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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl
Chapter 18: Daughter-in-law of Buddhism

  Chapter 18 The eldest daughter-in-law of Buddhism

   One sad look after another scratched past.

  One of Fu Erxing's straight men: "Are your eyes convulsed?"

   Almost cross-eyed.

   Liu Guimei's heart was in a ball of excitement, and a mouthful of old blood was almost spurted out.

  Other people's men are on the same front as the wife. His man not only drops the line every minute, but also keeps shooting arrows at her heart.

  Old piercing heart.

  Mother Fu almost couldn't hold back her laughter.

  Seeing that Er Xing loves his sister so much, Mrs. Fu is immediately relieved.

   There is an old saying that when you marry a daughter-in-law, you forget your mother, for fear that he will be spoiled by Liu Guimei's pillow.

   Now it seems that this layer of worry is unnecessary.

  Erxing’s daughter-in-law is as narrow-minded as a needle, for fear that she will give all the fabric to Fubao to make clothes.

  My daughter is in pain, but my grandson will not be left behind.

  She is so in a hurry.

  Compared to Daxing's daughter-in-law's Buddhism, she is too sophisticated and keeps calculating.

   It's really hard to like.

   "Daughter-in-law Daxing, go and get those pieces of cloth for me to take a look at." Mrs. Fu said, Jiang Xinghua responded and went to get them.

  If this one is not done properly, someone's face will be swollen into a pig's head.

   Liu Guimei's eyes lit up.

   What is this for!

   Have their share?

   "Mother, there are six horses in total." Liu Guimei leaned over eagerly, "The color of this fabric is really nice, and it feels smooth to the touch. This king is very generous when he goes out.

   Fortunately, at that time, Wen took the opportunity to say that he wanted to buy cloth to make clothes, otherwise the good cloth would be gone. "

   Emphasize your own credit all the time.

  Mother Fu and Mrs. Fu turned a blind eye.

  Old lady Fu also touched a handful, the texture is so good, it’s worth a few ounces per horse.

   As expected of a big family, they spend a lot of money.

  After living most of her life, Mrs. Fu has never seen such a good quality cloth.

  Especially when the weather gets hotter, impermeable clothes are prone to prickly heat, red buttocks and the like.

  When the cloth is used to make new clothes, Fu Bao will be much more comfortable to wear.

   "Mom, I think this orange color looks pretty."

   Liu Guimei was the first to speak, and she saw the orange-red horse at first sight.

  Exit first wins.

   In case it looks good and gets picked.

   She will look good in this color, so I will make two pieces, and the rest can be made into underwear and shoe uppers.

   At that time, walking around the village will not surprise a large number of people.

   "As for the dark blue color, I made two for Xiao Ma and one for Er Xing. The clothes on the father and son are very tattered, like beggars."

  Liu Guimei has already made up her mind.

  For fear that others would think that she only cares about herself, and even prepares for her son and her husband first.

  Fu Erxing doesn't care, "Don't prepare for me, it's too good for me to wear, I can't get used to it, just make it for my sister."

  Besides, the daughter-in-law married and did not have a son, so there is no need to worry about her image.

  He is a rough man, it doesn't matter how nicely he dresses.

   Liu Guimei was so angry that he vomited blood.

  It’s okay if he doesn’t wear it and let his son wear it.

  How could there be such a man who neither fights nor grabs.

"Erxing, you also have to have a set of clothes that you can wear out. If Wang Yuanwai really asks you to settle accounts at that time, you must not leave a good impression on people." Mrs. Fu said, he has such a heart for his sister. enough.

  Fu's old lady and Fu's second child nodded one after another.

   Regardless of whether this will happen in the future, it is always right to be prepared.

   "Yes, yes, mother is right." Liu Guimei didn't care so much, she took the cloth off first.

   In short, you can't take advantage of others.

   "Take these two horses and make up your own mind about what to do."

  She doesn't want to care so much about the young couple, as long as she doesn't go too far.

