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54 Extreme Bad Lot



While Liu Shi was dumbfounded, another bolt of lightning fell outside the window, followed by the sound of rain.

The spring rain came with a bang.

The Wang family hurriedly packed their things and went into the house to hide from the rain.

Little Ah Yu was shocked by the lightning. Liu Shi reacted and subconsciously put the ladle aside, hugging Little Ah Yu tightly.

Little Ah Yu turned around and patted Liu Shi’s shoulder. “Mother, I’m not afraid of thunder. I’m very brave.”

“Alright, alright. Mother’s good Ah Yu is the bravest.”

After the mother and daughter finished coaxing each other, Liu Shi remembered that there was still a ladle.

There was water that her daughter had conjured out of thin air.

“Ah Yu, what is this?” Liu Shi’s voice was trembling.

At this moment, Meatball was especially nervous in the spatial pocket.

Oh no, it did not stop Ah Yu in time.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she entered the house, she exposed herself without any time to react.

These people who had grown up in the mountains had never seen much of the world. When they saw such a strange thing, they were probably scared out of their wits.

They wouldn’t roast the kid, right?

Meatball remembered that there was such a thing as a fire sacrifice in this world!

“Mother?” Little Ah Yu still did not know what she had done.

She suddenly remembered that she had only told Grandma but not Mother.

In the entire Wang Family, she liked Mother and Grandma the most.

Of course, she liked the others too, because everyone was very, very good to her.

Liu Shi realized that she had overreacted and might have frightened the child, so she took a deep breath and adjusted her emotions.

Liu Shi tried her best to squeeze out a gentle smile and slowly squatted down in front of Little Ah Yu. She held her small shoulders with both hands. “Ah Yu, tell Mother, how did you get this? Where did you get it?”

“The elf gave it to me. It’s sweet. Mother drank it before.” Little Ah Yu looked at Liu Shi and answered honestly.

Only then did Liu Shi remember that she had drunk this sweet water before. The taste was a little sweet, like sugar.

But at that time, there was no sugar at home at all. How could there be sugar water?

“So this is the water you gave Mother back then?”

“Yes, everyone drank it. That uncle drank it too!”

Liu Shi thought to herself that at that time, she had drunk the water and seemed to have diarrhea a few times.

However, there was nothing wrong with her body. Instead, she felt much lighter.

Especially after the miscarriage, her abdomen, which had always felt a faint pain, had already recovered.

Could this be the legendary divine water?

It was much better than the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

In the next moment, Liu Shi thought that if others found out about this, Ah Yu would definitely be in danger. Could it be that this was the reason why she was thrown into the snow previously?

It was said that some people were very afraid of this and would do evil because of fear.

But she was not afraid. Ah Yu was her daughter.

Liu Shi instantly became nervous. “Ah Yu, who else did you tell?”

“Grandma,” Little Ah Yu replied obediently. “Grandma knows. Grandma asked me not to tell anyone.”

Liu Shi thought about her mother-in-law’s reaction and felt a little uncertain.

Grandma was a domineering person. Would she think that Ah Yu was a monster?

What if they wanted to chase Ah Yu out?

However, if she encountered another situation and Grandma felt that Ah Yu was very useful and wanted her to provide a lot of water, what would she do?

She even thought that if her mother-in-law’s actions were too disappointing, she would bring Ah Yu to live in the deep mountains so that no one could find them!

She did not want her in-laws or her family. She only wanted her Ah Yu.

Liu Shi firmly believed that Ah Yu was the child she had lost and regained. This understanding was already firmly engraved in her heart.

“Fourth Sister-in-law, what are you doing in the room? There’s only so much to do, and you’re still slacking off! Hurry up and finish up the work before sleeping!” Old Madam Wang’s voice sounded from outside.

“Coming!” Liu Shi replied and pretended to walk out calmly with the water ladle.

At the door, she met Wang Chuanman, who was patting his hair.

When Wang Chuanman saw that his wife was holding a ladle with half a ladle of water in it, he immediately chuckled. “It’s still my wife who cares about me. She knows that I’m thirsty and still brought me water-Come, I’ll hold it myself.”

In the end, Liu Shi suddenly pulled the ladle away as if she was frightened.

The water from the ladle almost spilled out. Liu Shi was so nervous.

“If you want to drink water, go to the kitchen and scoop it yourself!” Liu Shi glared at him and turned to leave.

Wang Chuanman: ???


He looked at Little Ah Yu, who was walking behind Liu Shi, and muttered, “Daughter, did your mother take the wrong medicine?”

