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50 Decision

“You can’t do this! My son, my son!”

“It’s Mother who’s useless...”

The middle-aged woman could not pull him away, and she was worried about the child behind her, so she did not go forward. She only sat on a huge rock and slapped her thigh hard.

She even shouted at the young woman, “What are you waiting for? Don’t you know how to pull him up? Just watch. He’s your husband’s nephew!”

“I...” How could the young woman dare to go up?

“What are you doing?!” A voice suddenly sounded.

Wang Liulang and the others stopped in their tracks and turned around. Good heavens, it was another person who had come from another path.

It was obvious that they were not from Hu Family Village.

There were more than 20 people who came this time. Most of them were wives like them, and there were also three men.

They rushed over.

Seeing that there were people among them, Wang Dalang called out to his brothers from afar, “Come back first.”

Wang Silang pulled his brothers back. “Let’s go back!”

The boys immediately retreated. The middle-aged woman hurriedly pulled the little boy up.

His face was already swollen from the beating.

“My son, you have such a hard life!”

The little boy buried himself in the woman’s arms and cried non-stop. His body was still trembling. He no longer looked like he was scolding people fiercely just now.

The middle-aged woman’s heart ached. It was even worse than being beaten up herself.

“Your Hu Family Village is too much of a bully. If you don’t want to forgive us, so be it. Why do you have to beat us up?” A young woman said indignantly, “Do you believe that we’ll report this to the officials and arrest your family too!”

The people of Shanyang Village did not expect the Wang Family to be so stubborn.

Actually, their group had already arrived. Later on, they discussed and let the two weakest-looking people bring the children over first.

Thinking that this move could soften their hearts.

Unexpectedly, after saying a few words, the little kid from the Wu Family was beaten up.

The Wu Family’s little kid was the Wu Family’s treasure. Back then, when they exchanged their children for food, the Wu Family had sacrificed their three granddaughters.

She heard that in order to not let the Wu Family’s kid starve, they even let him eat other children!

This was also the only child in the village who had eaten other children.

“If this continues, the Wu Family’s kid will really be beaten to death. Sixth Brother Wu will definitely cause trouble when we return!”

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go quickly.”

Seeing that things were about to go out of control, they had no choice but to appear.

“Then report it to the officials!” Old Madam Wang had returned at some point. She sneered and walked forward. She looked at the faces of the people in Shanyang Village one by one, and the mockery in her eyes was about to overflow.

“I was wondering why the people of Shanyang Village only did things that were worse than beasts. I thought that I had wronged them. Now, it seems that I wasn’t wrong. The entire village is filled with beasts. Their roots are rotten!”

The upper beam was crooked, and the lower beam was crooked as well.

Even if it wasn’t for this child eating incident, the atmosphere in their village would still rot to the end!

“You f*cking-” The men hiding behind could not stand it anymore, and their expressions were very unfriendly.

“What’s the point of hiding behind a woman? If you have the ability, come forward and talk to me nicely. See if I can drown you with my saliva!”

The three men looked at each other in silence.

Old Madam Wang looked down on the three men even more.

It was obvious that this was the kind of trash who looked good but was useless.

Now that Old Madam Wang had returned, the Wang Family seemed to have a pillar of support. They were originally fearless, and now, they were even more confident.

When Old man Wang rushed home, he saw more than 20 people sitting on a huge rock in front of his house.

“What’s wrong?” Old man Wang asked.

“Don’t worry about it first. Wait for Village Chief Hu to come over.”

Old Madam Wang had already asked Wang Dalang to call Village Chief Hu. About 15 minutes later, Village Chief Hu arrived.

After he came, he quickly understood the entire situation. When he heard the end, he frowned even more.

Ever since his food had been snatched away in the beginning, he really could not bring himself to have a good impression of these people from Shanyang Village.

Especially after this incident, he saw the essence of Shanyang Village clearly. They were a group of lunatics.

Village Chief Hu said, “Don’t think that the mistakes you’ve made can be blamed on a child. In addition, I don’t want to hear anything else about Ah Yu not being from our village. She was raised in our village since she was young. Why don’t you pick one up for me to see?”

“She’s just a good-for-nothing. So what if she’s a little good-looking? In the end, she’s still-” As soon as a man finished speaking, a small stone flew over and hit his forehead.

Wang Wulang raised the slingshot in his hand and made a face at the other man.

Wang Silang silently put down the broom in his hand.

“You’re still being arrogant in other people’s territory. Is this all your Shanyang Village can do?” Village Chief Hu silently made a note of them in his heart.

