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Catching Pheasants

Just as Wang Chuanman was about to pour the water out of the bucket, Wang Chuanyuan came over. “Don’t pour it out. Isn’t there urine in here? It’s just right to use it to nourish seedlings.”

“That’s true.” Wang Chuanman lifted the bucket of water from the ground and prepared to use the water to mix the soil and make fertilizer.

While the people in the field were busy, Little Ah Yu followed her brothers and climbed halfway up the mountain.

Old man Wang’s family had 40 acres of mountainous land. They were all land distributed to the grandchildren after they became adults. This part was considered state-owned land, but they had the right to use it.

The mountainous area was barren and filled with rocks. There was no way to plant there. The villagers could only plant trees and bamboo in the mountainous area.

Digging for wild vegetables in spring was not a bad choice.

“Where is Mother digging?” Little Ah Yu asked.

“It should be at the mountain that belongs to our family.” Wang Wulang was not very sure.

No one cared which family the wild vegetables belonged to. In any case, they would dig them up and eat them.

“Everyone doesn’t have enough food, so we can only dig up our own food. Fourth Aunt should be in our mountainous area. Let’s go there and look for her,” Wang Silang analyzed.

The Wang Family’s mountain was on the back of another mountain. It would take about an hour to climb over. Since Little Ah Yu did not say that it was tiring, no one said that they were not going.

Liu Shi had been arranged to cook today. There was not enough food, so when it came time to gather the wild vegetables, she went up the mountain in advance.

On the other side, halfway through the trek, Meatball suddenly reminded Ah Yu.

[Kid, there are three pheasants in the bushes over there.]

Little Ah Yu’s eyes lit up as she immediately walked towards the bushes.

She did not know what a pheasant was, but she had heard from Grandma that her mother was not in good health. If their family was rich, they could buy a chicken to nourish her body.

A pheasant was also a chicken?

She’ll capture it and nourish her.

When Wang Wuliang saw Little Ah Yu walking to the side, he quickly pulled her back. “Little Sister Ah Yu, don’t walk around. It won’t be easy to find you if you get lost later.”

Little Ah Yu pointed at the bushes and said, “Fifth Brother, there’s a pheasant!”

“What pheasant?” Wang Wusang looked confused. He thought for a moment and asked, “You mean a pheasant? At this time, where—”

Before he could finish his sentence, there was the sound of wings flapping in the bushes. Then, a colorful pheasant flew out.

Wang Silang reacted the fastest. He immediately picked up a stone and threw it at the pheasant. “Quick, catch it!”

Wang Wulang, Wang Liulang, and Wang Qilang also quickly ran over to chase after the pheasant that wanted to escape.

Little Ah Yu thought that since there was one here, there must be more inside.

She ran to the bushes with her short legs and pulled them open to look inside.

The pheasants did not realize that they had been exposed and were still staying in their nest in peace.

Little Ah Yu stretched out her two little arms, wanting to catch the pheasant. The pheasant was shocked and immediately flapped its wings and flew away.

The pheasant beside it also felt the danger, but it wanted to peck her.

“Baa ~!” The little lamb suddenly rushed over and jumped into the bushes with its short legs.

It knocked over the pheasant with its head, then opened its mouth and bit the pheasant’s leg. It shook its head hard, and the pheasant swayed and clucked.

[…] Although you’re a lamb, you’re really awesome.

The other pheasant saw that something was wrong and was about to escape.

[Kid, get closer and you can put it into the spatial pocket.]

Little Ah Yu could not walk through the bushes and was anxious. She simply imitated the little lamb and raised her hand high before throwing herself over.

In the end, she fell headfirst into the bushes.

Fortunately, she was only two meters away from the other pheasant. Meatball shouted, “Think about putting it in. Use your will. Hurry!”

Little Ah Yu closed her eyes and tried her best to suppress her emotions. Her head was red.


Finally, the struggling pheasant disappeared from the spot, along with a pile of weeds.

When Meatball saw the pheasant flying around in the air, it immediately flew over to subdue it.

How could the pheasant be willing? It flapped its wings and shook off the weeds and dust on the ground.

When the Meatball that had finally sorted out the spatial pocket saw this scene, it exploded like a porcupine.

[!!! I’ll fight it out with you!]

After a while, Little Ah Yu heard Meatball’s weak voice: “… Take this thing out.”

Little Ah Yu pursed her lips and asked softly in her heart, “Elf, what’s wrong? Are you sick?”

[I’m not sick.] I’m just catching pheasants. I’m tired.

Little Ah Yu obediently grabbed the pheasant out of the space. As the pheasant had already been beaten up by Meatball, it was listless and its wings were broken.

She finally pulled herself out of the bushes and crawled out with a lot of effort. Over there, the lamb had just subdued the other pheasant.

The pheasant was dizzy from the little lamb’s crazed flinging. It no longer had any strength to struggle.

On the other side, the four boys spent a lot of effort and finally caught the pheasant. They felt a sense of accomplishment.

One had to know that even the adults in the village who were good at trapping pheasants might not be able to catch a fleeing pheasant. They were too powerful!

“Little Sister Ah Yu, look, we caught one—” Wang Wulang carried the pheasant with its wings and claws tied up and sounded especially happy.

When he walked back, he saw his sister hugging a pheasant that looked even bigger than her. There was a little lamb beside her and a twitching pheasant lying beside its feet.


Wang Liulang’s mouth was so wide that it could hold an egg. “little Sister Ah Yu, did you catch this?!”

“Ah, no, no.” Little Ah Yu waved her hand. “The elf helped me catch it.”

Then, Little Ah Yu pointed her little arm at the little lamb and said honestly, “The lamb is very powerful. It caught one too.”

Then, she looked at her brothers. “Big Brothers are so powerful too. You guys caught one too!”

The elf was impressive, the lamb was strong, and her brothers were powerful. Everyone was so powerful!

Wang Wulang and the others: “…” This was ridiculous.

Just as everyone was discussing whether to continue looking for Liu Shi or return home to bring the pheasants back, Liu Shi returned.

Hearing the voices of the children, Liu Shi quickened her pace and turned the corner of the mountain. She saw her children standing together on the flat ground.

She immediately saw the short and small Ah Yu.

“Ah Yu, why are you here?!” Liu Shi took three steps over and was shocked. “How did you climb so high? It’s too dangerous!”

The boys from the Wang Family felt a little guilty. They had really never thought about whether it was dangerous.


Liu Shi came with a basket on her back. When she saw Ah Yu and the three pheasants on the ground, she was stunned.

These children could actually catch pheasants?

“Fourth Aunt, Little Sister Ah Yu is so powerful. She caught this one.”

“Is Ah Yu so capable? Are you hurt anywhere?”

Little Ah Yu shook her head. “No.” Actually, her arm had been scratched a few times, but she had hidden it.

If Mother did not know, Mother would not be anxious.

As expected, Liu Shi was shocked. She thought that since even pheasants had come out, there would probably be snakes or something.

Hence, she moved the wild vegetables away and placed the pheasants inside before covering it with the wild vegetables. Then, she carried Little Ah Yu and rushed down the mountain.

She had to tell her family this news as soon as possible.

Their Ah Yu was really a great lucky star!

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