Why was it so baffling?

Little Ah Yu covered her mouth and laughed secretly. She smiled until her eyes curved, but she did not tell Wang Chuanman why.

Haha, silly father.

Liu Shi carefully carried the water and felt that she had to put it away properly, but she did not know what to hold it.

On the way, she met Old Madam Wang. When she saw Liu Shi, she immediately understood.

Fine, Ah Yu must have told her.

“Don’t wave it around. I have a gourd in my house. Put it into the gourd.” With that, Old Madam Wang returned to the house to get a gourd.

There was still a bit of wine in the gourd. Old man Wang only drank from it occasionally on big events. He only saved up a mouthful every year and usually only opened it up to smell it.

Without hesitation, Old Madam Wang poured the wine into the chamber pot and went to the kitchen to wash the gourd with water more than ten times before letting Liu Shi pour the water in.

When she poured the water in, Liu Shi was a little uneasy. “Mother...”


“You still know that I’m your mother?” Old Madam Wang half-smiled and glanced at her. “Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking. If you have time to think about all that nonsense every day, why don’t you do more things and let me rest well! The family isn’t big, but there are many troublesome matters. I was unlucky to have married into your Wang Family!”

Liu Shi: “!!!”

When he smelled the alcohol, Old man Wang, who was about to ask his wife what was going on, was speechless.

He turned around and left.

After filling the gourd with water, Old Madam Wang asked Liu Shi to keep it well. She instructed her that the water inside was very good for planting crops.

During dinner, Old Madam Wang told them about the wheat seedlings that were growing very well. The Wang Family was a little surprised. The wheat seedlings had grown so tall?

“What’s there to make a fuss about? The wheat seeds this year were given by the Imperial Court. It’s a disaster year. If they don’t give us some good grain seeds, everyone will starve to death.” Old Madam Wang directly dispelled everyone’s questions.

That’s right, they had never seen such good grain seeds. Perhaps it was because they usually did not buy them.

The Imperial Court definitely had seeds like that.

On rainy days, the sun always rises late.

After saying this, everyone tidied up and went to sleep.

Fortunately, they had repaired the roof in time. Although there were occasionally one or two leaks at night, the overall situation was not bad.

[Kid, come in.]

In the dead of the night, Little Ah Yu was called into the spatial pocket again.

The current spatial pocket was already in good shape compared to the beginning. The Myriad Spirit Water flowed through the ditch dug by Meatball and irrigated the plants along the way.

Chili, broad beans, peas, winter melon, and wheat all grew lushly. Although there were not many of them, the things they produced could be directly used as grain seeds.

Especially the golden wheat that was filled with high-quality grain seeds.

“Wow!” When Little Ah Yu saw so much food, her mouth opened for a long time.

There were so many!

[You have to bring the grain seeds out to plant. It’s impossible to sell the food planted here directly. It’s easy for others to discover it.]

[Moreover, even if the food planted in the spatial pocket is sold for a high price, it can’t be considered as completing the mission.]

Fortunately, Old Madam Wang and Liu Shi did not show any dislike for the Myriad Spirit Water. If she took these grain seeds out, she should be able to help them through it.

An adult’s identity should be more useful.

Little Ah Yu was confused. She had never considered what Meatball was worried about.

She just looked at the food in front of her and felt very happy.

As the food grew, everyone would not be hungry anymore.

At this moment, a certain someone who was offering incense in the National Guard Temple drew out a low-grade stick. On it was written, “If you want to plant flowers, they won’t bloom. If you idly poked a stick in the mud, it might grow into a tree to shade you.”

She brought the lot to the Buddhist master and asked in confusion, “From the looks of it, it shouldn’t be the worst lot, right?”

The old master only glanced at her and said with a smile, “Different people have different ways to decode the lot. With you, this is an extremely bad lot.”

“Old master, don’t keep me in suspense. I don’t like those twists and turns.” The girl curled her lips. She didn’t like these charlatans. They were so mysterious all day. Didn’t they just want to earn more money?

Tsk, did they think she didn’t know these tricks?

“Benefactor, do you have something on your mind that you can’t forget? If you do, that matter will go against your thoughts.” Master looked deeply at the girl and chanted a Buddhist proclamation. “Benefactor, do you know that one thought is equivalent to heaven or hell? Amitabha.”

The girl thought of something and her face turned pale. She instantly thought of the thing she had been most concerned about recently.

Could it be that the vicious supporting character was not dead?!

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