   Seeing Mrs. Fu's willingness to agree so readily, Liu Guimei's heart stopped and her liver didn't hurt in an instant.

   "Thank you, Mom."

  Liu Guimei hugged the cloth tightly in her arms, it was too precious.

   Even changed his mind and coaxed Fu Xiaoma to take the cloth back to the house first.

   "Daughter-in-law Daxing, what color do you like, you pick two out." Mrs. Fu looked at Jiang Xinghua and asked her opinion.

  Jiang Xinghua let out an "Ah", she was extremely Buddhist.

   Obviously, he never thought that he would have his own share.

  There is one pink, one rose, one blue, and one brown.

   "Sister-in-law, if you want me to say that you choose the rose red or the blue color to look better." Liu Guimei couldn't help but say something.

  Rose red suits her age better, and blue is more suitable for their two sons.

   As for the pink is too tender, the brown is too old.

   Don't say it, Liu Guimei has a really good eye.

   "Daxing daughter-in-law, you can choose whatever you like." Mrs. Fu let her decide.

   Two daughters-in-law, one is as smart as a fox, and the other is as good as a Buddha.

   It would be great if it could be blended.

  There are only four horses left.

Jiang Xinghua thought for a while and said, "Mother, we'll be fine with just one horse. Just make a set for Daxing, Xiaolong and Xiaohu. Let's do the rest for the father-in-law, mother-in-law and grandma. As for the little girl Make a few more sets and change back and forth.”

  Grandma, as well as father-in-law and mother-in-law have worked hard all their lives and can’t wear good clothes; and sister-in-law is the only girl in the family, so she needs to be pampered.

  As for her being young, there will always be opportunities in the future.

  As the second brother said, it would be a pity if you do chores at home all day and wear new clothes that are easy to get damaged and dirty.

   Don't waste it.

   "Sister-in-law, you don't want the one left for us." He only heard Jiang Xinghua's first half sentence saying no, and Liu Guimei said it first.

   Is she stupid?

   If you miss this village, you will lose this store.

   Anyway, the more of her the better.

   "Eh! Second sibling..."

  Jiang Xinghua scratched her head, not knowing what to say.

   "Sister-in-law, I'll get the rose-red one." As she spoke, Liu Guimei reached out to grab it, but Mrs. Fu reached out and patted it hard.

   She retracted her hand in pain.

   Mrs. Fu's complexion was gloomy.

  Fu's second child was also full of displeasure, Erxing's daughter-in-law was simply outrageous.

   Giving her two horses is not enough and she wants it.

   Greedy enough.

   "Liu Guimei, you're almost done. I didn't hear that my sister-in-law wanted to make it for the milk and my parents. It's fine if you don't think about your parents. You're still ashamed to ask for it."

  Fu Erxing couldn't stand it anymore, so he scolded her angrily.

   They are all daughters-in-law, look how caring the sister-in-law is.

  Liu Guimei was so trained that she dared not raise her head.

   It's all my sister-in-law's fault.

  Fake kindness!

   Make her scolded.

  What to put on!

  She didn't believe it, she really didn't want it from the bottom of her heart.

   "Daughter-in-law Daxing, we appreciate your kindness if we ask you to take two horses. You have worked so hard in our Fu family for so many years, we can't wrong you."

   They are all married by other people's daughters-in-law, so there must be some.

   Mrs. Fu handed over the cyan and rose red ones to her, and the rest were going to be changed into three sets for her daughter, and the brown one was for her wife and Daxing to make one for his grandma.

   "Mother." Jiang Xinghua was moved.

   "Make yourself two nice clothes."

  Jiang Xinghua nodded heavily, "Mother, give me these two horses. I'll make two for my sister to change into."

   Liu Guimei looked very annoyed.

   I feel more and more that my sister-in-law is very good at pretending.

   It didn't fall into her hands in the end.

  (end of this chapter)

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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl Chapter 18: Daughter-in-law of Buddhism