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43 Assignment

When Old Madam Wang returned, the Wang Family seemed to have regained their backbone.

As soon as she entered the house, they all rushed to update her about the family. It was nothing more than doing those chores again.

Wang Wulang was the first to mention the pheasants. “Grandma, we caught some pheasants!”

Old Madam Wang was asking her daughters-in-law to take the things away and put them away when she turned around and heard this. She had yet to react.


“Pheasants!” Wang Wulang pointed at himself, then at Silang and the others, and finally at Little Ah Yu beside him. “We caught three together!”

He said three, but held up four fingers.

The smug expression on his face could not be hidden.

Little Ah Yu grinned when she saw that Fifth Brother was happy.

[Don’t laugh like a fool.] Meatball couldn’t bear to look at her.

Little Ah Yu ignored it.

She liked to smile. If she was happy, she had to smile. If she smiled, she would be even happier.

Old Madam Wang followed them to look at the pheasants imprisoned in the chicken coop. Wang Wulang was already chattering at the side and repeated the entire matter.

“Grandma, we’re awesome, right?” Wang Wulang raised his chin proudly.

“Yes,” Old Madam Wang said perfunctorily. She turned to Madam Feng and said, “It’s your turn to cook today. Make some pheasant meat for dinner. Go to the back of the mountain and see if there are any wild mountain mushrooms. Pick some and make some pheasant soup.”

Madam Feng hurriedly replied, “Yes!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the Wang Family boys all wiped their saliva.

They had never eaten pheasant meat before!

In the past, when they finally caught pheasants, their families would sell them for money.

Last year, Fourth Uncle and the others had also gone out to capture pheasants. They must have wanted to bring them for the family to eat. Unfortunately, they only brought Ah Yu back after going out for so long.

Little Ah Yu was not interested in pheasants, but she was interested in the things Old Madam Wang had bought.

After Old Madam Wang took out all the things she had bought from the provision store, there were only a few hair ornaments left. She waved at Little Ah Yu.


Little Ah Yu walked over obediently.

Old Madam Wang saw that her hair had been combed into two small buns. The originally dry and messy parts had been cut off, and the rest was considered smooth.

She put the two light-pink hair ornaments on Little Ah Yu’s arms. The little girl, who originally looked smart, now looked even more energetic.

Just looking at her made one happy.

“Aiyo, this kid is really more beautiful than a flower!” Madam Ma could not help but praise.

That’s right. Little Ah Yu had an exquisite face to begin with. Her eyes were like stars, her nose bridge was slightly raised, and her lips were full.

Coupled with her slowly rounded face, she really looked closer and closer to a little immortal child.

The men in the family were all stunned. They had thought that Little Ah Yu would look very good, but they did not expect her to look even cuter with just two hair ornaments.

Wang Chuanman even thought to himself, “When the farm work at home is almost done, I’ll go to town to find some work. Even if I only earn a few dozen coins, I can buy a few good-looking hair ornaments for my daughter as well.”

“Little Sister Ah Yu is definitely the best-looking person in our village!” Wang Silang suddenly said.

Wang Wulang disagreed. “What? She must be the best-looking one in the entire town!”

Wang Liulang and Wang Qilang said in unison, “The most beautiful person in our entire Great Chang Kingdom is Little Sister Ah Yu!”

Little Ah Yu was shy and happy by their words. Everyone in the family liked her and praised her. She was so happy.

She also wanted to grow up quickly and become an adult. She wanted to treat them very well!

Meatball touched its forehead with its wings in the spatial pocket. [As expected, no human brat can withstand such praise.]

After Old Madam Wang tied the hair ornaments for Little Ah Yu, she opened the bag that Zhang Zhan had given her. As expected, other than the two brand new pants, there were more than ten even more beautiful hair ornaments, a girl’s spring dress, and two rolls of cloth.

One was navy blue, and the other was light brown. It was also the most commonly used color of countryside people. The navy blue color was resistant to dirt, and the light brown cloth was usually thicker, making it easier to work with.

Old Madam Wang thought for a moment and put away the cloth she had bought. She first took out the two rolls of cloth.

“Mother, did that Lord Zhang give this to you?”

When the Wang Family members saw the contents of the package, they gasped.

This cloth looked even sturdier than the ones they usually bought. It must be more expensive, right?

“These lousy things are worth your surprise? When our family situation gets better in the future, we have to buy better things.”

Old Madam Wang waved her hand and did not hide her mocking gaze. “Alright, stop staring. Since it’s someone else’s kindness, keep it. Second Daughter-in-law, it’s better for you ladies to work with these. Take these two rolls of cloth and cut a few sets of clothes for the men at home first.”

Men worked a lot outside. Their clothes were severely worn out, so they had to be prioritized first.

A roll of cloth, if cut properly, was suitable to make five sets of clothes.

No one asked if the others had any.

Even if they did not, they would at most be envious and not think about anything else.

With their family’s conditions here, they could not squeeze out any money even if they wanted to. They might as well not think about it. Otherwise, they would have a knot in their heart.

Then, the old lady took out a paper bag. There were actually two buns inside, one filled with meat and the other with vegetables.

“Don’t look anymore. This is for Ah Yu.”


The grandsons of the Wang Family looked on eagerly, their hearts filled with desire.

When they found out that it was for Ah Yu, they were a little disappointed.

In front of everyone, Old Madam Wang took out another bag. It was a bag of white flour that weighed more than three catties.

“We’ll have pheasant tonight. We’ll keep this for white steamed bun tomorrow. One for each person. There’s not much.”

A catty of flour could not make many large steamed buns, and it was just enough to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

“Yes, yes, yes!” The grandsons immediately beamed. Since they could eat steamed buns, they naturally did not care about Little Sister Ah Yu’s buns.

When Little Ah Yu heard that there were steamed buns, she imitated her brothers and stuck out her tongue and licked her mouth.

She also wanted to eat steamed buns.

In her memory, she always felt that steamed buns were the best food in the world.

“Alright, go out and play first. Don’t stand here and look annoying!” Old Madam Wang waved her hand to chase them away.

She still had to tell her family about Little Ah Yu’s household register.


Little Ah Yu was also chased out. She was happy and did not think much of it.

Wang Wulang was still thinking about the two big buns. When he came out of the courtyard, he said, “Little Sister Ah Yu, those two buns are too big. Do you want Fifth Brother to help you eat some?”

Wang Liulang also raised his hand. “Yes, yes, yes. I can help you eat too. I can take a big bite!”

“Me, me, me too!” Wang Qilang was afraid that he would be forgotten.

When Wang Dalang passed by and heard this, his face immediately turned cold. “The few of you, don’t snatch your sister’s food. Otherwise, I’ll tell Grandma.”

When everyone heard the word ‘Grandma’, they immediately stopped.

[Kid, you have to work hard. Otherwise, your brothers won’t be able to eat buns even if they want to. They won’t get to eat even if they long for the buns. How pitiful!]

Little Ah Yu felt that the elf was right. She looked at her brothers, clenched her fists, and walked out valiantly.

Wang Wulang noticed and hurriedly followed. “Little Sister Ah Yu, where are you going?”

Little Ah Yu’s eyes lit up, and her tone was especially firm. “I’ll plant steamed buns!”

Wang Wulang: ???

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