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46 Problem with the Household Register

The Myriad Spirit Space was not very large at the moment, and the space that could really be used was only about half an acre.

Little Ah Yu scattered some beans near the Myriad Spirit Water. The spiritual energy there was especially strong.

After an afternoon and morning of nourishment, the plant seeds in the Myriad Spirit Space had already grown very dense.

Ordinary soybeans, green beans, barley, and broad beans had already grown to the point of blooming. Only the peas looked especially different.

The peas had already bloomed, and there were some green peas growing on them.

Most surprisingly, this kind of pea could usually only grow to half the length of an adult, but this one was more than ten feet long. It was even divided into various branches and covered a small area of the ground.

Little Ah Yu had never seen a pea before, let alone a pea sprout.

She stared at the tender pea seedlings and the little peas hanging on them curiously.

They looked so cute!

[You can’t eat them directly. They’re all upgraded grain seeds. Come back in the afternoon and take a look. They should be ripe by then.]

Little Ah Yu knew that if she did not understand, she had to listen to others.

Therefore, she did not pick the peas and watered them with Myriad Spirit Water before leaving the spatial pocket.

Old Madam Wang went to look for Wang Chuanman early in the morning. When she found out that he had mixed the water from the feces bucket into the field’s mud, her expression improved.

Wang Chuanman asked, “Mother, why are you asking this? Can’t the water in it be used?”

“A man shouldn’t talk so much. Hurry up and compost the land!”

Old Madam Wang was very disgusted and pushed Wang Chuanman’s face away. She turned around and saw Little Ah Yu walking out of the house with a yawn.

Old Madam Wang instantly squeezed out an exceptionally kind smile and walked towards Little Ah Yu.

“Ah Yu, you’re awake? Did you not sleep well? Good child, go to sleep again,” Old Madam Wang said gently.

Little Ah Yu shook her head and tried her best to swallow the urge to yawn back before saying, “Grandma, I’m not sleepy.”

She had just woken up and was a little sleepy.

Old Madam Wang held Little Ah Yu’s hand and brought her to wash her face. She even said a few teasing words. Little Ah Yu was very considerate and smiled like a spring flower.

Wang Chuanman looked from the side and felt that he was different from others.

Forget it, he could not compete with his daughter.

Old Madam Wang went to the fields to take a look. Most of the grain seeds in the field had already sprouted, but they were only slightly cracked. One could vaguely see a hint of green.

It seemed that the water could indeed promote the growth of crops. She wondered how long the effect would last.

She remained calm and sent the few people in charge of farming away, not allowing them to look at the farmland.

The day before, Old man Wang had weaved a small flower basket for Little Ah Yu. Today, she brought the small flower basket to pick wildflowers.

As usual, Wang Wulang, Wang Liulang, and Wang Qilang were arranged to follow Little Ah Yu.

Wang Wulang could not sit still and kept thinking about going out to play. Wang Liulang and Wang Qilang liked to play with Little Ah Yu, but they wanted to go to the mountain to find all kinds of wild fruits.

Now that all kinds of wild fruits had begun to grow, they had to go and scout first to see where they could find them.

After they matured, they could bring Little Sister Ah Yu to pluck them directly.

They were afraid that their sister would fall, so they did not dare to walk too far and only wandered around the nearby hill.

Little Ah Yu did not know this. She followed her brothers obediently. When she saw flowers, she placed them in her small flower basket.

Blue, purple, yellow, red, they formed a bundle of flowers. It was extremely beautiful.

“Ah Yu, do you like flowers?” Widow Zhou was digging in the ground when she saw Little Ah Yu flying around like a butterfly.

Little Ah Yu nodded and took out a flower from her small flower basket. After thinking for a moment, she put it back and took out a new one before handing it to Widow Zhou.

“Aunt, this is for you.”

Widow Zhou teased her, “Yo, are you giving me something you don’t like?”

“No.” Little Ah Yu hurriedly shook her head. “This is my favorite. It’s the best-looking, and Aunt is very good-looking too!”

Widow Zhou was overjoyed by Little Ah Yu’s coaxing and was full of smiles.

