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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl
Chapter 15: Good things happen again and again

  Chapter 15 Good things happen again and again

  How can there be such a good thing, can't the pie fall from the sky?

   "I'm so thirsty, drink some water first and then tell you." Liu Guimei deliberately whetted her appetite.

   Mrs. Fu and Mrs. Fu looked at each other and stopped asking.

  Love to talk but not to talk.

  See who can't help it.

   Liu Guimei thought they would keep asking questions, but after waiting for a long time, no one asked, and felt bored.

   "No, grandma, mother, why aren't you curious at all?"

   "When you want to say it, you will naturally say it." Mrs. Fu replied lazily.

  The more anxious she became, the more frightened she became.

   It's not that she doesn't know her virtue.

  Liu Guimei couldn't help it: "Aren't we going to the town, and we suddenly saw someone being robbed on the way, how can we ignore it.

  Brother and Erxing went to fight the bad guys regardless of the danger, but I yelled for some people to come... After a long time of effort, I finally managed to save them. "|

   Liu Guimei said with joy.

   Exaggeration is indispensable.

  The two sons are energetic farmers, but it is dangerous to confront the bad guys. "In the future, let them do everything according to their ability, don't act impulsively, and act wisely."

  It is good to help others, but you have to take your own safety into consideration.

  There are old and young.

  If there is something good or bad, how will the whole family live.

   "That's what I said."

  Meddle your own business and don't lose your life.

  But one or two didn't listen to her at all.

   Make her so angry.

   Fortunately, I managed my own business right this time.

   No, she spoke so excitedly and the atmosphere was so dignified, did they react a little flat.

   It is necessary to emphasize her credit again.

"Mom, you guys don't know how dangerous the situation was. The other party's ten men were fighting against the three of us, each of them was vicious, with such a long sword in his hand... If I hadn't been quick-witted and tricked them, maybe we are now adults. gone."

  Liu Guimei continued to gesture, describing the scene as **** and terrifying, and copied all the scripts she usually listened to outside.

  It seems that he has molded himself so much.

   After speaking, he patted his heart and liver, and said with lingering fear: "When I mention this, my heart beats non-stop. Mom will make me two eggs later to calm my shock."

   It seems that they forgot who was unwilling to save people and who ran the fastest.

   Someone was robbed, and it is true that the Daxing brothers acted bravely in righteousness; as for Liu Guimei, who was afraid of death, he ran faster than anyone else.

  Fu Daxing said he couldn’t just stand by and go up to help, but Liu Guimei refused to drag Fu Erxing away and refused to let him go. How could Fu Erxing see his eldest brother fighting the bad guys alone, so he broke away from her and went to help.

  Thanks to the wit of the two brothers, they finally scared the bad guys away.

  Afterwards, Liu Guimei made an afterthought, saying that she was going to rescue soldiers.

   After a long time of nonsense, Mrs. Fu and Mrs. Fu finally got the point.

   They believed only 30% of what Erxing’s daughter-in-law said out of 10%.

   Listen to it and pass.

   Otherwise, he wouldn't be so calm.

  Saving people is true.

  The dangerous ingredients are not big.

   As for whether she is helpful, it's not that she doesn't know her virtues.

  Eating is the best, and running faster than anyone else.

   Greed for life and fear of death.

   "Then these things are the other party's thanks to you?"

   "Yes, yes, the rescued person was a member of the town called Wang Yuanwai, whose family was in the ceramics business.

  Retaliation by the opponent because of a conflict of interest in business.

  After Wang Yuanwai was rescued, in order to thank the two brothers for accepting all the pigeons and firewood they sold, he paid a high price.

  As for the food brought back, I said we were too late to buy it in time, so they gave it to me.

  Mother, look at how clever I am. "

  Liu Guimei kept emphasizing her contributions.

  If it weren't for her, these meals would have cost a lot of money and saved the family a lot.

   If you want to talk, you should reward her a lot.

   Even if Mrs. Fu heard it, she pretended not to understand.

   lest she get too overwhelmed.

   "None of the men in our Fu family is a coward. Daxing and Erxing have done the right thing. If there is no good, there will be good rewards."

  Old lady Fu counted with her fingers, "Then I sold three or two hundred coins, and earned some food. I haven't seen so much silver at home for a long time, so I have to see it."

   Mrs. Fu rubbed her palms intentionally or unintentionally, and Liu Guimei had to take out the silver.

   "Mom, you count."

   It's still warm in the trouser pocket, it would be nice if the money belonged to her.

  I can only think about it.

   Half of it is her credit, should I give her some flowers.

   She thought very beautifully in her heart.

   At least I have to give her 500 Wen.

   Mrs. Fu counted the points, and said to Mrs. Fu: "Mother, why don't you keep this money for your safekeeping?"

   Let her have another idea, maybe live a few more days.

   "Don't, don't, I'm too lazy to take care of it. Now you take care of this house and put it away, I'll just wait and eat."

   After so many years of management, I was exhausted.

  When I was young, I would want to occupy the sovereignty and not let my daughter-in-law ride on my head.

  Now that I think about it, I don’t know if I’m stupid.

   Worry less and live a few more years.

   Liu Guimei stared eagerly, wishing to put it in her pocket.

  Mrs. Fu took away the money that Mrs. Fu had just given beside Fu Xing'er, her hands were shaking with excitement.

  This is the first time I have so much money in my hand, and I feel that this day is more and more hopeful.

  Liu Guimei stood and waited for a long time, and she couldn't wait until her feet ached.

   "Mom, that pony has been urging me to buy him school supplies recently, and I have..."

  If you don’t give it to her, then she can only ask for it.

  Just now she noticed that there was a golden lock hanging around my aunt's neck. As for the silver, it must have been given by Grandma.

  The grandson does not have this treatment, but the granddaughter does.

   Heart turned to one side.

  Grandmas are like this, let alone parents.

   Maybe everything in the family will be given to my sister-in-law in the future.

  Who made her the only baby girl in the family, and the whole family is tight with babies. It is not impossible for such a thing to happen.

  She has to think about her pony.

   "Go! Call your sister-in-law and the others in." Mrs. Fu said with a straight face.

   "Hey, Mom, I'm going right away."

   Needless to say, the money will be divided.

   Liu Guimei ran faster than anyone else, "Brother and sister-in-law, Erxing, come in quickly, mother has something to say."

  Er Xing's daughter-in-law's small calculations are clearer than anyone else.

  The family is usually poor and has never treated her and her grandson badly, let alone how much money they have now.

   Naturally, they are indispensable.

   I don't know why she has so many small things in her heart.

"Second daughter-in-law, have you noticed? Ever since our Fu Bao was born, our Fu family seems to have started to get lucky. I feel that our Fu family is about to get over it." Mrs. Fu looked at Fu Xing'er lying on the bed, and this premonition was very special. strong.

Mrs. Fu didn't think so at first, but Mrs. Fu said again: "Look at the place on the mountain where the birds don't shit. It doesn't fall in front of others, but it falls in front of Daxing and the others. It is clearly given to us, and Erxing's illness Did he recover faster than in the past, and today's incident... I think it's all luck brought by Fubao."

   "It seems to be true."

  Their Fu family has never been more unlucky, and has nothing to do with luck.

  (end of this chapter)

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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl Chapter 15: Good things happen again and again