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“Where did this little brat come from? Get lost, or I’ll capture you too!” That person said coldly.

Old Madam Wang did not panic at all. She stood there like an old pine tree.

She pulled Little Ah Yu over and looked at the people in front of her expressionlessly. “Is this the county magistrate’s idea or your own?”

That person said angrily, “You evil woman, you actually dare to question me? Do you know that you’re about to die? What are you waiting for? Arrest her!”

As for the young man who was pulled up, he looked at the scene in front of him expressionlessly, as if all of this had nothing to do with him.

The people around him wanted to brush the dust off him, but he avoided them.

Little Ah Yu broke free from Old Madam Wang’s hand and ran to the young man.

She was too small and only reached the young man’s shoulder.

The person who wanted to capture Old Madam Wang saw Little Ah Yu rush in front of the young master.

He wanted to see what instructions the young master would give.

Hence, he waved his hand to stop those people from moving.

Little Ah Yu raised her head and frowned. She said anxiously, “Little Brother, did you hurt yourself from the fall? I’ll blow on it for you. It won’t hurt anymore. Tell them not to catch Grandma. Grandma is a good person!”

Seeing that the young man was silent, Little Ah Yu became even more anxious. She was afraid that those people would be too fierce to Grandma.

She saw the broken jade pendant on the ground and thought of the jade pendant Grandma had taken away. Hence, she ran back and asked Old Madam Wang to give her the jade pendant.

Old Madam Wang roughly understood what she wanted to do, so she let her be and took out the rough jade pendant.

That jade pendant was left behind by Zhang Zhan for Little Ah Yu. On account of Little Ah Yu saving his life, he said that Zhang Zhan could help her once with this jade pendant.

Old Madam Wang helped to keep it. She had specially brought it along this time.

Little Ah Yu took the jade pendant and ran to the young man. She grabbed the young man’s hand and pried open his fingers before gently placing the jade pendant on it.

“Little Brother, don’t be angry. This is for you. Don’t catch my Grandma anymore, okay?”

She handed over her small flower basket and put it in the young man’s other hand.

But the young man looked down at his hands.

He had been touched by a little girl of unknown origin.

He felt uncomfortable and wanted to wash up.

And this jade pendant was so ugly.

He looked up slightly and unexpectedly met a pair of beautiful eyes. There was an imperceptible golden color in the middle of her eyes, making her look more lively.

The young man’s breathing tightened slightly.

So... so cute.

His fingers curled slightly, and he blinked, hiding all his emotions.

He still looked like he was not easy to get close to.

“Little Brother, if you’re angry, hit me. I’m not afraid of pain.” Seeing that the other party did not speak, Little Ah Yu became even more anxious.

Her eyes were tightly closed, and her mouth was tightly shut. She shrank her neck slightly.

Her hands hung by her sides, clenched into small fists.

It was as if she was saying, “Go ahead and hit me.”

The young man raised his right hand. Little Ah Yu seemed to sense it and her shoulders trembled.

Boohoo, Ah Yu was not afraid of pain.

However, the young man threw the small flower basket to the ground.

He threw the jade pendant into the flower basket and turned to leave.

When the person who wanted to capture Old Madam Wang saw this, he knew that the young master did not want to fuss about it anymore. He glared fiercely at Old Madam Wang. “Count yourself lucky!”

He was also a little puzzled. Usually, the young master would not care about such things.

No, he even became worse sometimes, making the other party cry for their parents.

This time, he actually let them off so lightly.

It was really a little abnormal.

Little Ah Yu closed her eyes for a long time. When she did not see the other party move, she tilted her head vaguely and quietly opened one eye.

Eh, where was he?

When Old Madam Wang saw Little Ah Yu like this, she felt warm and amused.

She originally wanted to see what Little Ah Yu could do. If that young master forcefully wanted to be an evil person, she would naturally rush over.

From his appearance, he did not look like a bad person.

“Grandma, wuwu...”