Seeing that the people from Shanyang Village were a little unconvinced, Village Chief Hu did not care. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, revealing an indifferent smile. “Looks like our village is still too kind. Previously, we were still thinking that the men from your village had done something wrong. The others are ultimately innocent. Now, it seems that there’s no need to have any sympathy for you!”

“Don’t worry, none of the people in your village can escape.”

“Don’t think that just because our Hu Family Village is poor, we’re easy to bully. Don’t forget that our village once had a general!”


The people from Shanyang Village panicked and knelt down one by one.

“Village Chief Hu, you’re a magnanimous person. Don’t open your eyes to us!”

“Just be merciful and let Ah Yu tell the county lieutenant. It’s just a word. Please...”

“We were just forced into a corner. Who doesn’t want to be a good person...”

Village Chief Hu jumped to the side, not giving them a chance to kowtow.

“Go back yourself, or we’ll beat you back. Choose.”

The people from Shanyang Village did not move. Clearly, they were unwilling to choose.

“Looks like it’s time to make a trip to your Shanyang Village.” Village Chief Hu was very disappointed.

He still remembered that back then, the village chief of Shanyang Village, Cao Hua, was originally a very principled person. Unknowingly, he had also become one of the executioners.

Cao Hua had been sentenced and was still locked up in a cell in the county city.

The people from Shanyang Village were dumbfounded. Why was this different from what they had expected?


They originally thought that the matter would be resolved if a group of orphans and widows knelt down to them and cried for their forgiveness.

Why had it become like this?

Didn’t they say that the people of Hu Family Village were very kind?

Didn’t they also get a doctor to treat their people the last time?

[Kid, these people are not kind. Remind your family to be careful.]

However, it was only a reminder. After all, the other party had yet to do anything.

Little Ah Yu immediately hugged Liu Shi’s neck and leaned her head close to Liu Shi’s ear. She slowly said to her, “Mother, those people are so fierce. I’m afraid. Will they do something bad?”

“Ah Yu, don’t be afraid. Mother is here.” Liu Shi patted Little Ah Yu’s back gently and slowly comforted her. “Your father and the others are also here. They can’t do anything bad.”

Little Ah Yu looked at Wang Chuanman.

Yes, Father was so powerful. He knew how to play with axs.

She patted her chest and felt relieved.

“Elf, my father is so powerful. Don’t be afraid.”


Liu Shi was afraid that Little Ah Yu would be frightened, so she called the children to the kitchen and asked them to wait obediently to eat the buns and not go out again.

Fortunately, the steamer was covered and the fragrance did not waft out.

With Village Chief Hu here, the rest was simple.

Village Chief Hu was still worried. The villagers were very dissatisfied with Shanyang Village and felt that they had been punished too lightly. It was good now that they had chased those beasts out.

He immediately found a few elders who were willing to go to Shanyang Village and let a few young people run errands to inform them.

Then, he brought people to Shanyang Village and used these people to cause trouble again, forcing the elders of Shanyang Village to eliminate those people on the spot.

As for those people crying for their parents, the people of Hu Family Village did not care at all.

“Your Hu Family Village is too ruthless!”

“Aren’t you afraid of retribution by doing this?”

“We should forgive people when we can. Why won’t you let us off!”

“Didn’t no one die in your village? Someone died in our village! We’ve already paid the price. What else do you want?!”

Faced with the angry shouts of the people from Shanyang Village, the people from Hu Family Village appeared very calm. They even said, “If you don’t do anything wrong, you won’t be afraid of ghosts knocking on your door.”

“You people from Shanyang Village should be afraid of retribution. Close the doors and windows at night, lest vengeful spirits come knocking on your door to claim your lives!”

Let them go?

What a joke! It was good enough that they did not beat them up!

They were already bullying them, so how could they give them a good attitude? Even the spring breeze was not as good as they thought!

Those paralyzed and seriously ill men were moved to the dilapidated houses one by one. The dilapidated houses were really dilapidated, leaking and on the verge of collapse.

Only then did they really regret it from the bottom of their hearts.

If they had known that this would happen, they would not have been so greedy back then!

Eating children ultimately cost them their conscience and morals.

Some of the women who were chased out were thinking about returning to their families.

Someone else said indignantly, “Why did the elders chase us out? Didn’t they turn a blind eye to the matter of eating the children back then?”

“These hypocritical old farts!”

“If we can’t survive, they can forget about having an easy time.”

“This isn’t over!”

Little Ah Yu did not know what was happening outside. She sat in the kitchen with a big white steamed bun in her hand and nibbled on it carefully.

It tasted so good!

It was so sweet!

At this moment, Zhang Zhan, who was in the county office, suddenly received a letter.

After opening the letter, his expression changed drastically.

“He actually wants to come here?!”

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