Indeed, daughters were more considerate.

Unfortunately, she would probably never have a daughter in her life.

Less than half a year after she married, her husband died because of conscription. She became a widow and did not leave behind any children.

Beside Widow Zhou’s house was a peach tree. This peach tree did not bear many peaches, but the flowers were especially beautiful.

Usually, she did not allow the villagers to pluck the peach blossoms. When she saw it, they would chase after them and scold them for an hour.

This time, she directly plucked a large stalk with especially bright peach blossoms on it. The flowers were extremely dazzling.

“If you give me flowers, I’ll give you flowers too.”

When Little Ah Yu received the flowers, she was overjoyed.

[Kid, peach branches can be brought in to plant. If you plant them with me, you can even eat peaches.]

Little Ah Yu did not agree immediately. She was thinking that she had to take good care of this gift from her aunt.

After learning Little Ah Yu’s thoughts, Meatball almost vomited blood.

After some persuasion, Little Ah Yu agreed to break off half of it and place it in the spatial pocket.

Little Ah Yu was not strong enough. She quietly placed it in the spatial pocket when her brothers were not paying attention and asked Meatball to help break it.


[That’s right!] Meatball heaved a sigh of relief. It regretted not preparing a parenting book before coming. Now, it was in a passive position.

Raising children depended on luck.

Wang Liulang and Wang Qilang were not interested in flowers. When they saw a paddy field that was drying up, they immediately wanted to catch loaches.

When Wang Wulang, Wang Silang, and the others saw this, they also came to catch the loaches.

More and more children came.

Little Ah Yu sat at the side and waited.

Therefore, the villagers of Hu Family Village saw a group of boys digging holes in the field.

Only Little Ah Yu was wearing a coat with a small bag around her neck. She was holding a small flower basket filled with all kinds of flowers and a peach blossom that was blooming.

Under the bright sunlight, the little girl looked like an immortal child who had walked down from the clouds. There were two natural blushes on both sides of her fair face.

Her body was clearly splashed with a lot of mud, but she looked like a clean child.

“Old man Wang’s granddaughter is really good-looking.”


“I can tell at a glance that Ah Yu is a blessed child. Tell the children at home not to bully her and play with her more. Perhaps they can enjoy some good fortune.”

“This child likes wild flowers. Aren’t you going to the mountains to cut firewood? There should be a lot of flowers blooming at that end. Make her a wreath and bring it back.”

“You don’t say. Just looking at Ah Yu makes me feel really comfortable.”

Everyone was talking. Little Ah Yu did not pay attention to them and only stared seriously at her brothers digging for loaches.

Occasionally, they would dig up some loaches. Little Ah Yu especially cupped her hands and clapped. “Wow, Big Brother is so powerful!”

If they dug up an eel, she would say, “Don’t catch snakes.”

Wang Wulang laughed. “Silly sister, this is not a snake. This is an eel. They just look alike.”

Little Ah Yu was surprised again. So this was not a snake, but they really looked alike.

Oh, she should not eat eels for lunch.

If they were the playmates of the snakes, the snakes would definitely be sad if they found out.

The Wang Family boys did not know about their sister’s rich mental activity. They ran around the fields and caught more than 20 loaches.

Old man Wang’s family had another meal of meat for lunch-roasted loach and eels.

Little Ah Yu, on the other hand, ate buns. She had eaten one of the two buns yesterday and the other this afternoon.

The steamed buns were thin and filled with meat. The ingredients were very full, and she burped repeatedly.

After lunch, Old Madam Wang instructed the women to make steamed buns with the flour they had and planned to steam them for dinner.

However, before they could start steaming the buns, Village Chief Hu sent someone to look for them.

“Doctor Hu said that there’s a problem with Ah Yu’s household register. He wants you to go over and take a look.”

Hearing this, Liu Shi stopped steaming the buns and rushed to the village chief’s house.

Old Madam Wang naturally followed.

She frowned. Along the way, she was thinking that she and the village chief had handled the household register together. What could go wrong?

Could it be that Ah Yu’s family had come?

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