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51 He’s A Headache

At this moment, more than a hundred miles away from Yongding County, a few carriages were driving slowly. There were more than ten servants around the carriages, all holding round wooden clubs in their hands. Their footsteps were steady, and their eyes were sharp. Clearly, they were all martial artists.

A moment later, the group stopped in the forest. A cough came from the second carriage.

Someone walked up to the carriage and asked softly, “Young Master, you’re tired from the long journey. Let’s rest here for a while.”

After a long time, a young boy’s voice sounded from the carriage. “Alright.”

As they were recuperating, another group passed by. It was a group of servants protecting a crimson sedan.

“Second Miss, there’s an empty space in front, but it’s been occupied,” a servant girl said softly beside the sedan carriage. “Should we ask them to make way?”

The girl lifted the curtain of the sedan carriage, revealing a delicate face.

Seeing the scene in front of them, she immediately felt happy.

She did not expect to encounter a second rich family in the wilderness.

Such a grand entourage meant that they were either rich or noble!

She immediately walked down from the carriage and said with a smile, “Brothers, I’m tired from the journey and want to rest here for a while. Can you move your carriages a little?”

Usually, as long as she spoke to people like this, there was basically nothing she could not do.

After all, her current face was beautiful and cute.

With her noble temperament, it was impossible for anyone to reject her.

However, this time, not only did the person in the carriage not respond, but even the people outside did not even look at her.

They treated her like air.

What was wrong with this group of people? They didn’t even care about little beauties?!

The girl gritted her teeth in her heart.

Just as she was about to speak, she heard a cough.

From the sound of the cough, the other party seemed to want to cough out his lungs.

The girl’s expression changed.

Damn, could this cough be tuberculosis?!

In this ancient era with extremely low medical standards, if one was infected, they would die!

The girl took two steps back and hurriedly got back into her carriage. She said to the others, “Hurry up and leave. Don’t provoke the lepers!”

As soon as she finished speaking, something flew towards the girl’s carriage with a whoosh. The girl was so frightened that her soul almost left her body.

She turned her head shakily and realized that it was a two-finger-thick wooden stick that was embedded into the wooden board of the carriage!

The girl: “!!!”

Oh my!

Was this... scientific?!

Could this be a f*cking Demon Sect?!

Damn, damn, damn!

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!! We’ll leave now, we’ll leave now!” The girl hurriedly apologized. Seeing that the other party was no longer making a move, she hurriedly urged the frightened carriage handler to leave.


The carriage handler also saw the wooden stick and was frightened.

He lifted the sedan carriage and walked quickly, as if there were ghosts chasing behind him.

The girl in the sedan carriage was dizzy from the shaking. She bumped around in the sedan chair, and her hair was twisted, her stalks were messy, and her clothes were wrinkled. She was in a sorry state, but she did not dare to call for a stop.

What a joke! Her life was more important!

Seeing them escape, the young man’s exceptionally cold voice came from the sedan carriage. It was tender but cold.

“Red Armor, deal with it.”

A person in a servant uniform in front stepped forward and lowered his head. “Yes.”

With that, he tightened his grip on the wooden stick in his hand and tapped his toes, wanting to chase after the escaping carriage.

“Wait! Little Benefactor, don’t kill anyone. Don’t forget your mother’s instructions.” The calm voice of a middle-aged man came from the other carriage.

After a long time, the young man’s voice sounded. “Go back.”


Red Armor returned to his original position.


The group continued to travel. No one took this episode to heart.

In Yongding County, Zhang Zhan sat at the table for a long time without moving. When the servants came to invite him to eat, he did not react.

When County Lieutenant Cao arrived for the meeting, he happened to see Zhang Zhan’s hopeless appearance. He could not help but ask, “Lord Zhang, is there something troubling you?”

“How annoying.” Zhang Zhan rubbed his forehead, feeling a headache coming on.

“Sir, why don’t you tell me about it? I’ll listen for now.” County Lieutenant Cao was not very curious, but Zhang Zhan’s expression was too troubled. He could not ignore it.

