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428 New Sister-in-law

The girl looked to be about 14 or 15 years old. Her hair was combed beautifully, and there was a sparrow hairpin on her head. When she walked, her skirt and hairpin did not move.

The girl was not an especially beautiful person, but because of her posture, she looked more elegant and beautiful.

“Wow, what a good-looking Big Sister!” Little Ah Yu immediately forgot everything else and only stared at this girl.

“You’re Ah Yu, right? As Ziqing said, you’re really an obedient and lovable girl.” The corners of the girl’s mouth curled up into a smile. Her words were soft and gentle, but they carried a hint of strength.


Little Ah Yu hurriedly jumped down from Old Liu’s arms and ran to the girl. She raised her head and could not hide the surprise in her eyes.

“Big Sister, you’re really good-looking. The clothes you’re wearing are also good-looking, and your voice is so pleasant.” Little Ah Yu saw that the girl was amused by her and asked her, “But who’s the Ziqing you’re talking about? There’s no one with this name in our village.”

These words stumped the girl.

There was no such person?

“Ziqing is our eldest brother!” Wang Wulang hurriedly squeezed out of the crowd and said to Little Ah Yu, “Big Brother’s actual name is Wang Ziqing.”

Little Ah Yu’s mouth opened into an O shape.

She didn’t even know her Big Brother’s name.

Wasn’t Big Brother called Wang Dalang?

Wang Wulang blinked. Actually, it was normal not to know because before that, the names they registered in the household register were indeed all different.

However, Old Madam Wang felt that since the family’s eldest grandson was about to get married to the registrar’s daughter, regardless of whether it succeeded or not, at least he could not carry the name of Wang Dalang.

She might as well take the names of the Wang Family’s men and change them all.

She based their names on a phrase, Qing Feng Ming Lang Zhao Jun Lan, which basically meant: the clear breeze shines on lordly men. The person ranked at the top was naturally the eldest brother, Wang Ziqing, followed by the second brother, Zifeng, so on and so forth. Wang Wulang was renamed to Wang Zizhao.

However, this was only a new name recorded in the household register. Unless it was a special occasion, they usually did not use that.

Little Ah Yu was enlightened. “So it’s Big Brother’s name. I’ll remember it!”

She looked at the girl again. “Big Sister knows Big Brother’s name. Are you my new sister-in-law?”

Little Ah Yu knew that the grown-up Big Brothers and Big Sisters could not casually say each other’s names. If they knew each other’s name, it was very likely that they were husband and wife.

Little Ah Yu had specially asked the teacher because she wanted to prepare for her future marriage with Big Brother Ah You.

The more well-prepared she was, the more she would not be ignorant in the future.

She was really a smart child!

The girl blushed at Little Ah Yu’s straightforward question and could only look at Wang Dalang behind her for help.

Wang Dalang had also just moved all kinds of things down from the carriage. They were all to be left for the village school.

Seeing that his future wife was stumped by his sister’s question, he hurriedly came over to help her out.

“Ah Yu, aren’t you going in to watch the commotion? Why are you still waiting outside? You can still go in now. Tomorrow, the village school will not allow visitors anymore,” Wang Dalang said to Little Ah Yu.

As expected, Little Ah Yu ran in. After running a few steps, she returned and pulled Old Liu’s hand in.

“Grandpa, Grandpa, come with me. I’m very familiar with this place. I’ll tell you!”

Wang Wulang held his forehead. “…You only went in once to take a look. How familiar can you be with it?”

He turned around and saw the two girls of the Liu Family looking in curiously.

Li Hua, who was slightly older, held Xing Hua’s hand. The two of them were a little nervous.

Wang Wulang said, “Don’t be nervous. I’ll bring you around.”

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