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426 Grandpa Is Here

Ouyang Changjing and the others prepared to return home. After all, Ouyang Changjing was still the Crown Prince of the West Wind Kingdom. Two days ago, he had already received the old emperor’s edict urging him to return quickly.

Unlike when they came, they were not in the mood to bring Little Ah Yu away now.

This was because there were still many mysteries that had yet to be solved.

If he rashly brought Ah Yu back to West Wind Nation, it might bring disaster to her.


They had yet to find out who the mastermind behind the scenes was.

However, before they left, Ouyang Changjing and Ouyang Pei left a token for Little Ah Yu. It was a jade pendant and a longevity lock.

Little Ah Yu was not interested in the jade pendant, but she liked the longevity lock that was embedded with pink jade and carved into a peach blossom.

Seeing that she liked it, Old Madam Wang nodded and agreed to let Little Ah Yu accept it.

“Ah Yu, go out and play first. Grandma and the uncles still have something to talk about,” Old Madam Wang said to Little Ah Yu.

“Alright.” Little Ah Yu wore the longevity lock around her neck and went out happily.

When she ran to the door, she even turned around and asked Old Madam Wang, “Grandma, should I close the door for you?”

Old Madam Wang waved her hand. “No need. Go and play.”

Little Ah Yu did not go far. Instead, she ran to the village school.

Today was the official start of school in the village school. Many children came here accompanied by their elders.

The adults were basically either holding baskets or carrying baskets on their backs. None of them were empty-handed.

[Kid, they’re all your family. If they want to take you away, will you go with them?]

Seeing that Little Ah Yu did not care about Ouyang Changjing and the others and did not have any thoughts, Meatball could not help but ask.

Little Ah Yu shook her head. “This is my family. Why should I leave?”

[Then what if your Mother and Grandma agree too?]

“It can’t be. I didn’t do anything wrong. I’ve been so obedient recently.” Little Ah Yu didn’t believe it.

There were many uncles and aunties in the village who often told Grandma to let her go to someone else’s house to be their child.

Grandma would scold them directly.

Grandma liked her so much that she would not give her up to others.

Not to mention Mother.

She was Mother’s favorite Ah Yu.

Therefore, Little Ah Yu was not worried at all.

[…] Alright, I was thinking too much.

It was originally worried that Ah Yu would have some thoughts, so it deliberately held it in and did not let her know. It did not expect Ah Yu to really not be worried.

It was also because Ouyang Changjing and the others came aggressively that Meatball was very worried that they would take her away forcefully.

However, during this period of time, they didn’t do much. They only listened to the rumors and sent some people to investigate the situation. Occasionally, they would receive messenger pigeons.

In the end, they found out some key information. Meatball wanted to understand more from them, but they were about to leave.

Meatball also wanted to know if that maidservant called Han Zhi did not have the ability to take good care of Ah Yu or if she did not want to take good care of her.

Unfortunately, the information it obtained basically came from the system world.

In the original plot of the system world, Ah Yu was the so-called female lead. She would grow up in the Xie Residence after a bout of bad luck. At the age of five, she would be bound to a spatial pocket without a guardian. At the age of 15, she would be recognized as a member of the West Wind Nation’s royal family. After encountering some hardships, she would start living a happy life.

Later on, a traitor appeared in the system world and affected the other worlds, causing a passerby like Xu Linglong to be reborn. Xie Changting, who was in the distant world, caught Xu Linglong’s momentary imagination and thought that that was the original plot.

In these two versions of the world, there was no mention of the maidservant called Han Zhi. Even Ah Yu’s real mother had never appeared.

Just as Meatball was thinking, it suddenly saw Ah Yu running forward quickly and shouting excitedly, “Grandpa, Big Brother Goudan, Big Brother Gousheng, Big Brother Goutou, Big Sister Li Hua, Big Sister Xing Hua, you’re all here!”

Little Ah Yu ran forward and rushed into the arms of the old man at the front.

Old Liu was originally scolding the children with a straight face. When he heard Little Ah Yu shout, he hurriedly squatted down and smiled like a piece of old tree bark.

He hugged Little Ah Yu steadily.

“Ah Yu, come, Grandpa wants to see if you’ve gained weight.”

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