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47 Ah Yu’s Age

“Where are you going?” When Old Madam Wang saw Liu Shi rushing forward, she called out to her. “Stay at home. I’ll go take a look.”

She wanted to hear her mother’s words, but she also wanted to see what it was.

“What can you do if you go?”

Old Madam Wang could not be bothered to look at Liu Shi. She waved her hand. “Go back and steam the buns. Don’t delay things!”

Liu Shi could only go back, but she was worried. When she was in the kitchen, she looked out from time to time, worried.

Madam Feng comforted her. “Don’t worry, with Mother around, nothing will happen.”

“I hope so.” Liu Shi was not confident, but she could only smile.

She did not know what was wrong with Ah Yu’s household register. She only hoped that Ah Yu would not be taken away from her.

On the way, Old Madam Wang turned around and realized that only Little Ah Yu and her two troublesome grandsons were following her.

“Where’s your grandfather?!”

Wang Liulang and Wang Qilang were both stunned. They looked at each other and said in unison, “At home.”

“Let him come over!”

The twins turned around and ran back.

Old Madam Wang brought Little Ah Yu to the village chief’s house. There were already a few people sitting in the courtyard. Doctor Hu, Old Master Hu, and two elders. One was from the Hu family, and the other was from the Ma family.

The Ma Family was the second largest family in Hu Family Village. They would usually call him if they had anything to do.

“Village Chief, what’s wrong with that household register?” Old Madam Wang was puzzled when she saw the situation and remained expressionless.

Her tone was not pleasant.


Village Chief Hu did not react, but Old Master Ma and the other men frowned.

“Let’s wait for Old man Wang to arrive first.” Elder Ma interrupted Village Chief Hu and closed his eyes, not looking at Old Madam Wang.

He did not talk to women.

“Then let’s wait.” Old Madam Wang also found a chair and sat down, hugging Little Ah Yu.

The old dog only relied on his seniority. She could not be bothered with him.

On the other hand, Little Ah Yu tilted her head and asked Old Madam Wang, “Grandma, is that old man sick?”

He looked so tired.

“He’s a little sick.” Old Madam Wang looked at Little Ah Yu. “Don’t get too close to him lest you get infected.”

“You!” The Ma Family’s elder immediately blew his beard and glared. He immediately stood up and looked coldly at Old Madam Wang.

He knew it. Women did not know how to speak.

Seeing that the Ma Family’s elder was about to teach someone a lesson, Old Master Hu raised his hand. “Alright, stop talking. We’ll talk when Old man Wang comes.”

He was simply not used to talking to women. He had been like that for a long time and could not change it in a short time.

The Ma family elder snorted and sat down again, his head turned to the other side.

Old man Wang was limping slightly. He was not fast, but he still rushed over.

“De Wang, you’re finally here!”

“Everyone is here. This matter can be serious. Let’s...”

Everyone was waiting for Old man Wang to come and discuss something. Only Little Ah Yu stared at Old man Wang’s leg.

She had never seen Grandpa walk before. Only then did she realize that there was something wrong with Grandpa’s gait. Grandma did not even sweat when she walked over, but Grandpa was already sweating profusely.

As the adults were talking, Little Ah Yu quietly walked over and stretched out her index finger to gently poke Old man Wang’s leg.

Just as Old man Wang finished asking Village Chief Hu, he looked down and saw Little Ah Yu poking him with her finger. He hurriedly asked, “Ah Yu, what’s wrong?”

“Grandpa, does your leg hurt very much?” Little Ah Yu opened her hand and made a hugging gesture. “Does it hurt so much?”

Old man Wang wiped the sweat off his head and casually scattered it beside him. He found it a little funny. “Grandpa isn’t in pain.”

As long as it did not rain or snow and the weather was always clear, his leg did not hurt.

There was no obstruction to walking.

[Do you want to treat his leg?] Seeing that Little Ah Yu was thinking, Meatball immediately thought of this.

Little Ah Yu nodded. “Grandpa looks like he’s having a hard time.”

Grandpa was a good person. He made her a beautiful little flower basket. Everyone praised her little flower basket.

She hoped that Grandpa would not be in pain.

It must have hurt a lot for Grandpa to walk like that.

He was just a strong adult, which was why he said that it did not hurt.

Little Ah Yu vaguely remembered that someone had told her this in the past.

Adults rarely cried out in pain.

[The Myriad Spirit Water can relieve his pain, but it can’t directly heal him.]

The Myriad Spirit Water was not omnipotent, so it naturally had shortcomings.

