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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl
Chapter 20: was pulled a face of bird shit

  Chapter 20 was pulled a face of bird shit

  The man left, and after a while, Laifu Xiaoma cried continuously from the next door.

   The noise made everyone feel uncomfortable.

   "This woman is crazy for no reason."

  Fu Erxing couldn't take it anymore, and walked out angrily.

   It wasn't until he heard a roar from the next door that he completely fell silent.

   "Er Xing's daughter-in-law is simply outrageous. If something goes wrong, she will vent her anger on her son." Fu's second son was about to die of anger.

   It's rare that something good happens in the family, and she has to make the whole family feel uncomfortable.

   "It's a pity that Xiao Ma is like Erxing, otherwise she will teach her to ruin her sooner or later." Mrs. Fu couldn't stand it either.

  Unlucky pony has such a mother.

   "She called us on purpose because she thought I gave her too little money." Mrs. Fu couldn't see Liu Guimei's pettiness.

   Use this to find fault.

  I love to fight.

   Sooner or later, the relationship with Erxing was broken up.

  Jiang Xinghua was playing with Fu Xing'er, not daring to interrupt.

  The second sibling is going too far.

  One hundred and fifty is a lot.

   Anyway, she was very grateful.

   You have to know that there are so many mouths in the family, and money is needed everywhere, and the mother-in-law is enough to give them money to buy things.

  If it were someone else’s house, how could there be such a good thing?

   Marrying into Fu's family is poor, but she won't be hungry for a meal. Besides, the family atmosphere is good, her in-laws are easy to talk and don't have much to do, so she is quite satisfied.

   "Mother, let me cook a red egg to scare my little girl."

  Sister-in-law should be frightened.

   "Good good good."

  Daxing daughter-in-law makes people feel at ease.

  Liu Guimei was scolded by Fu Erxing, and came out to work in despair.

   "Sister-in-law, what are you doing with the eggs?" Liu Guimei saw the eggs in her hand when she came out, her eyes were not too good.

   "Sister-in-law was frightened, I boiled an egg to calm her down." Jiang Xinghua explained, then turned around when she thought of something: "Second brother and sister, your pigeon soup is almost done, go and have a look."

  As soon as the person left, Liu Guimei kept rolling her eyes.

   Mumbling incessantly: "I don't know, I thought she gave birth to a daughter, she's pretty good at pretending."

  Listening to the laughter of the hall family, Liu Guimei didn't like it.

  If it weren't for her, how could there be so many good things at home.

   Said his daughter very similarly.

  If it is really so effective, I will throw a few pigeons down for her.

  She believed it.

  I saw more than a dozen birds flapping their wings and flying over in the sky, the movement was extremely loud.

   Liu Guimei looked up and was stunned.

real or fake.

  Their family is usually so unlucky that they don’t even bring the birds to stay, or they fly away, leaving a yard of bird droppings.

   It won’t really be all smashed down.

"hurry up!"

  Liu Guimei smiled from ear to ear, only to hear a "boom", and something fell into her mouth.

   Subconsciously swallowed.

   "Bah bah bah!"

  What the hell!

  It stinks to death, making myself sick.

   Forget it, eating bird droppings is nothing compared to these dozen or so birds.

   Hurry up and smash it down.

  Liu Guimei was counting on it, and she was caught off guard with a few "dong dong dong".

   But all that fell was shit.

  The birds seemed to regard her as a latrine, and Qi Qi **** on her face, covering her head, face, mouth, and even eyes.

   After getting comfortable, he patted his **** and flew away, leaving a few bird feathers to stay in the air.


   After a while, Liu Guimei screamed from the yard.

  Damn birds, if I catch you next time, see if I don’t swallow you alive and tear you apart.

So angry.

   Really bad luck.

  He is picked up by birds for nothing, but she is served by bird droppings.

   Liu Guimei was so angry that she had to go back to the house to change her clothes. Her face was almost cracked after washing, and she still smelled of bird droppings.

  Main room.

   "What's going on again?" Mrs. Fu originally liked to be quiet, but her heart couldn't stand the noise.

