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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea
Chapter 151 Claire’s Degradation (2) (R18)

"Uhhh~~" Claire groaned in a mixture of delight, fear and shame as he yanked up her thong and pulled it into her vagina.

Without any wasted efforts, Prince Wyatt tore off her thong and then spread open her ass cheeks, revealing her pink butthole that seems breathtaking on its own, compelling and telling him to put something in.

And, he did!

Prince Wyatt understood its message and teased the entrance of her butthole with his fingers.

'Ahhh~" Claire moaned and jolted in fear when she felt a finger penetrating her butthole. His fingers played with her rectum, massaging them with uncaring brutality and poking her insides. And the only response she could give was a 'Yelp' with each finger that stimulated her ass.

And just like Vanessa, Claire didn't even have the strength to clench her ass cheeks together and stop his gruesome assault.

"AHHH~~~" Her eyes widened. Her cheeks blushed as her mouth opened forcefully and exhaled a burst of air that mixed with the air around her.

Now, she was sure that even the most casual flick of a finger around her anus, would send her thrilling with a wave sensation.

Claire bit her lips instantly and snapped out of her daze. Although she had also drunk from the jar of depravity, she will not let herself fall further into such a lascivious pit.

Prince Wyatt noticed, and so his hands descended once again, from her fleshy shapely thighs, and then up to her large curvaceous butt, all of it was in full view for him to savour and be enthralled in.

Knowledge and experience were one thing, but the ability to apply them correctly to one's life was another. And so Prince Wyatt who could perfectly do both left Claire questioning why her butthole suddenly felt as sensitive as her pussy.

With gentle movements, Prince Wyatt sandwiched himself in between Claire's inner thighs before he plunged his fingers into it, and roughly stirred it.

"AHHH~~" The wave of canal delight was too much for Claire to keep mute. One hand tormented her in the snatch, another groped and rubbed her ass, before violating her anus and sending her into uncharted territory as she quivered and throbbed with her hands supporting her from collapsing on the ground, with her legs spread wide open and displaying the sight of a wet cunt dripping cum on the ground.

"O~~~UH~~~AHH!~~" And soon, Claire danced to the tone of Prince Wyatt's pleasurable hands.

Unbeknownst to her, Prince Wyatt had already stretched his arms forward, and clawed his way into her blouse, towards her large impressive breast.

His palms fell into them when he attempted to squeeze them. He relished in his actions and decided to mould the elastic mountain-sized breast into any shape that he desired.

Needless to say, Prince Wyatt found himself unable to tear his hands away from the bountiful motherly mounds "Splendid… Absolutely splendid".

"HA~~ HA~~ UHHH~~" With bated breath, Claire moaned as she awaited the carnal feeling that overloaded her body to end.

Claire said, "Mr W… -?" But before she could finish her words, another wave of obscene bliss hit her as Prince Wyatt teased her nipples and finger fucked her vagina.

Her eyes were clouded with lust. "Uh~~ Ahhh~~". His hands slapped against her pussy before they widened her cunt and he increased the number of fingers that penetrated her pussy to three before he roughly played with her clit.

Truthfully, Claire was already at her limit. She steeled her body and nerves to hold back the flooding intense sensation all over her being, yet with several assaults coming from all sides her defences broke.

"Ahhhhh~~~ AAAhhhh~~~ Hhhhhnn" And she cummed.

But, it didn't stop there. Another orgasm followed after the former and drenched her supple thighs.

And then another. "Ahhhh~~~ Nhnn~ Haaa~~~".

Prince Wyatt said "Now, I think it's time". He withdrew his hands from her body, and placed it in her ass, dividing her asscheeks until he exposed her pink butthole again.

A dramatic sigh escaped his lips. "You should be thanking me for taking pity upon you" He placed his palm under her flooded pussy and only brought it out after it was full and covered in her fluid mess.

"This should do it" He then swiped and rubbed it against her pink backside. "You know you should be thanking me for my efforts in trying to make this a little less painful for you".

