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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl
Chapter 541: Expand production

   "I think it's okay. Second sister-in-law, you can discuss it with sister-in-law Yurou and sister-in-law Yurou. You can decide on the specifics."

  I believe that the second sister-in-law is so clever, she should know how to maximize their interests, and at the same time make people feel that they have gained a lot of money.

  Second sister-in-law has such abilities.

   "Also, if there are too many orders for Fubao, we may have to sell thousands of them in the future. I think we don't have enough manpower. We will recruit those who can embroider from the nearest village or neighboring villages and let them come over to do it.

  Of course, they have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. If they dare to openly pirate our bags that just came out of the market, then if our Fu family has other more lucrative jobs in the future, these people will be blacklisted by us. "

  These lucky families provide many employment opportunities from time to time, I believe these people are more important.

   "It's okay, we will be assigned to an assembly line, and they will only be able to touch part of it. And sooner or later, our bags will be copied by others, and what we sell is the first batch of goods.

   And you forgot, the biggest feature of our bags is that we can draw the image of each customer, which is impossible for anyone except me.

  Who doesn't want their own unique bag? Those people can't achieve such technology no matter how similar they are. "

   This is a major skill of their Fubao Embroidery Workshop, and no one can learn it except her.

  Every popular thing will be copied sooner or later, the key is the core technology, they have not yet reached such a level.

   And if this one is copied, they will launch a new one.

  They will always be at the forefront, and they will earn big money.

  And they use the best fabrics, after various experiments to ensure the quality of each bag.

   You get what you pay for, and counterfeit products can’t match their quality.

  Furthermore, they want to launch the brand Fubao Embroidery Workshop.

   But all kinds of series that other people want to buy when they hear this brand in the future are not knockoffs that can compare.

   This is her final plan.

   "That's true, anyway, we should recruit workers, so we will recruit workers and tell the outside world about this situation. As for those who want to lose their jobs, it's up to them.

  We only need to guarantee the quality and our reputation, and believe that those customers know whose quality is good. "

   Just like the roast chicken before was not copied, and finally!

  Those addicted customers took a lot of effort to quit successfully, and the pain in it is not human at all.

  Customers saw the scourge of copycats, and finally decided on the famous brand of Fubao Barbecue Shop.

  Fubao Embroidery Workshop is also developed according to this model, and I believe it will not be too bad.

   "I'm exhausted! I'm exhausted! Let's go eat something to fill our stomachs before going back, otherwise we will really run out of energy when we get home." Liu Guimei's voice became a male voice. "It won't be so hard tomorrow, because we are all scheduled."

  There is still some work to be done tonight, and then she will start recruiting workers in the village, some of which are jobs.

   "Well, I'm exhausted too." Liu Guimei bought some barbecue slices and pastries and came over, "Come on, you've worked hard, let's eat and talk on the way."

  Go home.

  Jiang Xinghua and Chen Yurou finished class, and the two families decided to cook and eat together. They also wanted to know the status of the first batch of businesses in this embroidery workshop.

  Now the Fang family is very good at business. He comes to see Mrs. Fu from time to time, and is also polite to Mrs. Fu. The two families have dinner together from time to time.

   When the two daughters-in-law cook, she and Mrs. Fu will help.

  It's really home and everything is going well.

   "It's almost time to eat, why haven't they come back yet, and I don't know how the business is on the first day of today?"

  Barbecue is now on the right track, and the enrollment of embroidery workshops is also very good. Now embroidery workshops are transitioning into large workshops. If they are too successful, it will be a disaster.

   That girl Fubao is really upbeat, and she has a very long-term vision.

   Just do what you say, especially decisive.

  At first, she thought it was not cost-effective to enroll students in one or two packages of tuition fees, but after hearing what Fu Dacai said, she said that Fubao was playing a long-term game to catch big fish.

  A business like a barbecue shop is better.

  The source of production can be imagined, how much money will be earned.

  The point is that this girl Fubao not only wants to make money, but also wants to stimulate the economy of the village, and even stimulate the economy of other villages to provide more employment opportunities.

   Such a broad-mindedness is not something ordinary people can achieve.

  Being a businessman can no longer be called a businessman if he does this.

  They only thought of one step, and the girl had already thought of the next three steps in advance.

   is simply a business wizard.

   "It won't be bad, right? Otherwise, you don't have to sell it so late, right?" Fu's second child said casually, and was beaten by Mrs. Fu with a snap.

   "You old man, if you can't talk, don't talk. When did you see that our business hasn't started?" Mrs. Fu patted his head, the older he became, the more confused he became.

   "I have a hunch that I'm afraid it won't be sold enough!" Fu Dacai guessed, "Maybe the volume of goods will explode tomorrow."

  If I had no business, I would have come back early so I wouldn’t have arrived so late.

   "I think so." Jiang Xinghua also has this confidence. Their bags are very novel, and she likes them all, let alone others.

   "I also have confidence." Chen Yurou also smiled and said, thinking that they will definitely do it this time.

   Under everyone's guess, the sound of a carriage sounded outside, and it was Liu Guimei and Fu Bao who had returned.

   "Hey, you're finally back! How's it going? How's it going?"

   "Is it selling well?"

   "Is it all sold out?"

  They have just stepped into the door, and one question after another comes.

  Liu Guimei's duck voice rang out, "You can tell how good the business is by listening to my voice?"

  Fu Bao rubbed his hands, "Look at the calluses on my hands and you will know how good they are."

  Drawing made her hands calloused, it was not easy.

   "Second brother and sister, are they all sold out?" Jiang Xinghua covered her mouth in disbelief, watching them come back empty-handed, it must be.

  Chen Yurou also smiled excitedly, "We succeeded!"

  These days their efforts finally paid off.

   "It's more than that! The orders will be sold out tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, 400 orders will be issued tomorrow, and the apprentices will be asked to work overtime tonight.

   And this situation is afraid that we will start recruiting workers from the village and even from outside the village, otherwise we will not have enough manpower. "

  Liu Guimei smiled and said, she took out the scheduled notebooks and showed them, several big notebooks were full, and they were all filled.

  Some even want to make a reservation, but they can only say that they will come over tomorrow, which is too late.

"real or fake!"

   Mrs. Fu and the second son Fu stood up excitedly, took the notebook and looked at it, "Damn it! Although I can't read, the mess is full of people's names and money."

   "Tomorrow may be more than this number. Sister-in-law, we will finish our meal later, and we must quickly let the apprentices come over to work overtime, and then we have to pay wages for those who have started to be teachers, so they will have motivation."

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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl Chapter 541: Expand production