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59 Giving Flowers

When Little Ah Yu really chased after Qin Huai, Zhang Zhan felt a little embarrassed. He called over a servant at the side and whispered something for him to follow.

When he turned around and saw Old Madam Wang, he felt a little guilty for some reason. He touched her nose and explained, “Cough-Xiao Huai’s personality is a little dull, but he’s a good child.”

He shouldn’t... bully Ah Yu, right?

Old Madam Wang did not care much. “Yes, I think that child is not bad.”

As for whether Old Madam Wang would be worried, there was no need for that young man to bully Ah Yu.

From his previous performance on the street, he did not hate Ah Yu.

Ah Yu was so obedient. Who would hate her?

Old Madam Wang was very relieved.

On the other side, Little Ah Yu was chasing after Qin Huai and was about to catch up. When she passed by a moonlit door, she did not notice the threshold under her feet and fell to the ground.

Little Ah Yu subconsciously let out a sigh. Her palm hurt a little, and her knee hurt.

The little flower basket fell to the side.

When Qin Huai heard the commotion, he stopped in his tracks and could not help but look back.

The little girl had already gotten up on her own. She patted her arm and bent down to pat her knee.

Fortunately, the back of the county office was covered in limestone. The servants had been cleaning diligently in the past few days, so there was not much dirt.

[Kid, are you alright? Does it hurt?] Meatball’s heart ached.

It could even hear the sound of Ah Yu’s bones hitting the ground.

Little Ah Yu was in so much pain that her tears flowed out, but she did not cry. She even wiped her tears with her sleeve and grinned.

“Elf, Ah Yu is fine. Ah Yu doesn’t hurt.” She looked at her hand. It was only a little red.

It will be fine later. She knew that.

Looking up and seeing the little brother in front of her, her smile widened and she shouted, “Little Brother, wait for me. I’ll be done soon.”

She went to pick up the small flower basket. Because she had fallen a little too hard this time, the flowers inside fell out.

When she picked them up again, they looked a little listless. Some petals had even fallen to the ground.

“Ah, flowers!” Only then did Little Ah Yu feel sad.

She was so stupid. If she hadn’t fallen, the flowers wouldn’t have been injured.

Qin Huai originally wanted to leave directly, but his feet seemed to have taken root. He saw the little girl looking at the flower basket sadly.

She even forgot to chase after him and forgot her pain.

Annoying child.

Qin Huai pursed his lips and turned to leave.

“Little Brother, wait for Ah Yu!”

Little Ah Yu had already run over. When he heard the footsteps, Qin Huai walked away.

However, his speed had slowed down.

Little Ah Yu finally arrived in front of him and raised her head to say to him, “Little Brother, I wanted to give you the flowers, but the flowers are broken. I’ll give them to you in the future.”

She thought to herself that the next time she came here with Grandma, she would pluck more flowers and give them to this little brother.

The little brother was really good-looking. He was even better-looking than her brothers combined. He was also better-looking than the flowers.

Therefore, she wanted to give the beautiful flowers to the handsome man.

Qin Huai did not speak and continued walking forward.

The county office was not big. It was only a courtyard with three entrances. After passing through a moon gate, it was Qin Huai’s temporary residence.

When he walked over, another servant ran over from afar and shouted when he saw him, “Aiya, Little Young Master, why did you come back alone? I’ve been looking for you for a long time!”

The servant said anxiously, “Chang Shi is looking for you. He thought that you had been captured by bad people and was running around looking for you with his men. He scared the people!”

Qin Huai: “Red Armor.”

Someone suddenly appeared out of nowhere and cupped his hands at him.



Red Armor accepted the order and left, taking the servant with him.

After a short interlude, Little Ah Yu clearly felt that the little brother in front of her seemed to be in an even worse mood.

“Little Brother, why are you unhappy?”

“Little Brother, let me sing for you. Every night, Mother will sing for me. I feel so happy then.”

