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55 Tell Grandma and Mother

Little Ah Yu had only planted things in a small area of her spatial pocket, but it was already filled with all kinds of food. Moreover, after those foods were harvested, they could all become grain seeds. Her first reaction was to take out everything in the spatial pocket for Grandma and Mother.


Meatball was still a little worried. Although the Wang Family seemed to like the little brat very much, what if?

The human heart was unpredictable. Even her father had thrown her into the deep mountains.

If not for the fact that it had awakened in time and protected Ah Yu’s heart, she would have long died.

Its authority was not high now, and its protection of Ah Yu was limited. It could only be more cautious.


Little Ah Yu did not know why the elf wanted her to wait, but she was very obedient.

This wait lasted for several hours. The sky was almost bright.

[Your Grandma’s intimacy with you is 90%, and your Mother’s is 95%. This means that they will never betray you at the moment.]

[You can tell them secretly.]

Meatball sounded a little breathless, as if it had rushed back from afar.

Little Ah Yu did not understand what intimacy was, nor did she know what betrayal meant, but she understood the last sentence.

“Yes, yes!” Little Ah Yu was very happy because the elf also liked Grandma and Mother and did not ask her not to say anything.

[It’s almost dawn. Go back and sleep a little longer.]

Ah Yu’s consciousness would not be consumed in the spatial pocket. Actually, she could rest very well. However, it was best to let her develop the habit of sleeping so that she would not lose sleep in the future.

Little Ah Yu returned to her body and quietly opened one eye. Seeing that her surroundings were dark, she snuggled into Liu Shi’s arms.

Liu Shi subconsciously hugged her with her arms to let her sleep more comfortably.

After dawn, the spring rain outside did not stop. The entire village was misty, but the diligent people were not idle. They continued to work in the paddy field with the rain covering their bodies.

Village Chief Hu stood under the roof and looked at the villagers working in the distance. He said to his son beside him, “When the sky clears up, go to town and get a donkey. Also, buy a cow.”

Village Chief Hu’s two sons were called Hu Daliu and Hu Xiaoliu. When the eldest daughter-in-law heard Village Chief Hu’s words, she whispered to the youngest daughter-in-law at the side, “Why is Father-in-law going to buy donkeys and cows again? Our family is about to run out of money. Why is he always supporting the villagers? We can’t live like this anymore.”

Xiao Liu’s wife said, “Father-in-law is the village chief. He has to take care of the villagers in the first place. The villagers don’t have much money now, so we can only pay for it first. When everyone collects their food later, they’ll always bring some food over.”

This was because the villagers were grateful for the village chief’s usual help. Every time they received food, they would more or less give some to him.

“How can that bit of food be enough? Donkeys and cows are valuable livestock... Sigh, I’m just complaining to you. In any case, we can’t change Father-in-law’s decision.” Da Liu’s wife felt that it was meaningless after saying a few words.

“The spring rain came early this year. I hope it’s a happy year.” Xiao Liu’s wife saw the color of the rain outside and thought of the crops in the fields.

The elders said that if it snowed heavily, there would be a bumper harvest in the coming year. They hoped that there would really be a bumper harvest this year.

Otherwise, their family would not be able to survive. At that time, they would have to persuade their father to stop being the village chief.

They could barely afford this lifestyle.

The Wang Family was not idle either. Old man Wang asked his sons to repair the roof again.

He also asked them to find some wood with leaves and lean them against the mud wall outside to prevent the wall from dissolving from the rain.

Everyone simply repaired the house. When spring was much clearer and the farming period was over, the villagers would go and organize the construction of bricks. At that time, they would reinforce the walls at home.

“Mother, I have something for you,” Little Ah Yu said to Liu Shi as she rubbed her sleepy eyes.

Liu Shi was helping her wear her clothes. After buttoning the last catch, she picked up a pair of tweezers to comb her hair.

As she combed her hair, she asked, “Is that so? What do you have for Mother?”

Little Ah Yu looked around and realized that there was no place to store food, so she decided to wait first.

“I’ll tell Mother after you’re done combing the hair.”

Liu Shi did not pay much attention to what Little Ah Yu said.

She thought that it was nothing more than some children finding toys, wild flowers, and grass that she thought looked good.

While combing her hair, Old Madam Wang also came to the house. She mainly wanted to remind Liu Shi not to tell anyone about Ah Yu.

“Grandma, I have something for you,” Little Ah Yu hurriedly said to Old Madam Wang.

Like Liu Shi, Old Madam Wang thought that the thing Little Ah Yu wanted to give was very ordinary, but she also looked very interested and waited for Little Ah Yu to announce the answer.

When she was finally done combing her hair, Little Ah Yu touched the two braids on her head and flaunted them for a while before pulling Old Madam Wang and Liu Shi out.

Seeing that Little Ah Yu wanted to go to the banana tree from before, Old Madam Wang did not say that she could not go out when it was raining.

Ah Yu must have discovered something again.

Liu Shi was originally confused. In the end, seeing that no one else followed, Little Ah Yu pointed with her hand and a very plump chili pepper appeared on the ground.

Just as she opened her mouth, she saw her daughter point again, and broad bean stalks and pea stalks appeared on the ground...

Before long, a large pile appeared on the ground.

Liu Shi was dumbfounded. Could it be that she did not sleep well at night and was hallucinating?

She grabbed a broad bean stalk, plucked one, and peeled it. The broad bean inside was big and full. When she bit it in her mouth, a sweet fragrance exploded on the tip of her tongue.

“These are real broad beans?! Ah Yu, where did you get them?”

However, this time, she did not wait for Little Ah Yu to answer. Instead, she looked at Old Madam Wang for help.

The moment Old Madam Wang saw the broad beans, she thought of the soybeans at home.

It turned out that it was not Little Ah Yu who had found it, but Little Ah Yu who had planted it in a strange place.


“Ah Yu, can you take the things back?” Old Madam Wang pondered for a moment and felt that these things were too eye-catching. It was better to put them back first.

With a wave of her hand, the food in front of her disappeared.

Liu Shi felt her legs go weak.

“Mother...” Little Ah Yu acutely sensed that her mother seemed to be afraid. What was she afraid of?

Did she think that she was very strange and did not want to be her mother anymore?

Little Ah Yu was terrified.

Liu Shi reacted and hurriedly said, “Mother is fine. Mother is just too surprised. Our Ah Yu is really very good!”

Only then did Little Ah Yu smile.

Meatball, who was in the spatial pocket, also heaved a sigh of relief. The favorability calculator that it had finally applied for could digitize the favorability of the people around Ah Yu in time.

The originally useless newbie toys were very useful now.

After Little Ah Yu exposed her secret, she happily went to play with her brothers.


However, Old Madam Wang grabbed Liu Shi’s wrist and said in a low voice, “Follow me.”

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