded my head in understanding. Brothels are a really good source of income if you can manage them properly. Especially if you look like a god's handmade sex toy.

I bet one of the reasons she managed to settle down easily when the rest of the people -'invaders' were suffering was because all of the men she talked to had their blood racing through their dicks, incapacitating their brains from thinking further than what they see in front of them.

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