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427 Very Alike

Not long after Old Liu reached, the others from the Wang Family in town had also arrived.

In addition, the Wang Family’s in-law families had also brought their children over.

They were all here to study in the village school.

From afar, Liu Shi saw Old Liu carrying Little Ah Yu. She hurriedly walked forward and wanted to bring Little Ah Yu over. “Father, isn’t your waist bad? Don’t carry her. Ah Yu has gained a lot of weight.”


“Gained weight? Ah Yu isn’t much heavier than a goose feather. As a mother, don’t you know how to let the child eat more? You keep saying that she’s fat. No matter how fat she is, can she be as fat as you were when you were young?!” Old Liu blew his beard and glared.

Liu Shi: “I’m just afraid that you’ll be tired.”

“I’m not in my seventies or eighties yet. I won’t tire out so easily. Don’t loiter in front of me. Hurry up and take these brats away. They’re making a fuss all the way. It’s annoying just looking at them!”

Originally, Qin Shi only wanted to bring their family’s children over. In the end, many villagers in their village also wanted to send their children over, but they were afraid that the Hu Family Village would not agree, so they went to look for Qin Shi to help.

With their family’s relationship with the Wang Family, they naturally hoped that they could pay less tuition.

Old Liu was naturally unwilling to agree. He pretended to be fierce and wanted to chase those people away. His words even offended some people.

Qin Shi simply sent him away.

The Liu Family had sent all their children over. It was not that they wanted to take advantage of the situation, but they wanted the kids to come here and let the teacher choose. If the teacher liked any of the kids, they could stay and learn.

If all of them were useless, they could save the effort.

In his opinion, he did not care if these brats could study well or not.

It was their business if they studied well. If they didn’t, they would stay in the village and learn how to farm.

In any case, they would not starve to death.

“Grandpa, I want to go and watch the commotion too. I’ve never seen so many Big Brothers and Sisters before!” Little Ah Yu pointed in the direction of the village school.

Old Liu carried Little Ah Yu up again and smiled until his eyes crinkled. “Alright, let’s go to the village to take a look. What are you all waiting for? Do you want me to carry you as well? You might as well tire me out and hug you all to death in the coffin!”

These words frightened Gousheng and the others so much that they trembled.

Little Ah Yu tilted her head and looked at Old Liu in confusion.

Old Liu: “Ah Yu, why are you looking at Grandpa?”

“I think Grandpa and Grandma look alike!” Little Ah Yu pointed at herself. “They both like Ah Yu very much.”

“Isn’t it good to like Ah Yu?”

“Of course. The teacher said that an outstanding child will be liked by many people. If all of you like me, it means that I’m very outstanding!”

These words made the surrounding people laugh.

Old Liu laughed loudly, his entire chest trembling.

“There’s another point. Grandpa and Grandma are very similar. You are both very fierce to the family.” Little Ah Yu counted with her fingers and secretly leaned into Old Liu’s ear. She thought she was whispering, “I saw many people at home who don’t like the Big Sisters and Little Sisters. No matter who did something wrong, they always scold the Big Sisters and Little Sisters and don’t scold the Big Brothers and Little Brothers much. But Grandma and Grandpa are different—”

As soon as Little Ah Yu said this, many of the surrounding families could not help but turn their heads to the side.

It was fine in Hu Family Village. Under Little Ah Yu’s butterfly effect, although the village still favored boys over girls, it was not too overboard.

The other villages did not have a Little Fortune Star affecting their thoughts, so their preference for boys was even more blatant.

“Grandma and Grandpa don’t like anyone.” Little Ah Yu finished her sentence.

Liu Shi hurriedly wanted to cover her mouth.

However, she heard laughter from the side.

That laughter was like a clear cry from a mountain lark.

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice and saw a carriage. At some point, it had already arrived at the entrance of the village school. A well-dressed girl alighted from the carriage.

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