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52 Special Mission

Meatball had always wanted to upgrade the spatial pocket so that it could unlock more functions and give Ah Yu more convenience.

Previously, the most suitable mission it could choose was to let Ah Yu farm and accumulate the value of food.

When the items that Ah Yu planted were sold, and the total value reached 500 taels, the spatial pocket would be upgraded.

To an ordinary farmer, 500 taels was estimated to take 100 years to earn.

Ah Yu was too young. Even with its help, she might not be able to complete it quickly.

“What mission is it?” Little Ah Yu already understood the meaning of a mission.

[There’s a special energy detected, but it’s a little far.]

[Let’s wait a little longer. Perhaps the mission target will come over in a few days.]

Little Ah Yu nodded. “Oh.”

So it was not here yet.

She lowered her head and continued eating the steamed bun.

[Don’t eat so quickly. Be careful not to choke. Didn’t you eat enough for lunch?]

It was only a few minutes past 5 p.m. now. Logically speaking, she shouldn’t be so hungry.

As Little Ah Yu ate the steamed bun in big mouthfuls, she replied in her heart, “I want to eat my fill and have the strength to farm quickly!”

There was a steamed bun in her mouth, and her cheeks were bulging. She looked like a little mouse.

She said, “Elf, you work so hard every day. I have to be very diligent too.”

Although she did not stay in the spatial pocket every day, she realized that there were many more water ducts in the spatial pocket. They were all dug out by the elf with great effort.

The elf always reminded her and even showed her the way.

Since the elf was so good to her, she had to be good to the elf too. For example, she had to listen to the elf and farm obediently.

Meatball immediately had mixed feelings.

It thought that Ah Yu had never cared about it. It did not expect her to remember it and even silently think about doing things for it.

[Um... Actually, you’re still young, so there’s no need to be too anxious.]

It was an exclusive attendant and not the kind of lunatic system that forced the host to do missions every day. The first thing it cared about was naturally Ah Yu.

Don’t tire the kid out.

“I’m very amazing!” Little Ah Yu pouted and made an expression that said, “Don’t underestimate me!”

[Yes, yes. I know you’re the best.]

Otherwise, it would not have chosen her.

Little Ah Yu’s eyes curved into small crescents when she was praised, and her face was filled with joy.

After Little Ah Yu finished eating the steamed bun, she ran to Old man Wang.

She originally wanted to ask Grandpa to help her make something else. Seeing that Old man Wang was busy weaving the bamboo plaque, she ran to look at the others.

She happened to see Wang Chuanman’s ears being twisted by Old Madam Wang. “You wastrel. This bamboo fence has just been built and it was broken in a few days. You’re awesome. If you don’t fix it today, don’t even think about eating!”

Hence, Wang Chuanman bitterly went to repair the fence.

The bamboo fence was a complete structure. After a portion of it was cut off, the sides became a little loose. Wang Chuanman simply went to cut another piece of bamboo, planning to use it to repair the entire section of the fence.

Little Ah Yu sat on the rock outside the bamboo fence. She held her gradually growing face with her two small hands and looked eagerly at Wang Chuanman.

After Wang Chuanman repaired the entire bamboo fence, Little Ah Yu gently jumped off the huge rock and ran to Wang Chuanman, looking up.

Her big round eyes looked straight ahead.

“Father! Are you done?”

As Wang Chuanman packed his tools, he grinned at Little Ah Yu. “I’m done. Do you want me to play with you?”

“Ah Yu doesn’t want to play now.” Little Ah Yu shook her head and pointed at Wang Chuanman’s remaining bamboo pieces. “Can you give this to me?”

“Sure, but this will cut your hand. Father will grind it for you first.”

Wang Chuanman picked up a piece of bamboo and was about to grind it when Little Ah Yu hurriedly said, “No, no. Ah Yu wants to use it to farm. I want a small hoe and a small sickle. This big”

As Little Ah Yu spoke, she gestured with her hands. Although her arms were short, she managed to make a large motion.

“The hoes and sickles made of bamboo can’t be used.” Wang Chuanman didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “There are enough people farming at home. You don’t have to go. You can play with your brothers.”

What kind of crazy family would let a two-year-old child work in the fields?

It was impossible even if she was actually four years old!

“Can’t I?” Little Ah Yu’s bright eyes instantly dimmed.

She was like a puppy that had been drenched in the rain. Even her eyebrows drooped, and she looked very disappointed.

“Father, you go ahead with your work.”

With that, Little Ah Yu lowered her hands and slowly turned around. She no longer looked excited.

