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As for the second branch, Madam Ma did not think of them at all. However, when she entered the house to bring hot water, Wang Chuangui, who was lying on the bed, called out to her. “Mom, Ah Yu is a good child. If you’re free, take care of her.”

Madam Ma smiled gently and poured a glass of water for Wang Chuangui to drink. Then, she said, “Even if you don’t say it, I like her. Not to mention me, no one in the family hates her. She’s a good child.”

“Perhaps it’s really as they say. Ah Yu was sent by Buddha.”

Wang Chuangui looked at his legs with hidden anticipation in his eyes. “It doesn’t matter if she’s a human or a god. When she comes to our house, she’ll always be a part of our family.”

Perhaps she was really the mercy of the heavens, sent to fill the regrets in their hearts.

“I know,” Madam Ma said gently.

The wound on the third branch’s Madam Zhang’s back had already healed a little, especially after drinking the soymilk. She clearly did not feel any pain anymore.

At this moment, Wang Chuanyuan was not in the room looking at her. Wang Wulang, Wang Xiaolang, and Wang Qilang’s three sons were guarding her bed.

Madam Zhang asked, “What was your Grandma doing just now?”

The few of them told her what had happened. They were also worried that Grandma would treat Ah Yu badly.

“Your Grandma is a good person. Don’t be so afraid of her all the time. You didn’t do anything wrong, so she won’t punish you for no reason.”

Little Zhang looked at her sons and said with a smile, “Don’t be too playful usually, especially Liulang and Qilang. You’re no longer the youngest children in the family. You have to take on the responsibility of an elder brother. Don’t always cause trouble. You have to protect your younger sister.”

Wang Liulang and Wang Qilang were twins to begin with. They were relatively lively and thick-skinned.

Wang Xiaolang asked, “Mother, everyone in the village said that Little Sister Ah Yu is Mother Nüwa’s child. Is that true?”

Wang Qilang said, “That’s right, that’s right. Doesn’t Nüwa know how to make humans? Was she personally created by Nüwa? I think she looks different from us!”

She must have been personally created by Nüwa!

Madam Zhang glared. “How would I know? Can I send a letter to Goddess Nüwa to ask? Why are you thinking so much? In any case, she’s your younger sister now. As brothers, you have to protect your sister well. Otherwise, others will laugh at your incompetence.”

The boys panicked. “We’ll protect our sister well!”

Wang Wulang patted his chest. “I protected Little Sister today!” He had carried her all the way here!

“Alright, alright, let me sleep for a while.” Madam Zhang waved her hand. She would not get to eat dry rice tonight and was still depressed.

She had to sleep more and get well early to eat!

As they spoke, they heard someone shout from outside, “It’s time to eat!”

Madam Feng and Madam Ma brought the food out of the kitchen.

There was a long wooden table in the hall. Everyone had a bowl of rice in front of them. In the middle of the table was a large pot of snake meat soup, a large plate of pickled vegetables, and a small bamboo basket filled with a large pot of bean paste pancakes.

There were also some minced wild vegetable cream in the bean paste pancake.

This meal was a rare good meal.

Old man Wang picked up a bean paste pancake. “Eat.”

Only then did everyone start eating.

There was also a small bowl in front of Little Ah Yu. Other than pickled vegetables and bean paste pancakes, she also had a bowl of milky white soy milk. This time, there was no sugar in it.

Not far away, there was a stone trough in front of the little lamb with a bean paste pancake inside.

It looked down at the bean paste pancake in the stone trough and then at the grass sticking out of the hill not far away.

In the end, it lowered its head in resignation and began to eat the pancake.

As for Madam Zhang, she could only eat the porridge specially made for her.

After everyone finished eating, Old Madam Wang was still thinking about the beans she had planted. She wanted to take a look in two days. If there was really a problem with the water, she still had to think about what to do.

Therefore, she did not talk to them. Everyone washed up after eating and went to bed.

After everyone was asleep, Meatball called out to Little Ah Yu in the spatial pocket.

[Child, go and do a mission tomorrow.]

Meatball was an exclusive growth attendant. Its greatest duty was to protect Ah Yu and let her grow up.

Initially, Meatball felt that it was good to continue raising her like this. However, it felt that Ah Yu was too weak right now, and the people protecting her were too weak.

It could only coax Ah Yu to upgrade the spatial pocket.

After the spatial pocket was upgraded, it would be able to unlock more abilities and help Ah Yu better.

The most suitable main mission for her was to plant enough vegetables to make them worth more than 500 taels.

There was also a side mission that was optional. That was to come into contact with the plot characters. It might trigger unexpected effects.

For example, when Ah Yu went to look for the little lamb previously, because she encountered Zhang Zhan, the plot character, she indirectly saved the entire village and obtained the heartfelt love and gratitude of the villagers, causing the Myriad Spirit Water to grow.

Ah Yu had already fallen asleep. Now that she was woken up by Meatball, her consciousness had also woken up in the spatial pocket. It would not affect her body’s rest.

“Elf, what mission are we going to do?” Little Ah Yu asked.

[It’s very simple. Don’t you have grain seeds at home? Get your grandma to give you some and you can take it to plant.]

Little Ah Yu thought about it and felt that this was not good.

“No, those are for them to plant.” Ah Yu’s hearing was very good now. She had heard Grandma and the others say that the Imperial Court gave too little grain seeds and there was not enough at home.

[Aiya, your seeds will grow better than theirs. You have the Myriad Spirit Water!]

Once the Myriad Spirit Water was used to water the plants, all the crops would be upgraded. At that time, the seeds left behind would be even better.

If it was planted in the spatial pocket, she would be able to obtain new seeds in less than ten days.

How fast was this!

Meatball was not an agricultural technician and did not know much about planting, but that did not stop it from knowing the effect of the Myriad Spirit Water. The ability to upgrade and repair was the most obvious to plants because the vitality of the plants would keep rising before the harvest period.


[Look, if you plant good seeds for your family, there will be more food at home. You won’t have to starve in the future.]

[You can eat a lot of steamed buns every day!]

Little Ah Yu’s eyes lit up. Steamed buns!

“…Then, can I get to eat steamed buns?” Second Brother seemed to like buns too.

[Of course.]

Little Ah Yu agreed to the mission, and Meatball was also happy. Even the illusions of the snakes and sheep in the space felt cute.

Little Ah Yu had a dream. This time, she dreamed that she was sitting on a mountain of steamed buns and had eaten a lot.

Her brothers sat on the mountain with her and also ate many buns.

Everyone’s stomachs were round from eating. They rubbed their stomachs and laughed happily.

Liu Shi vaguely heard laughter. When she listened carefully, she realized that it was Little Ah Yu.

Ah Yu snuggled in her arms and muttered, “Buns… Delicious… Burp ~”


This child could even burp in her dreams.

She didn’t know whether to be sad or amused.

The next morning, Third Aunt’s eldest grandson shouted at the door of Old man Wang’s house, “Grandma Zhang, Grandpa Wang, the Village Chief is asking for you!”

Zhang Zhan and the others, who had stayed in Shanyang Village all night, had returned to Hu Family Village.

The few officials who lived in the village chief’s house also went to meet him.

“I’m here to announce two things,” Zhang Zhan said when he saw that almost everyone from the various families was here.

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