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And if I made the connections which I wasn't sure yet were correct, then I would assume that she is a knight.

If Prince Wyatt is the prince of a somewhat grander empire, wouldn't some special knight or guard accompany him to protect him on his journey through the seas?

After all, that was usually how the story usually went. A prince leaves his kingdom while still being protected by guards discreetly or in the open.

But soon after, as those questions made their way through his mind, he frowned.

Because if somehow his guess was correct and she was his guard. Then where has she been all this time?

Why did she only appear when he had ordered the execution of Clara and her crewmen?

Why didn't he see her when he had first opened his eyes after being supposedly rescued from drowning?

And why was she now standing here, looking down at him with the same contempt and loathing in her eyes?

I couldn't help but deepen my frown as I voiced out my thoughts "Why?".

And as though she had not expected such a response from me, her face morphed into a frown as she looked at me with a mocking smile "Because I said so".

Surely this woman hasn't been walking around on the same ship with the former Prince Wyatt right?

"Listen, Prince Wyatt, the only reason that I still call you a prince is because of the respect I have for the Empire of Endossa. If not for that, you shouldn't even think of getting any sort of consideration from me. And the fact that I am your guard and escort doesn't mean that I would seat behind while I watch you make stupid decisions that could potentially put you and everyone around you in danger" She added.

Oh! So she is indeed his guard.

Well, even though I have a lot of questions for her, I kept my mouth shut as I began to speculate on a lot of things that have been bothering me.

Like that of the former Prince Wyatt's death.

It seems that I still have to respond as I saw her waiting expectantly for my reply.

"And what do you propose then?" I said.

"Hahahahahaha... I can't believe that you are going to make me say it again, I still can't believe that this is the length that I have fallen to from protecting his majesty to protecting the likes of a failed prince like you" She replied, and I watched as her mocking smile turned into laughter as though ridiculing my entire existence.

"If I had known, I would have stood by my reasons beforehand when the emperor had first given me this task. Well, there is no remedy for regret. And since you are under my care, I might as well do what the majesty had asked of me".

'Under your care' I thought as I doubted those words knowing that it was possibly fake with no emotion or value behind them.

"Anyway, killing the daughter of 'Captain Davy' would only make him chase after us before 'Captain silver tongue does. But we don't want the two of them on our necks at the same time, so at least we should be able to find a way to pacify the other while looking for a method of surviving the latter, and sparing her life would easily accomplish that"

"Although he might get angry since you had attacked her ship and killed most of her crew members. But at the same time, he wouldn't even have the time to chase after you as long as his daughter is alive" She said, removing her gaze from my body as she turned to my surrounding crewmen and said "Take her and every one of them to the brig. Bandage their wounds, give them found to eat until they are satisfied and make sure that are well serviced".

My brow rose as I heard the commands that she had just given.

Are these guys my prisoners or her guest?

Sure he had already planned to make their stay on his ship pleasant until they found the nearest city, but the woman before him was giving them a vacation benefit on someone else's ship

And as though she felt my eyes staring at her back, she turned her head towards my direction and said "Is there any other thing you want to suggest, Prince Wyatt?".

"No, there isn't" I said, not wanting to voice out all the questions that were inside my head as I had already done more than enough for someone that has transmigrated into a strange new world in less than a day.

I still needed time to know who the former Prince Wyatt was and how he acted and also know the information about who I was dealing with and those around me.

And before I fill in those gaps first, I needed to abstain from doing anything rash because her words and attitude alone had made it clear to me that she had more power and control over my crew members and the former Prince Wyatt.

"Humph!! I thought so" She said, walking passed me without giving me even a second glance as she stopped in front of Clara.

As the saying goals 'know thy enemy and know thy self; and in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated'.

How did I know that she was my enemy?

Because she looked and behaved like one. And even if she wasn't my enemy, she certainly wasn't a friend either.

It seems that I have one more target to watch behind my back.

Oh! Prince Wyatt if you wanted to die. why create so many enemies before doing so?

Now, look at the mess that you have left me with!

My hands ran through my hair as I watched as she tore the ropes away from Clara's hands, freeing her from her bondage.

'Amazing!!' I thought as I watched her repeat the same movement with unnatural strength and precision, instantly freeing the remaining 8 individuals from their bondage with only her hands.

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