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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl
Chapter 543: I won’t make you wait for me anymore

Chapter 543 I won’t make you wait for me anymore

Fubao Embroidery Workshop is in full swing to expand production, and every day is in a state of bursting orders.

In the beginning, hundreds of orders were shipped, but now it is calculated by thousands.

Not only recruited workers from villages, but also recruited embroidery workers from other village associations. Now it is divided into two large assembly lines.

There are about 200 people in the embroidery workshop, and thousands of orders are shipped every day.

After working for almost five days, the first batch of apprentices made an exception to raise their wages, ten yuan per class; and the recruited workers also paid the same price, three shifts per person, thirty yuan a day.

If the progress is fast in the later stage, you will become a full-time employee, depending on everyone's performance.

There will even be 30 outstanding performance awards every month, and each person will be rewarded with two taels.

So everyone is rushing desperately, even if the assembly line is shifted and not piecework, they are all busy, and they are not procrastinating at all.

I wish I could become the first batch of excellent workers in Fujia Embroidery Workshop. According to the development of this embroidery workshop, there will be plenty of work in the future, and the Fu family will definitely treat them kindly.

They have participated in all the work of the Fujia family. In short, there is nothing better than their treatment of workers.

They were busy until the beginning of October before they gradually stabilized.

Because the sales are too full, and counterfeit goods have begun to appear, the daily sales volume is now about 500 orders.

Of course it can be more than that, there is still a lot of production in the embroidery workshop every day. 𝒾𝐧𝚗𝙧𝙚𝐚d. 𝗰o𝓶

Fu Xiaoma has been doing business outside the country all year round, and has made many connections. After his operation, it has now been produced in various parts of the province, and the sales volume is particularly good.

As for the delivery of the goods, Fu Xiaohu's bodyguards personally escorted them.

Because there is a wedding at home, the embroidery workshop will be closed for two days. Liu Guimei said that they will try to speed up these few days, and then the wages will be raised again.

In short, the embroidery workshop will have a steady stream of orders to do in the future.

In the blink of an eye, it was the sixth day of October, and it was only two days before Fu Xiaohu got married on the eighth day of October.

After finishing the work in the embroidery workshop, I started to work on the marriage again.

The whole house was cleaned up and down, and various arrangements were made. Fu Xiaohu and Zhou Yingying discussed about getting married in the countryside.

I don’t want to be in the town, the countryside is more lively.

As for the wedding house, there are houses in the countryside and houses in towns, so you don’t have to worry about having no place to live.

They can live wherever they like, wherever it is convenient.

Various wedding invitations have been sent out, and every household in the village has also received wedding cakes and wedding candies from their homes, and they come here to give gifts from time to time.

Some people bring money with them, others with red eggs and noodles...these are the best things they can afford.

They plan to hold a big event in the village, with a total of dozens of banquet tables, at noon and at night.

Fu Xing'er made various lists and invited a few chefs. In short, he did everything to make the marriage the most perfect.

On this day, Fu's second son and Fu Dacai's family had dinner together, and the two families were full of joy.

"Finally, I'm done with my work. I've been so busy recently that my pants are loose and about to fall off." Fang joked.

"There will be another next month and the next month. If I had known, I would have put the marriage of the three of them together." Before, I thought it would be great to have happy events every month, and I was so busy once. Toss scattered.

Fu Xing'er felt okay, "It's okay, we will continue to implement this plan and it won't be so chaotic."

They went through the review again and again to make sure that nothing was left behind before they were relieved.

"I can finally sleep well tonight, and I can take a rest tomorrow."

Mother Fu is also very pleased, "There is great strength in numbers. As long as we work together as a family, there is nothing that cannot be done. Family harmony and everything is prosperous!"

Seeing the house full of children and grandchildren, and the two sons being filial beside her, Mrs. Fu was so happy.

"Yes, yes, yes, I hope our family will always be so harmonious."

Everyone raised their glasses to celebrate, and there was constant laughter on the table.

After dinner, brother Fu Xing lay in the yard looking at the stars in the sky, and the second brother Fu came out, "Girl, what are you thinking!"

"It's nothing! It just feels like time flies. In a blink of an eye, Xiaohu and the others are going to start a family."

It has been more than ten years since she came to live here, and Fu Xing'er has a face of cherishing, cherishing that God has given her such a good family.

"Yeah, my Fubao has already grown up in my father's arms waiting to be fed, and I feel uncomfortable when I think of you marrying my father." Fu's second patted her head, "My little girl has also grown up. Now, I can take charge of my own affairs, and never let my parents worry about it."

Fu Xing'er sniffed, and hugged Fu's second child's arm, "Father, it's great to have you!"

"Stupid girl, it's good to have you in our family! You are our family's blessing."

"Yes, yes, sister-in-law, even if we get married and start a business in the future, you will also be the favorite of our family. We will not marry a daughter-in-law and stop my sister-in-law."

Fu Pony and the others came out, Fu Xing'er covered her mouth and laughed.

"You guys, almost made me cry."

It feels so good to be pampered since childhood!

The warmth that she didn't enjoy in her previous life will be given to her twice in this life.

"No, why hasn't that guy Yan Jue come back? Didn't you say that Xiaohu will come back before getting married?" Fu Xiaolong asked.

"That's right, that kid won't disappear again! If he doesn't come back, let's see if our brothers don't beat him to death."

"That kid, I always keep my precious girl waiting, if he doesn't come back this time, we don't want her.

Our Jiafubao is so outstanding, there are many people who want to marry her, but he is not the only one. "Fu Er Er angrily said, now the grandchildren in the family are in pairs, sticking together all day long.

Only Fu Bao has been alone all the time, which made him feel distressed.

"That is to say, I watched him grow up since he was a child. He has a reliable character and looks pretty good. Otherwise, I will get him in one round!

If this kid doesn't come back in time, I won't recognize him as my grandson-in-law in the future. " Fu Lao Er exclaimed angrily.

"Father, don't worry, he sent a letter stating that he will come back soon and won't let me go." Fu Xing'er said with a smile.

If the love between two people can stand the test, the distance is not a problem.

Just as he was talking, there was a sound outside the door.

"It's so late, who is this!"

"Yeah, who's here?"

The man came in, smiled and opened his hands, "Fubao, I'm back!"

Fu Bao looked back and saw that it was Yan Jue. She rushed over without even thinking about it, and the two of them embraced each other, "Why are you back? Doesn't it mean that you are coming back?"

"I miss you, I don't want you to wait for me any longer. Fubao, I won't let you wait for me again in the future." Yan Jue hugged her tightly in his arms, thinking about her day and night.

Every day is suffering, and it is comforted by her token and letters from the two of them.

At this moment, the person in my arms is real, and it feels so good to hold her.

"Well, if you don't come back again! Our whole family doesn't want you anymore."

Fu's second son looked at his daughter in someone else's arms, and he couldn't taste it.

(end of this chapter)

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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl Chapter 543: I won’t make you wait for me anymore