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45 High-quality Food Seed

Meatball was already in a daze, so it did not want to rush her too much, lest she led an unhappy life.

It thought that when Ah Yu grew a year older, she should be able to understand its words.

Little Ah Yu did not know what an upgrade meant, so Meatball asked her to take a closer look at the seeds she had scattered.

[Look, a seed is glowing slightly. This means that it’s about to be upgraded.]

Little Ah Yu hurriedly squatted down and looked around. She looked at the seed.

Soon, she found the glowing pea.


Little Ah Yu’s left eye was filled with curiosity, and her right eye was filled with shock. Even her breathing became lighter.

The seed was glowing.

“What will it become?” Little Ah Yu squatted in front of the pea.

She wanted to touch it, but she was afraid that she would touch the light away, so she could only circle around the pea.

[It hasn’t been upgraded yet. Give it some more Myriad Spirit Water.]

Little Ah Yu did as she was told and watched eagerly.

The light from the pea became a little stronger, and the top slowly cracked.

“Ah!” Little Ah Yu was shocked. She looked at the pea with heartache and turned to look at Meatball. She was extremely anxious. “It’s broken!”

[No, it’s just about to sprout.]

Because of the pure Myriad Spirit Water, the pea seed grow especially quickly. In addition, it was still being upgraded. In less than ten minutes, the green buds inside could be seen.

Little Ah Yu wanted to guard the sprouting pea, but Meatball quickly reminded her that someone was calling her outside, so she could only leave the spatial pocket reluctantly.

Just as her consciousness returned to her body, she opened her eyes and saw Liu Shi standing in front of the bed with a smile.

“Aunt made some delicious pheasant meat. Get up,” Liu Shi said as she went to get the small coat beside Little Ah Yu.

After Madam Ma cut the cloth, there were only scraps left. She first pieced a coat for her.

A coat for a child was simple to make and was sewn in less than 15 minutes. However, it was pure-colored and did not have many patterns.

She was small and her small arms were stuffed in. It was just right for her.

She liked this new coat very much.

Liu Shi liked to help Little Ah Yu wear her clothes and shoes, so Little Ah Yu sat obediently by the bed, her legs drooping as she swayed gently.

“Mother ~” Little Ah Yu shouted with a smile.

“Huh?” Liu Shi put on her shoes and helped her tidy up her clothes.

“Mother, I want to plant a lot of delicious food for you to eat,” Little Ah Yu said.

Liu Shi found it funny, but seeing the serious expression on the little girl’s face, she did not douse her with cold water. She only scratched her little nose gently and nodded with a smile. “Alright, Mother will wait.”

Little Ah Yu was even happier. She jumped off the bed and hugged Liu Shi’s thigh.

“Mother, hug ~”

Liu Shi picked her up and carried her to the hall.

The women of the Wang Family were all good at cooking. They had basically been taught by Old Madam Wang. Even if there was not much seasoning, they could still make relatively delicious food.

According to Old Madam Wang, the family did not eat well to begin with. If the food was not delicious, it would be adding insult to injury.

Old Madam Wang could not bear to eat all three pheasants, but pheasants were wild. They would go on a hunger strike after being caught and would die in less than three days.

Therefore, Old Madam Wang let them kill two. Madam Feng’s culinary skills were good, and she made two dishes. One was a spicy pheasant dish, and the other was a pheasant stewed with wild mushrooms. They were all extremely delicious.

In addition, the banana flowers were also plucked and stir-fried.

The spicy pheasant was extremely appetizing. After a few mouthfuls, it was so spicy that saliva, snot, and tears flowed down. However, the Wang Family still exclaimed that it was satisfying.

The grandsons kept running to the kitchen and drinking from the wooden ladles.

Wang Wulang drank the water from the wooden ladle and felt that it was not enough. He brought the wooden ladle to Little Ah Yu and said very piously, “Little Sister Ah Yu, give me a ladle of water. The water you brought is sweet!”

Little Ah Yu sat beside Old Madam Wang. There was a vegetable bun and stewed pheasant in her bowl.

She did not give her the spicy chicken, afraid that it would be too spicy.