Wang Chuanman felt terrible when he saw this. His mouth moved faster than his hands. “I didn’t say that you couldn’t. Of course you can! Father will make it for you immediately. Just you wait.”

[I knew it would be like this.] Meatball held its forehead skillfully.

In this world, there were not many fathers who could stick to their principles under their daughter’s expression.

“Yay!” Little Ah Yu’s eyes were like a candlestick that had suddenly been lit up. They shone again as she smiled sweetly. “Father, you’re so nice. Ah Yu likes you so much!”


“Hehe, Father likes you too!” He did not feel awkward about what his wife could not say.

Wang Chuanman immediately felt his chest fill with warmth and comfort.

He waved his hand. “The small sickles and hoes made of bamboo are not easy to use. Wait a while, Father will cut down a tree for you, I’ll make the tools for you with the wood and carve a few flowers for you. They’ll definitely look especially good.”

With that, Wang Chuanman pulled Wang Chuanyuan, who was passing by, back. “Third Brother, let’s go to the back of the mountain to chop a big green tree!”

Wang Chuanyuan: ???

You must be seriously ill, right?!

Why did he want to cut down the Green Pine Tree for no reason? It was so big and difficult to cut!

Why don’t you go to heaven!

“Why do you want to cut that?”

“Ah Yu said that she wants a small hoe. We don’t have any extra iron, so we can only find some sturdy wood for her to make the hoe.”

Iron was a rare item that was expensive and difficult to buy.


Their entire family only had three hoes, two sickles, a firewood knife, an ax, and a broken kitchen knife. They were all made of wrought iron.

Wang Chuanyuan immediately said, “Ah Yu wants it? Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and go. Don’t waste time!”

On the way, the brothers happened to meet a villager who had gone to the mountain to cut firewood.

When he learned that they wanted to go and cut green pine for Ah Yu, the person said, “Our family has a relatively good-looking tree. Needless to say, its shape is very similar to a hoe and sickle. I’ll bring you to cut it.”

Wang Chuanman hurriedly said, “Uncle Li De, how can we do that? Doesn’t your family also need it?”

“In any case, the tree will grow again next year. It’s not like it’s for an outsider. After you cut it down and process it, you can send the leftover wood over to me,” Hu Li De said indifferently.

[Kid, it’s going to rain tomorrow. Your roof is probably going to leak.]

Meatball used its function to analyze the humidity of the surrounding air and briefly predict the weather.

Little Ah Yu was holding a small stool and sitting in the middle of the courtyard, waiting obediently for her father to return to make a sickle for her.

Hearing Meatball’s words, her eyes widened slightly. “What’s a leak?”

[It means that if the house has a hole, the rain will fall into the house.]

“Ah, the blanket will be wet!”

Little Ah Yu couldn’t sit still anymore.

Her small hands supported her knees. Like a gourd that had popped out of the water, she instantly stood up and rushed in front of Old man Wang.

“Grandpa, Grandpa, there’s a hole in our house. It’s going to leak when it rains! The blanket is going to be wet. Grandpa, we have to repair the hole!”

Old man Wang found Little Ah Yu’s anxious look a little funny. “How did you know it was going to rain?”

“Elf...” Little Ah Yu now knew that if her family could not see the elf, she could not talk about the elf.

[That’s right. You can’t tell them, or they’ll treat you like a monster and not like you anymore.]

How could they believe in an exclusive attendant?

“Erm... I guessed it!” Little Ah Yu secretly clenched her fists. She was so awesome. She thought of a good reason.


Old man Wang: ???

Old Madam Wang happened to come over and asked, “What are you two talking about?”

“Ah Yu just said that it’s going to rain and asked me to repair the roof. Children are always like this. They think of everything.”

Old man Wang looked at the sunny weather outside and felt that it would probably not rain for the next few days.

With so many chores at home, the matter of repairing the roof could be postponed.

“How is this weather possibly-” Before Old Madam Wang could finish speaking, a bolt of lightning suddenly slid across the sky.


A thunderclap and lightning sounded at the same time.

This was the precursor to a thunderstorm.

Before Old man Wang could speak, his shoulder was suddenly patted ruthlessly.

“How can it not rain in this weather! You fool, why are you still standing there? Hurry up and repair the roof! If the house is soaked, you will go and sleep in the pigpen!” Old Madam Wang glared at him.

Turning around, Old Madam Wang hugged Little Ah Yu and kissed her again and again.

“Aiyo, my good child, it’s all thanks to you! Otherwise, we would have been drenched by the rain. You’re really my good child!”

Old man Wang: “...” Thank me for working first?

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