“Sigh! Aren’t I busy? Those people at home thought that I was free and sent me a child.”

County Lieutenant Cao asked, “A child? How old is the child? Do you want me to send someone to pick it up?”


Zhang Zhan picked up the letter and looked at it again. His brows were furrowed so tightly that they could kill a fly.

When he received the letter, the other party had already set off more than a month ago. Calculating the time, they would arrive in these few days.

“Forget it. That child is very troublesome.” Zhang Zhan’s face was filled with a complicated expression. He did not want to mention it at all. “Go about your business. Let me take my time.”

The thought of that child gave him a headache.

He did not know what his family was thinking. Did he look like someone who could take care of a child well?

Moreover, was he very free?!


At this moment, Old man Wang’s family was eating steamed buns happily.

Three catties of white flour could not be used to make much steamed buns, but this was a rare delicacy at home. The Wang Family would at least give each person one.

This time, Old Madam Wang did not specially leave one more for Little Ah Yu. She really did not have enough materials and could not keep an extra one for her.

However, Old Madam Wang tore her bun in half and left most of it behind. She handed it to Liu Shi. “Keep it first. Put it on the stove at night and cook it. Give it to Ah Yu when she’s hungry at night.”


Passing over the smaller half of the remaining bun, she said, “Take this and cut it up. Stick it in the pot and give it to those annoying things to eat.”

Before Liu Shi could speak, Wang Chuanman had already handed his bun back. “Give it to Ah Yu. I don’t like steamed buns.”

In the house, Wang Chuangui, who was lying on the bed, said to his wife, Madam Ma, “It’s a waste for me to eat this. Take it and distribute it to the children.”

Madam Ma smiled. “Mother gave this to you. Eat it. I’ll take mine to the children.”

The grandsons really wanted to eat steamed buns. They held them in their hands and immediately took a few big bites.

The most gluttonous Wang Liulang and Wang Qilang finished their steamed buns in the blink of an eye.

Wang Wulang had also eaten more than half of it. When he saw Little Ah Yu slowly eating her steamed bun beside him, he suddenly paused and recalled that Little Ah Yu had wanted to eat steamed buns previously.

“Little Sister Ah Yu, this is for you.” Wang Wulang endured the huge reluctance in his heart and handed the steamed bun in his hand to her.

“Your steamed bun is stained with so much saliva. Little Sister Ah Yu will probably have diarrhea if she eats it.” Wang Silang walked over and handed over the half-broken steamed bun in his hand.

“You should eat mine.”

Seeing that his brothers all wanted to leave the steamed buns for their sister, Wang Dalang smiled and said, “Eat them yourselves. I’m the eldest brother, so I’ll leave mine for our little sister.”

“Enough! Are you acting out some generous brother’s story? Hurry up and eat it yourself. If you don’t want to eat it, don’t ask for any in the future!” Old Madam Wang shouted, scaring the young men so much that they almost lost their grip on the steamed buns.

Little Ah Yu was not frightened. She held the steamed bun in her hand, her red face filled with happiness. “Yes, yes, yes. The steamed bun is so delicious. I don’t want Brothers’. Let’s eat it together. When I grow up, I’ll give you steamed buns every day!”

[...Kid, you can still pursue a higher goal.]

Meatball saw that the snakes in the spatial pocket had disappeared, leaving only a pile of white lambs and steamed buns.

Why was this child’s life pursuit so low?

She had drunk egg soup, eaten meat buns, and tasted wild pheasants. Why was she still thinking about steamed buns?

Little Ah Yu’s eyebrows curved and her expression was very satisfied. “Elf, steamed buns are very good.”

Little Ah Yu thought to herself that it must be because the elf could not eat the steamed buns, so it felt that the steamed buns were not that good.

[...] As long as you’re happy.

Meatball was thinking about how to make Ah Yu pursue higher goals when it suddenly felt a special energy approaching.


[Ah, kid, there’s a special mission!]

[If you complete it, your family can really eat steamed buns every day!]

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