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49 Punishment

People from Shanyang Village? The expressions of the Wang Family immediately changed. They did not have a good impression of Shanyang Village at all.

“Don’t stand there. You’re still pregnant,” Madam Feng said gently to the young woman.

The young woman’s face revealed gratitude. Just as she was about to open the bamboo fence and walk in, she heard Madam Feng point at a huge rock outside the fence and say, “Just sit there. Don’t get too close to us. Otherwise, if something happens to you, we’ll be blamed.”

Madam Feng did not want to mock the other party, but she really thought so, so the expression on her face was especially sincere.

Of course, the truest words hurt the most.

The middle-aged woman: “...”

The young woman: “...”

They were here to beg after all, so they naturally did not dare to make a fuss.

They could only go over and sit down on the huge rock.

Only then did the Wang Family take a few steps forward and stand inside the bamboo fence, not far from them.

Liu Shi carried Little Ah Yu and turned her face to the side, not letting her see the other party’s expression.

Wang Chuanman clenched the hatchet in his hand tightly. “Tell me, what are you people from Shanyang Village up to this time? Didn’t we say that you’re not allowed to come to our Hu Family Village again?”

“We really had no choice but to look for you.” The young woman was a little afraid of Wang Chuanman, but she had no choice but to bite the bullet and say.

With that, she looked at Little Ah Yu and pretended to be sincere.

Liu Shi hurriedly carried Little Ah Yu to the side and frowned. “What has your Shanyang Village’s matter got to do with my daughter? Don’t look for her anymore, or I won’t be polite to you!”

The young woman hurriedly said, “I don’t have any intention of harming her. We’re just here to beg her because... because...”

She could not finish her sentence.

“I-” Wang Chuanman slashed down with his ax again with an unfriendly expression. “If you have something to say, say it quickly. Don’t stammer there. Are you eating croton or something? We’re still busy. We don’t have time to waste with you!”

Other than his wife, he did not like anyone else who cried.

The Hu Family Villagers did not even cry after suffering. What right did their Shanyang Village have to cry?

If not for the fact that the other party was a pregnant woman, he would have directly frightened her away with his ax.

How could he let anyone bully his precious daughter? Not even a girl can do it!

Bad luck!

With this chop, a huge hole appeared in the bamboo fence. Not to mention the few of them, even the Wang Family was shocked.

They had never seen Wang Chuanman like this.

“The Patriarch wants to chase us out...” The young woman was so frightened that she retracted her tears. She held her stomach and finally explained the matter slowly.

It turned out that County Lieutenant Cao had sent someone to Shanyang Village to read the verdict in front of the entire village.

They even urged the people of Shanyang Village to implement the verdict as soon as possible.

According to the bandit theory, all the men in Shanyang Village, including the village chief, would be hanged.

In Great Chang, the bandits who were captured on the spot could be directly executed.

However, because they were villagers and County Lieutenant Cao was worried about the future relationship between Hu Family Village and the neighboring village, he only punished them according to the law.

Even so, Shanyang Village cried out in grievance and dissatisfaction.

“If the Patriarch wants to save the other villagers, he has to eliminate us and chase us out of the village.” As the young woman spoke, her eyes turned red again. She wanted to cry, but when she thought of Wang Chuanman’s expression, she did not dare to cry.

“Aren’t you asking for it? Who can you blame?”

There was no reason for her to bully the victim and come to the victim’s house to sell her pity!

Madam Ma did not like the people of Shanyang Village very much and felt that it was not convenient for the men to speak, so she simply said, “I advise you to go back to where you came from quickly. Otherwise, if the other villagers find out, you won’t have a good time!”

There were still more than ten people in their Hu Family Village lying on their beds and could not do anything. In this farming season, this was life-threatening.

Although Shanyang Village had been ordered to compensate them, from the looks of it, they probably would not be able to make the compensation for a year or so.

At that time, it was also possible that they would beat up the people from Shanyang Village.

Seeing that they were really running out of patience, the middle-aged woman did not dare to continue crying. She wiped her tears and said, “The Patriarch said that as long as we obtain your forgiveness and let Ah Yu forgive us, we can go to the county lieutenant to plead for mercy. You can do anything to people like us who’re half-buried, but my two children are still young. They can’t be expelled from the village...”

It turned out that the men from Shanyang Village had all been sentenced to prison. They were handed over to the local family to be guarded according to the law and did not have to go to jail.

The other injured and uninjured people were all detained according to the degree of their actions.

With a criminal record, their children would have an even harder time in the future. Those from the same village and clan would be implicated, and the taxes would be more expensive than other families.

If there was a conscription, they would be the first to be conscripted.

The elders of Shanyang Village directly decided to expel all these people from the village and their families.

Those who were paralyzed could find a dilapidated house and he’ll let them live casually. They were not allowed to go anywhere else, and they did not provide any help.

“According to the elders’ arrangements, if this continues, will my man still have a way out? He’ll be waiting for death!” The middle-aged woman said, “My man is an honest person. He only listened to the village chief and came to look for you. He hasn’t eaten any children, nor has he attacked you. His life shouldn’t be over like that...”

Liu Shi could not stand it anymore and immediately shouted at the other party, “Alright, we don’t have time to listen to your Shanyang Village’s nonsense! You should go back. It’s impossible for us to forgive you. If you continue to cause trouble here, I’ll tell our village chief and sue you again!”

The middle-aged woman’s pupils constricted.

“You can’t do this. You’re forcing us to a dead end!”

The little boy beside the middle-aged woman had been staring at Little Ah Yu with hatred. When he heard Liu Shi say this, he gritted his teeth and said, “It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault, you bastard child that no one wants!”

“You’re a jinx! If not for you, my father wouldn’t be paralyzed!”

“Jinx! Bastard child! See if I don’t beat-”


The middle-aged woman wanted to cover the child’s mouth, but it was too late. He had already shouted.

Originally, the grandsons of the Wang Family stood at the side and did not say anything. When they heard this, their eyes immediately widened.

“You lousy thing, what are you talking about?!”

Wang Wulang took a step forward, jumped over the bamboo fence, and rushed towards the little boy.

He raised his hand.

The little boy subconsciously stretched out his arm to block, but Wang Wulang instantly stretched out his other hand.


He slapped the little boy’s face.

The little boy covered his face in pain.

Wang Wulang took the opportunity to hit his other side.



The slap was especially loud.

The boy’s face quickly turned red.

Wang Wulang’s expression was even more ruthless than the little boy’s. “Who do you think you are? How dare you scold my sister!”

Wang Liulang and Wang Qilang also rushed over along the split bamboo fence. Wang Wulang pushed the little boy to the ground and Wang Qilang rode on his waist and started beating him up.

When Wang Silang and the others ran over, they could not find a place to attack.

Everything happened too quickly. Just as the middle-aged woman reacted and wanted to stop them, the little boy had already suffered a few punches.

He was originally still stubborn. After being punched twice, he cried out.

“Your Hu Family Village is bullying people. Wahhh, Mother, save me. Wahhh...”

“What are you doing? Let go of my son!”

She went to pull Wang Liulang and the others away. The child tied up on her back had also woken up and was crying. She wanted to turn around and coax him again.

“Make them stop. Is your Hu Family Village crazy?!” The middle-aged woman was anxious and angry. She turned around and said to Wang Chuanman and the others.

“Oh, it’s our fault for not teaching our child well.” Although Madam Ma apologized, her face was filled with sarcasm, and her hands did not move at all. “Just like you.”

The middle-aged woman’s face immediately turned pale.

On the other end, Wang Wulang took the opportunity to kick the little boy’s butt again.

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