   Of course, Fu Xing'er is an exception.

  As soon as she cried, it was too late for the old lady to feel distressed, so she didn't remember being noisy.

  Looking at Fu Xing'er now, his jaw almost dropped from laughing.

  Jiang Xinghua took an egg wrapped in a layer of cloth and rubbed it back and forth on her body, her eyes almost drowned: "Sister-in-law is not afraid, not afraid."

  Maternal love glows.

  The warm eggs rolled on her skin, like a massage.

  Fu Xing'er smiled at her, squinted her eyes comfortably, and hummed comfortably.

  This elder sister-in-law is kind to her from the bottom of her heart.

  Gentle and generous.

  I like it very much.

  Jiang Xinghua watched her heart miss several beats, it was so lovely.

   "Wait for your sister-in-law to make you new clothes so that you can dress up nicely."


  Fu Xing'er waggled her little hands and feet, extremely excited.

   That little act of cooperation fell into Jiang Xinghua's eyes, and her heart melted.

   Let her take out her heart willingly.

  The piece of cloth will have to make a few new clothes for my sister-in-law, especially since the child changes every day. Anyway, she will cover all of my sister-in-law's clothes.

  She has money now, so she has to buy toddler shoe soles for her sister-in-law, and then she can make them herself when she comes back; and when her sister-in-law grows teeth, she can buy snacks for her to grind her teeth...

   If it's a big deal to run out of money, she will do more embroidery and work.

  He wanted to spend the money on Fu Xing'er with all his heart and soul, but his son had already gone to cool off.

  If it wasn't for something busy, Jiang Xinghua really didn't want to let it go.

  Looking at my sister-in-law grinning, I feel that no matter how hard the days are, they are sweet, and I have more hope.

   "Come on, daughter-in-law of Daxing, you take the other fifty cash. You didn't go to the grocery store to buy wine on credit and return the money to others.

  I also paid back the debts to whomever I owed. By the way, I wrapped some brown sugar in the past to thank them for their care for our family. "

  Now I have money in my hand to pay off the debts I owed, and I have no debts, otherwise I will feel uncomfortable every day.

"As for the eggs and brown sugar that I borrowed from your Aunt Wang's house, I also took them back to others, and took a pigeon to say that I am thankful. After telling her, we will leave fresh goat milk for us every day. According to her usual The price of selling it to someone else counts.”

  Someone else’s family can just give some brown sugar, but Wang Hua takes good care of their family, so she has to send a pigeon there.

   Moreover, his goat milk is fresh, so you can rest assured that you can drink it for your daughter.

   No one can suffer from a daughter.

   "Okay, mother, I'll go right away."

  Jiang Xinghua touched Fu Xing'er's face reluctantly, "I'll hug you after my sister-in-law finishes her work."

  Go! go!

  Fu Xing'er waved her little hand to say goodbye to her.

  The whole room couldn't stop laughing.

  Fu's second child could only crane his neck and watch from the side. Since he made a mistake, he was afraid that his daughter would hate him and dare not get close.

   "Old man, why are you standing so far away! Come here." Mrs. Fu played with Fu Xing'er's chin, "Fubao, please forgive your father for his unintentional mistakes. He loves you more than anyone else."

  Old Fu looked at his daughter eagerly, with the words "Please Forgive" written all over his face.

  Fu Xing'er was really scared.

  Looking at the cautious look of the cheating father, I feel so pitiful.

  Old woman, he must be very happy.

All right.

  Fu Xing'er yelled, and Mrs. Fu understood what she meant, "Come here quickly, my daughter is calling you."

   "Hey, good good good good good good good good good." Fu's second child was so impatient that he staggered a few times and almost fell.

   It's almost invisible.

  Fu Xing'er couldn't stop laughing when he saw it.

   Fu's second child smiled innocently, as long as the daughter is happy.

   Even pretended to fall a few times, Fu Xinger was successfully amused.

  (end of this chapter)

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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl Chapter 20: was pulled a face of bird shit