Little Ah Yu was chewing on a cooked pheasant claw. When she heard Wang Wulang’s words, she was about to put the chicken claw down to take the wooden ladle when Old Madam Wang snatched it away.

“If you’re so capable, why did you ask your sister to bring you water? Do you want your sister to feed you?!” Old Madam Wang stretched out a finger and pushed Wang Wulang back. She said in disdain, “If you can’t eat, don’t eat. Your eyes are swollen!”

With that, she threw the ladle in front of Wang Chuanyuan, scaring him so much that the chicken bone in his mouth almost went down his throat and choked him.

“Watch your son!” Old Madam Wang said angrily.

Wang Chuanyuan felt extremely aggrieved. He was just having a meal. Who did he offend?

He turned his gaze to his father.

Old man Wang pretended not to see it. He lowered his head and picked up a piece of pheasant meat from the plate and placed it in Old Madam Wang’s bowl without saying a word.

Without thinking, Old Madam Wang picked up the meat in the bowl and placed it in Little Ah Yu’s bowl.

She looked around with her sharp eyes and realized that the women did not take much meat. They were either eating the chili or wild mushrooms. They could not even bear to add half a bowl of chicken soup into their bowls.

“Who are you doing this for? Those who don’t know might think that I’m a vicious mother-in-law. I eat meat at home, and only let my daughter-in-laws eat vegetables!”

The women panicked and wanted to explain, but they heard Old Madam Wang say, “If there’s meat, eat the meat. If there’s vegetables, eat the vegetables. Don’t act so lowly, and don’t think of leaving any for this or that.”


“It’s not like there’s pheasant meat every day. You want to leave it for others? Go ahead. If there’s more next time, don’t cook it. Just let it go. You can even accumulate merit!”

“You’ve already given up your clothes for others, and now you won’t eat the meat. Since they’re so powerful, they might as well become your masters!”

The women: “...”

The boys: “...”

Old man Wang: “...” The meat in his hand suddenly did not taste good.

When Madam Zhang heard this from inside the house, she shouted, “Mother, I can eat, I can eat. Give it to me!”

She only got a bowl of chicken soup, a few pieces of stewed pheasant, and the rest were vegetables. She wanted to eat more.

“You’re a pig, of course you can eat!” Old Madam Wang did not give her any face at all.

Madam Zhang :”...”

In the end, the three women also picked up a few pieces of meat symbolically and could not bear to eat too much.

The family wiped out the two plates of pheasant meat. In the end, there was only a pile of peppercorns left on the plates.


After dinner, everyone washed up and rested.

Old Madam Wang returned to the house and closed the door. She asked Old man Wang, “Who took away the feces bucket I placed under the banana tree?”

Old man Wang was puzzled. “A feces bucket? It must be Fourth Brother. He went to the fields to farm this morning and should have carried the feces bucket away.”

“Where’s the water inside?”

“What water is in it?” Old man Wang was even more puzzled.

He did not go to the fields today and was weaving and repairing the bamboo fence. How would he know so much?

“Forget it. I knew you were useless.”

Old Madam Wang planned to ask Wang Chuanman tomorrow.

That silly son was not smart. He might just pour her water away.

She could not leave home. Once she left home, there would definitely be some problems.

Old man Wang: “...” If you want to speak, speak. But it’s your fault if you scold others!

Old man Wang was angry and decided to leave this old woman alone to show her who the head of the family was.

“Aren’t you coming to bed?!”

“Coming, coming.”

Old man Wang hurriedly crawled under the blanket.

Little Ah Yu slept with Wang Chuanman and Liu Shi until dawn.

Meatball could not bear to wake her up to work in the spatial pocket. It would only let her go to the spatial pocket to take a look after she woke up naturally in the morning.

[Kid, the upgrade of the pea yesterday has been completed. A new high-quality grain is planted inside. Take some to your Grandma.]

Little Ah Yu was originally a little sleepy. When she heard this, she was no longer sleepy and directly sank her consciousness into the spatial pocket.

Seeing the scene in front of her, Little Ah Yu was stunned.

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