Only then did Little Ah Yu feel afraid. She rushed into Old Madam Wang’s arms and whimpered twice. She did not cry, but her eyes were slightly red.

She was really afraid that that big brother would hit her.

She was actually afraid of pain too.

“Alright, it’s fine. It’s all Grandma’s fault.” Old Madam Wang had something on her mind previously. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have bumped into the other party.

Little Ah Yu shook her head and disagreed with Old Madam Wang. “Grandma is very good!”


Old Madam Wang lowered her head to pick up the small flower basket on the ground and brought the jade pendant inside.

Then, she saw that the jade pendant not far away had shattered into two pieces and no one picked it up.

She picked it up casually and glanced at it unintentionally. Her gaze suddenly paused.

She narrowed her eyes and was about to say something.

Zhang Zhan’s voice sounded. “Where did this brat go again? I only said a sentence, but he actually threw a tantrum! He’s really infuriating me to death! Where is he?! Where is he!!!”

He quickly walked out and suddenly saw Old Madam Wang at the side. He said in surprise, “Auntie Wang, Ah Yu, why are you here?”

Old Madam Wang smiled. “We came specially to visit Lord Zhang.”

As she spoke, she handed over the small flower basket in her hand.

Zhang Zhan looked at the small flower basket in a speechless manner. Was she bribing him with wildflowers?

In the end, Little Ah Yu picked out a pink peach blossom from the small flower basket. “Uncle, this is beautiful. Choose this!”

Zhang Zhan caught it in a daze, and Little Ah Yu carried the small flower basket back without any intention of giving it to him.


Zhang Zhan: ???

So, she wanted him to choose one flower only?

“Everyone picked it for her on the way here. Ah Yu also brought you a portion and said that you would like it,” Old Madam Wang explained casually and handed the jade pendant to Zhang Zhan. “I came today because I have a request.”

When he saw the jade pendant, Zhang Zhan remembered that he had promised to return a favor.

Was she asking him to fulfill his promise?

It was faster than he thought.

“Follow me.” He took the jade pendant and brought the two of them into the county office to get someone to serve tea and snacks.

“Tell me, what do you want me to do?” Zhang Zhan said. “I’ll make it clear first. If you violate the rules, don’t blame me for not agreeing.”

Old Madam Wang really thought about it. She did not know if what she asked for was against the rules.

However, she still said, “It’s about Ah Yu. Didn’t Lord Zhang say...”

Halfway through, Old Madam Wang stopped. Seeing the wide-eyed Little Ah Yu in her arms, who was listening with relish, she stopped talking.

After Ah Yu’s fever subsided, she gradually accepted that she was a member of the Wang Family and seemed to have forgotten the past.

Old Madam Wang did not want to mention this in front of her lest the child thought of today in the future and let her imagination run wild.

Zhang Zhan also felt that this topic was not suitable for children. Just as he was about to get someone to bring Little Ah Yu out to play, he saw the little brat return.

“Xiao Huai! Come, bring this little girl to play!” Zhang Zhan waved at the young man who walked in.

The young man looked straight ahead and walked towards the back office, not planning to give him any face.

“Qin Huai!” Zhang Zhan gritted his teeth and forced a kind smile. “Come over.”

Qin Huai only paused slightly when his name was called. He had no intention of turning around.

“Go and play with that little brother. He’s so alone and doesn’t have any playmates!” Zhang Zhan was angry in his heart, but he didn’t show it on his face. He turned around and suddenly said to Little Ah Yu.

Old Madam Wang asked, “Sir, who is that young master?”

Zhang Zhan said to Old Madam Wang, “Oh, that’s a distant cousin of mine. He has an extremely gentle temper. Ah Yu should be able to get along with him.”

Little Ah Yu looked up and saw Old Madam Wang nodding at her. She carried the small flower basket and ran after Qin Huai.

“Little Brother, wait for Ah Yu. Ah Yu will play with you!”

Little Ah Yu ran very quickly with her short legs.

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