Qin Huai did not answer, but Little Ah Yu had already started singing.

It was more like a hum. The songs Liu Shi sang for Ah Yu were all lullabies from the countryside that were specially sung for the children.

Little Ah Yu could not remember so much and could only sing and hum. The girl’s voice was clearly childish, but she was especially serious.

It was not pleasant, but it was not unpleasant.

After singing, Little Ah Yu asked, “Little Brother, are you happy now? If you’re still unhappy, I’ll sing for you again.”

Little Ah Yu skipped a few steps closer and blinked at Qin Huai, her thick eyelashes flickering.


Qin Huai looked at the little girl who was looking at him with her head tilted and clenched his fists.

It sounded good.

He wanted to say that.

But when his mouth opened, he said, “Noisy.”

Little Ah Yu’s eyes instantly turned red like a frightened rabbit. Her face was filled with helplessness. “I’m sorry.”

It turned out that the little brother did not like to hear her sing. She had disturbed him.

She puffed out her cheeks and felt them tremble. Her nose felt sour.

Ah Yu could not cry. No one liked a crying child.

“I’m sorry,” she said again, thinking she’d better go find Grandma.

When she saw Grandma, she wouldn’t want to cry.

Because Little Brother did not like her, but Grandma liked her.


Little Ah Yu had just turned around when she suddenly realized that she could not walk anymore.

She turned her head with difficulty and saw the little brother grabbing her collar.

He only used histhumb and index finger.

“Little Brother?”

Little Ah Yu was in a daze, not knowing what Little Brother wanted to do.

However, Qin Huai pulled her all the way to the small garden on the other side and pushed her towards a cluster of peonies.

Seeing that Little Ah Yu still did not understand, Qin Huai snatched the small flower basket from her hand and poured all the flowers on the ground.

Then, he reached out and roughly cut off a dark purple peony flower and placed it in the small flower basket.

The peony flower was a little big and occupied a lot of space in the small flower basket.

Little Ah Yu understood. Little Brother was giving flowers to her!

“Little Brother, you’re so nice!” Little Ah Yu immediately smiled and reached out to hug Qin Huai.

Qin Huai’s small body stiffened. He pushed Little Ah Yu away and frowned.

Little Ah Yu giggled when she was pushed away. “Little Brother is also ticklish? I have a fourth brother who’s also ticklish. If I want to hug him, he’ll climb up a tree. Little Brother, do you know how to climb trees?”

Qin Huai did not say anything. He only plucked a few more peony flowers and turned to another place. He plucked another few flowers and filled the small flower basket.

Then, he stretched out an index finger and pressed it against Little Ah Yu’s back, pushing her out.

Little Ah Yu did not leave. She turned around and said, “Little Brother, my name is Ah Yu. What’s your name? Can I play with you in the future? My family lives at the foot of the mountain. There are many people at home. There are many flowers on the mountain. Is this your family?”

Qin Huai did not answer, and Little Ah Yu was not angry.

She lowered her head to pick up the fallen flowers. As she picked them up, she said, “The uncles and grandfathers in the village picked these for me. I can’t throw them away.”

They would be very, very sad if she lost it.

“These flowers are injured and don’t look good. Next time, Ah Yu will bring you beautiful flowers, okay?”

In response, Qin Huai tightened his grip and continued to push her out.

“Alright, I’ll leave then.” Little Ah Yu felt that her big brother did not want to talk to her, but he gave her flowers.

It must be a shy little brother.

“Ah Yu? Ah Yu?” Old Madam Wang’s voice sounded in the distance.

Little Ah Yu hurriedly said, “Little Brother, my name is Ah Yu. Ah Yu as in Ah Yu. I’ll come and play with you again!”

As soon as she stepped out of the door in front, she heard someone’s sharp voice behind her-

“Which wicked thing strangled my purple peonies and spring flowers!!!”

“Ah!!! I spent 50 taels of silver to buy it!!!”

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