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Ah Yu didn’t know why Grandma called her over, but Meatball in the spatial pocket was very nervous. This old lady definitely wanted to ask about the Myriad Spirit Water.

Ah Yu was too young and did not know how to hide her secrets. How could she hide it from her family?

If not for the fact that it had been throwing a tantrum in the spatial pocket every day and asked Ah Yu to keep its existence a secret, Ah Yu would have turned the world upside down.

Old Madam Wang led the way into the house. Before Little Ah Yu could enter, her brothers came over.

“Why is Grandma looking for you? Is she going to beat you up?” Wang Wuliang looked worried. His sister had put the special water in the soy milk, and the adults had diarrhea. Was Grandma very angry?

That water was sweet. Although it would cause diarrhea, it was sweet!

But Grandma’s expression was so terrifying. She was definitely angry.

Wang Liulang was also terrified. “What should we do? Grandma’s beatings are very painful!”

“Little Sister Ah Yu is too young. Will she be beaten to death by Grandma?!” Wang Qilang was so anxious that he was about to cry. “What should we do?”

Wang Silang recalled the time when he was six years old. He was in a daze and woke up in the middle of the night to pee in the water tank.

That night, half of his butt was beaten up by Grandma, and his father was also beaten up by Grandma.

Later, in the middle of the night, he and his father squatted in the kitchen to wash the water tank.

When they finally finished washing, his father’s other half of his butt was beaten up.

“Hiss—Fourth Uncle won’t be beaten up by her too, right?” Wang Silang was also trembling with fear when he thought of his tragic past.

Wang Sanlang was worried. “Little Sister Ah Yu can’t take the beating.”

Wang Dalang and Wang Erlang were still working. When they heard their younger siblings chattering, they felt that they were thinking too far ahead.

Although their sister had only come to the family not long ago, everyone liked her so much, especially Grandma and Fourth Aunt. How could they bear to beat her up?

But on second thought, Ah Yu’s sister seemed to have gotten into trouble. The entire village had diarrhea!

If she did not beat her up for the villagers to see, they would definitely come to cause trouble.

Old Madam Wang waited in the house for a long time but did not see Little Ah Yu. She walked out of the door in confusion and saw her grandsons surrounding her precious granddaughter.

“What are you doing!” Old Madam Wang shouted angrily, scaring the little fellows so much that they trembled.

Then, Wang Wulang carried Little Ah Yu and ran out.

Wang Liulang and Wang Qilang knelt in front of Old Madam Wang with a thud. They hugged one of her thighs and cried, “Grandma, don’t beat up our Little Sister. Beat us instead. We definitely won’t cry out in pain! Boohoo—”

Wang Sanlang and Wang Silang also knelt down. After waiting to receive the beating but not receiving it for a long time, they could only kowtow to Old Madam Wang. “Grandma, don’t hit our Little Sister.”

Wang Erlang looked around and could only look at Old Madam Wang.

When Wang Dalang received Old Madam Wang’s death gaze, his mind stiffened and he blurted out, “Grandma, why don’t you beat up Fourth Uncle!”

It was said that if the child was wrong, it was the father’s fault. If Little Sister Ah Yu got into trouble, there was nothing wrong with beating up Fourth Uncle.

Wang Chuanman, who had just returned from chopping a basket of firewood: ???

When the others in the house heard the commotion, they hurriedly ran over to take a look. When they saw the scene in front of them, they were stunned.

What was going on?

When Old Madam Wang saw Wang Wulang running away, she laughed angrily. “Wang Wulang, come back!”

“No!” Wang Wulang was actually very afraid of death, but he still gritted his teeth and replied loudly.

Little Ah Yu was on his back and sliding down. She hurriedly shouted, “Fifth—Brother—put me down—”

“I’ll send you to Third Aunt. Grandma hates Third Aunt the most. She definitely won’t go there to beat you up.” Wang Wulang felt that he had thought of a brilliant idea.

In any case, he could not let Grandma beat up his Little Sister.

His sister was so young. If Grandma slapped her, she would definitely become a bean paste pancake.

In the end, it was only when Old Madam Wang repeatedly said that she would not beat anyone up that Wang Chuanman ran over to bring his daughter back and ended the farce.

However, the few boys were slapped a few times by their parents.

They all thought happily in their hearts, “It must be Grandma who wants to beat up their Little Sister but can’t bear to. She might as well take it out on us.”

They had helped their sister share the burden.

Hehe, why were they feeling somewhat happy after receiving a beating?

Old Madam Wang saw their expressions and glared at her sons. In the end, she kicked Old man Wang’s butt.

The force was not strong, but Old man Wang’s head banged into the bamboo braid beside him.

“Look at you, what kind of idiot are you!”

Old man Wang, who was weaving a small basket, was speechless.

Old Madam Wang shouted at the other family members, “What are you all waiting for? Are you waiting for me to perform and sing for you? Go back to where you belong! My eyes are swollen just by looking at you!”

The group of people instantly dispersed and busied themselves.

Old Madam Wang pulled Ah Yu into the house.

Her grandsons wanted to follow her again, but she shouted angrily, “Go away!”

The grandsons stopped, but the little lamb quietly tried to slip into the room first.

“And you.” Old Madam Wang raised her foot and blocked the lamb’s path. “Wait outside!”

The lamb tilted its head. “Meh ~”

Sensing that Old Madam Wang was not too happy, the little lamb, who was good at reading people’s expressions, took two steps back before retreating to the door of the hall.

It sat on the ground with its hind legs stretched out like a dog.


Old Madam Wang brought Ah Yu into the house and closed the door to prevent anyone from eavesdropping.

With no one disturbing her, Old Madam Wang asked, “Ah Yu, tell me honestly, how did you get those soybeans?”

Little Ah Yu did not hesitate. “I planted it!”

“Where did you plant it, and how?”

Old Madam Wang did not really believe it. Little Ah Yu had only been at their house for less than 20 days, but she could already grow soybeans?

Moreover, it was soybeans at this time of year.

“I grew it in the soil and gave it water,” Little Ah Yu said.

Hearing this, Old Madam Wang thought that this child should have found the soybeans.

Perhaps she discovered this thing and found it fun, so she watered it every day until they found out.

But she felt that there was something in the middle that she missed.

“How did those snakes come about?”


Little Ah Yu scratched her head. “They came by themselves.” She didn’t know how to talk to snakes. She only talked to the little lamb.

Old Madam Wang had asked Liu Shi before. Liu Shi said that she had fallen into a nest of snakes, but the snakes did not hurt her. Later on, they followed her to the village to help.

Liu Shi did not explain it clearly, but Old Madam Wang knew that there must be something behind it.

Meatball felt that there was no need for her to teach Ah Yu to lie at all because she was acting very well now. She was telling the truth, but it did not reveal anything.

Therefore, it was relieved and temporarily let down its guard to continue digging the ditch in the spatial pocket.

In the next moment, Old Madam Wang asked, “What’s with the water your brothers mentioned? What’s different about the water you’re carrying? Why did the people who drank it have diarrhea?”

Only then did Ah Yu understand that Grandma wanted to know where her water came from.

She looked around the house and finally locked onto a place. In the next moment, she used her consciousness to control the Myriad Spirit Water in the spatial pocket and it flowed out from her fingertips.

[Little brat, don’t!] Meatball watched helplessly as a ball of water disappeared in front of it.

“This is it.” Little Ah Yu nodded and poured out the water.

“If the beans drink it, they can grow taller. If Uncle drinks it, he will wake up.”

At the same time.

“Hua la la—”

It filled half a chamber pot.

Old Madam Wang was dumbfounded.

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