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Old Madam Wang’s hands were trembling. This was really conjured out of thin air. Was she getting bad eyesight in her old age?! Little Ah Yu saw that Grandma did not speak for a long time and thought that she did not believe her. She felt a little aggrieved.

She tried to lift her deflated mouth, pursed her lips, and held out her hand, intending to perform again.

“Alright, I know. You didn’t lie to Grandma.” Old Madam Wang quickly grabbed Little Ah Yu’s hand.

The child was not holding anything, but she could pour out half a bowl of water. This was enough to convince her.

Looking at the water in the chamber pot with a conflicted gaze, Old Madam Wang gritted her teeth, picked up the chamber pot, and carried it out of the house.

When the Wang family saw the old lady come out, they all craned their necks to look. They saw that she was holding a chamber pot?!

People from the countryside were not particularly particular, but they rarely brought out the chamber pot during the day.

“Mother, why did you bring out the chamber pot?” Wang Chuanman was the first to ask.

Old Madam Wang said angrily, “This is for you to drink. Do you want it?”

Wang Chuanman: “…”

Old man Wang looked disapprovingly at this scene. “It’s almost time for dinner. Why did you bring this out?” She didn’t even consider that it would spoil their appetite.

“Did I delay your dinner?” Old Madam Wang raised the chamber pot in her hand. “If you continue being so carefree, I’ll let you scrub it!”

Old man Wang turned his head. “I can’t be bothered with you.”

Seeing that the others were also looking over, Old Madam Wang coughed fakely and everyone quickly dispersed.

They were afraid that they would be the next to be scolded.

Old Madam Wang walked out with the chamber pot. She first came to the place where Little Ah Yu plucked the soybean vines and wanted to pour the water on the weeds.

Let’s see if it really works.

Little Ah Yu followed beside her. When Old Madam Wang saw the little fellow staring at her hand, she felt that this did not seem good.

She might as well go to the chicken coop and take out the feces bucket. After pouring the water from the chamber pot into it, she carried it to the water channel in front and scooped half a bucket of water with the feces bucket, mixing it in the water from the chamber pot.

“Ah Yu, do you still have any soybeans? Give Grandma a few.” Old Madam Wang looked at Little Ah Yu’s little bag. There were many beans inside.

Little Ah Yu buried her head and rummaged through her pockets, taking out a handful of beans.

There were mung beans, soybeans, and a few peanuts.

They were all raw.

Old Madam Wang took a few as well. Behind a tree, she casually dug a pit and sprinkled the beans in before pouring a ladle of water.

“That’s all?” Old Madam Wang asked.

Little Ah Yu nodded. “Yes, yes. Water it. It’ll grow tall and there won’t be bugs.”

“Alright, then we’ll wait for the beans to grow taller.” Old Madam Wang placed the feces bucket beside her and pulled two banana leaves to cover it.

“Grandma, give it some.” Little Ah Yu pointed at the banana tree with its wilting leaves.

“Alright, as you wish.” Old Madam Wang didn’t think much of it and poured two more ladles on the banana leaves.

She first went to the canal to wash her hands repeatedly and washed the chamber pot again before bringing Little Ah Yu back.

When Old Madam Wang and Little Ah Yu went out to plant beans, Liu Shi also pulled Wang Chuanman into the room.

Liu Shi asked, “Did you encounter anything special when you saved Ah Yu?”

“Special thing? I don’t think so.” Wang Chuanman didn’t think too much about it. He had been working all day.

Liu Shi felt that Ah Yu was hiding a secret, especially after she fell into the snake nest and saw a pile of fruits suddenly appear in her hand.

If she hadn’t scattered the fruit into the snake’s nest, she might have died in the snake’s nest.

Snakes usually did not take the initiative to attack people, but if anyone barged into their territory, they would basically fight to the death.

The snake let her go and targeted the people of Shanyang Village, so she suspected that Ah Yu’s identity was not ordinary.

She was also afraid that if others found out, they would treat Ah Yu badly. Therefore, when Grandma asked, Liu Shi deliberately hid half of the truth.

At that time, Wang Wulang was also present, but he did not see Ah Yu’s actions. Old Madam Wang naturally asked Wang Wulang as well.

Liu Shi’s half-truth matched Wang Wulang’s words. She was not afraid that Grandma would suspect anything.

“Ah, if we’re talking about something special, there’s really one,” Wang Chuanman said. “On the way back with Big Brother, we encountered two people riding horses. They ran very quickly in the snow. That horse should be very good. The snow didn’t slow their legs at all—”

Liu Shi interrupted him. “Where did those two appear? Did they say anything to you?”

“Their actions were very domineering. I was even knocked over. They left in a hurry and didn’t even look back. Later, after walking for a while, we realized that there was a package on the ground. At that time, we thought that the two of them had dropped it—”

At this point, Wang Chuanman suddenly reacted. “They threw Ah Yu away?!”

Liu Shi was simply amazed. How slow was her husband to only realize that something was wrong now!

It was obvious that Ah Yu was abandoned by those two.

To be able to ride a horse meant that their family background was not bad. Although the cloth wrapped around Ah Yu was half-worn, they could not afford to buy something like it.

It also proved that the family who threw Ah Yu away was definitely not poor people like them.

“Then, will someone come to our village in the future and take our daughter away?” Wang Chuanman was extremely nervous. He liked this daughter very much.

Now, he had the motivation to work every day. He even felt happy to be scolded by his mother.

He was the only one in their family with a daughter!

Liu Shi took a deep breath and resisted the urge to twist Wang Chuan’s ears. “They’ve already abandoned her. They definitely won’t look for her again.”

Moreover, leaving the child outside under such circumstances was equivalent to killing her.

It was said that rich families had many rules. They even killed people at will!


Liu Shi had actually thought about this countless times before, but she had already determined that Ah Yu was her daughter and no one could snatch her away.

“In short, just don’t tell anyone, especially not anyone outside the village.”

Wang Chuanman nodded heavily. “Alright, I understand.”

The couple from the eldest branch were also worried.

Madam Feng whispered to Wang Chuanfu, “Husband, something’s wrong with Ah Yu. Should we tell Mother and hide the parts that’s strange?”

Wang Chuanfu did not have much wisdom either. He was like the most ordinary farmer in the countryside. When he was young, he listened to his parents. When he grew up, he also listened to his parents. When he got married, he listened to his wife.

Just like his father, unless he had to step forward to take charge, he would not make a decision.

“Go and tell Mom. I’m stupid with my words and don’t know what to say.” The main reason was that he was really afraid of his mother.

His mother would beat people up on a whim. When she scolded the women, she was just nagging. But the sons and grandsons were often scolded and beaten up.

It did not hurt particularly, but it was very embarrassing.

Madam Feng nodded and took what she wanted to take. She then went to the kitchen to continue working. “Alright, I’ll tell Mom after I’m done.”


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