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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl
Chapter 16: Fujia is going to be lucky

  Chapter 16 Fukuya is going to be lucky

   "Could it be that the half bucket of water fortune teller was right." Mrs. Fu was dubious.

  Mr. Half Bucket of Water said that the yin and yang of their Fu family are out of harmony, and that too much yang energy is not good for the family.

  If it is impossible to coordinate, then it will only be poor again and again, with constant misfortune, and decline until the end of children and grandchildren.

  If there is a baby girl in the family, it will be a change of luck, and it will be extremely prosperous in the future.

  They never paid attention to these words.

  Because the fortune-telling of the half bucket of water was inaccurate, he said that he could live to ninety-nine, but he fell into the stream and died when he was less than sixty.

  They didn't take it seriously.

   Mrs. Fu also has an impression of this matter, but she gave birth to a daughter not to change luck, but to break this **** fate.

   "Mother, can you believe this? Fubao will be the lucky star of our family?"

   Can't help looking at Fu Xing'er on the bed, I don't know about the transfer, anyway, the whole family is very happy when the daughter is born.

  Brother Fu Daxing walked in with an extremely excited tone: "Mother, my younger sister is the lucky star of our family. She was born with many good things in the family."

  They have always been unlucky enough to get bird droppings, but no pigeons hit their eyes.

"Yes, I usually get sick for several days, but this time I recovered very quickly, because I wanted to get well soon and earn food for our sister, so that I could get rid of the shadow in my heart so quickly." Fu Erxing also felt that it was because Fu Xing'er's relationship.

  When I think of a girl, my whole body is full of strength and fearless.

   "Also, didn't we save someone this time? Then Wang Yuanwai said that he would visit the house in two days and give our brother a job." Fu Daxing couldn't help but tell the story.

   It's not that they didn't help each other with righteousness, but basically they didn't help others, and they were covered in shit.

"real or fake?"

   "They still want to find work for you?"

   One is more excited than the other.

   "Mother, it's true. Wang Yuanwai asked me to be an apprentice when the time comes. As for the second brother who has studied for several years, let him help manage the accounts. He will arrange for us when the time comes."

   In fact, it has not been determined yet, but for some reason, they think it makes sense.

   It's that good.

  He doesn’t have the lighter work of his second brother who has the culture to settle accounts, but he can learn a craft and have a formal job, and he is satisfied.

"Very good."

  Mrs. Fu was so excited that she almost cried.

   "Our Fu family is going to be lucky." Mrs. Fu was so excited that she wept, "Our Fu family is going to make it through."

   You must know that Daxing and Erxing brothers are also unlucky enough.

  Obviously, the two brothers are very diligent and smart, but wherever they go to work, their shop either closes down or has an accident. They haven't worked for too long, the longest is three days.

   Even almost lost his life.

  The two brothers failed countless times one after another. In order to save their lives, Mrs. Fu had to let them go back to the village to farm.

   Thinking that if you lose your life, no matter how much money you earn, it will be useless.

  Fu’s second child also suffered the same when he was young, so he could only go home and farm.

   Except Boss Fu.

   Entered someone else's house, and fate changed accordingly.

   "Mother, my younger sister is our family's blessing."


   "That's a good relationship. You may have to love your sister in the future, and you can't let her be bullied. Your sister is the luck of our Fu family. Only when she is good can our family be better." Mrs. Fu took this opportunity to brainwash them.

  The two Fu Daxing brothers nodded heavily, keeping it in their hearts deeply.

When Liu Guimei came in and heard this, she pouted her lips: "Mother, I haven't caught a glimpse of what happened to Wang Yuanwai. He just said thank you, and they gave us so many things, how can they find us a job. "

   Only the two brothers are stupid, seriously.

  Any good thing can be said to her daughter.

  Return Fubao and Fuxing!

  It makes people want to laugh when they hear it.

   If the sister-in-law is really a lucky star, then Wang Yuanwai will really find a job for their brother, and she will confess her as her ancestor.

  (end of this chapter)

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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl Chapter 16: Fujia is going to be lucky