It was mainly used to treat wounds, both internally and externally. It could also eliminate the impurities in the body and improve one’s physique.


However, Old man Wang’s leg was clearly an old illness that had already taken root. If she wanted to treat it, she could not just use vitality to repair it.

“Then what should we do?” Little Ah Yu was about to go home and pour a basin of water for Grandpa to drink.

[You still have to upgrade the spatial pocket first. This is the place I’m staying now. You have to listen to me and plant flowers and trees well.]

[When the spatial pocket is upgraded, we can unlock new functions. At that time, we can exchange for more useful things.]

“Does Grandpa’s leg need to be upgraded to be treated?” Little Ah Yu did not understand, but she felt that she understood.

She just needed to be very diligent?

She was very diligent!


Meatball felt that it had to be more concise when talking to the little brat in the future.

In any case, she only understood one or two words.

Little Ah Yu wanted to ask more when she suddenly heard someone call her name. It turned out that Doctor Hu was waving at her.


“Ah Yu, come over.”

Doctor Hu was only 30 years old this year. Perhaps it was because he had been practicing medicine all year round, but his face looked very gentle. Little Ah Yu had a good impression of him.

Seeing Old Madam Wang nod at her, Little Ah Yu walked over.

Doctor Hu picked up Little Ah Yu’s left hand and gently pinched her soft palm, forming a small pit. He said, “Look, if she’s a two-year-old girl, these two bones won’t grow on her wrist... According to the age of her bones, she should be four years old.”

As he spoke, he pointed to another place. “If you look at her from here, you can tell that her body is only two years old because this part didn’t grow enough.”

“What? Can you see it from the bones?”


Everyone was confused, but they basically understood that Little Ah Yu was not the two-year-old girl everyone thought she was. She was actually four-years-old.

However, because of insufficient nutrition, she looked to be only two-years-old.

Village Chief Hu said, “Previously, when we registered Little Ah Yu with the household register, we wrote that she was two-years-old. Now that she’s four-years-old, the household register will have to be changed.”

They still had some thoughts. They thought that if Little Ah Yu’s family came in the future and they changed her age to a truly suitable age, it would be easier for their family to find her.

If the child wanted to return to her family, they would never stop her.

Old Madam Wang gritted her teeth and said, “No!”

“Old man Wang’s wife, that’s not right. How can you not change it? The child’s age is something that is fixed. You can’t just say that you won’t change it.” The Ma family’s elder was unhappy. He hated these kinds of things.

It was impossible for him to fake anything in this life!

Old Master Hu and Village Chief Hu also looked at Old Madam Wang in disapproval.

Actually, they could understand that the Wang Family did not want Little Ah Yu to be brought back. Even if she was not blessed with good fortune, there were still many people who were willing to raise such an obedient little girl.

They felt really aggrieved that she had landed in this poor mountain ditch.

However, they could not live with their conscience. What if Little Ah Yu wanted to be with her family? Would they be too selfish?

Even Old man Wang looked at his wife in confusion. Since Doctor Hu had already said it clearly, they should change back to the correct age. Why did they give their child two years less for no reason?

Little Ah Yu was dizzy from listening. Old Madam Wang patted her hand gently and said, “Ah Yu, be good. Go and help Grandma get two bananas. Grandma wants to eat them.”

“Grandma, the banana isn’t ripe yet.” Little Ah Yu shook her head. “I saw Fifth Brother eating it secretly. He said it wasn’t cooked and his tongue hurt!”

Old Madam Wang: “...Then go back and see if your mother and the others are done cooking. Grandma is a little hungry now.”

Little Ah Yu nodded and walked out obediently. Wang Liulang and Wang Qilang were guarding the door. When they saw her, they each held her hand and skipped home.

Hehehe, it was best to follow Little Sister Ah Yu. When the steamed buns were done, Little Sister Ah Yu might be the first to eat them.

If their sister could not finish it, they would be able to help!

The twins felt that they were extremely smart!

Little Ah Yu only remembered halfway. Didn’t they just have lunch?

Why was Grandma hungry so quickly?

Ah, it must be because Grandma was old and would hunger quickly.

Little Ah Yu wanted to take out some food from her bag, but she realized that she had eaten everything that could be eaten. She had even planted the beans.

Oh, then she would walk faster and get the steamed buns for Grandma.

Don’t let Grandma starve!

[...] As long as you’re happy.

After Old Madam Wang saw Little Ah Yu leave, she said, “The day before yesterday, at the county office, I met Lord Zhang. He also told me something. I’ll tell you guys for now. If you still think that you have to change her age after hearing it, I’ll listen to you.”

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