After the arrangements were done, he held his throbbing shaft and pumped and stroked it towards her butthole, while his other hand tightly gripped her folded-up skirt that still hung around her narrow waist.

Claire responded. "….Than…k you". She was being honest because she knew that he hadn't told a lie. Just one look at the sleepy Vanessa was enough to tell you how bad and brutally he had ravaged her, while she... she could feel more pleasure than pain, and could even tell by the way he moved he moved his hands around her, told her that he was being more restrained than usual.

"Oh, but don't be so thankful yet" With a grin, Prince Wyatt slowly pushed his raging penis into her butthole.

"OOOHHHH~~~" Claire back caved downwards as she felt her butthole burn and tear open upon feeling Prince Wyatt's dick expanding her insides.

A teeth bit nibbled on her ears and a voice penetrated her ears. "...Because I will still be fucking your ass".

Prince Wyatt grinned fiendishly. His cock contended with the friction of Claire's narrow rectum until the cum from her vagina pushed it in one full thrust.

"AAAAHHHHHHH~~~" A sharp scream of pain escaped from Claire's mouth.

Although she had anticipated the pain that came from cock rampaging in her butthole, she had underestimated it.

Meanwhile, lost in the irresistible bliss, Prince Wyatt slammed himself in and out of her butthole, marking the beginning of a slow unrestrained pounding session that quickly picked up pace as he dined on his new conquest.


Her body trembled as his hips hammered into her ass. His balls slapped against her juicy ass cheeks, while her ass cheeks, clapped against his scalding cock without restraints as he penetrated her with more ease.


"Ahh~~ Uh~~ Ahhh~~~"

"PAH" "PAH" "PAH" "PAH" 𝓲𝐧𝙣𝓇ℯ𝓪𝐝 c𝚘𝒎

Harder. Harder. Harder. With each thrust, Prince Wyatt slammed his cock deeper and harder into her butthole. He held both her arms and tied them behind her back as he drilled her with a reckless abandon that made Claire doubt how fast and deep his dick could plunge into her ass.


Regardless, she was now nothing but a mindless bitch who moaned in accordance with how deeply she was being fucked. Her legs were spread wide, and she stood on her toes while withstanding Prince Wyatt's relentless pounding.

At long last…..

Claire screamed, "I'm cummming!!". Her toes curled up from where she stood in the jolting climax. Her butthole leaked and drenched her thighs before they flooded the ground below them, further thickening the depraved scent in the air.



Nonetheless, Prince Wyatt felt the profuse liquid that stained his legs every time he slammed his waist into Claire's ass and mixed it with the sound of their lustful movement.



Prince Wyatt groaned. "Uhhh~~" He couldn't hold it in any longer. "I'm cumminnnggg!!!".

And so, in the eyes of the workers who were tied and chained to the poles, Prince Wyatt performed another miracle, as he released his copious semen deep into Claire's rectum until her butthole retract and pushed it out, spilling the rest on the ground.

Prince Wyatt's breathing hitched as he observed his handiwork "Haaaa….. Haaa...". A smile found its way on his lips "Perfect" He remarked on the scene in front of him.

He was thrilled. And why wouldn't he be?

In front of him were two identical-looking women, each had their large juicy ass pointed towards the sky with his semen pumping out of their assholes in large unbelievable amounts.

Maybe the large quantity of semen was just a result of his newly found fetish or the sudden revelation that Claire was not who she said she was, which meant that he still had a chance of fucking another woman in the same woman...…..

He gripped his head in pain. "Arrrgggh" All his blood had rushed to his penis, making it difficult for him to critically think without inducing a headache.

Regardless, he walked towards Claire and flipped her over on her back. Her glazy eyes were half-lidded open, and her body lay fatly on the ground while her large breast sometimes heaved along with her chest, showing that she was still awake.

Prince Wyatt knelt on his knees and positioned his waist in between her legs "I am not yet done you know".

Claire watched him slowly rub his shaft against the entrance of her pussy and opened her mouth "….". But no sound came out.

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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea Chapter 151 Claire’s Degradation (2) (R18)